Sunday, May 6, 2012

GW Bush Takes 100 km Mountain Bike Ride with Veterans

This is not a political comment.  I found it very interesting when I read it a couple days ago.  GW Bush takes a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with 20 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans.  And not just any veterans, but severely wounded and amputee veterans.

I'm about GW Bush's age and this would be a major challenge for me.  I couldn't just go out and do it.  This is mountain bike over trails, not smooth roads.  100 kilometers, 62 miles, over some number of days but still.  I'd need 40 massages at the end of this thing.

Draw your own contrasts.

And amputee veterans ? What does That say about the wonderful people who make up our military, past, present and hope to be future.  Good God.  More respect than I can even envision.

Here is a picture from his ride Last Year

Here is a link to last year's picture and caption.


  1. They are our BEST aren't they!

  2. Yeah, Dubya's WAY tougher than feeble ol' Fredd. In my misspent youth, I rode a 1979 Triumph 750 Bonneville from Los Angeles to Charleston, South Carolina. In 5 days. Of course, Iron Butt Fredd was 25 years old at the time.

    Now that little jaunt would kill me.

    1. Hey Fredd, Nice Bike.. I had a 79 Suzuki GS750E, Phoenix to Vegas and back was the longest ride on that rocket. Before that a 1972 BSA Rocket III, a truck compared to the Bonneville. Which I think I've already mentioned.

    2. I remember the 1979 Suzuki 750's: four cylinder death machines. I liked them. In high school, my dad would let me take his 1972 Suzuki 550GT to class from time to time: three cylinder two stroke, another death machine. Ran like a scalded ass ape. I liked that one, too. Before my Triumph 750, I had the ultimate death machine, no good for anything other than going extremely fast in a straight line: a 1972 Kawasaki 750 H2, three cylinder two stroke, and I put extended forks on it, a sissy bar and ape hanger handle bars (a testiment to how dumb I was back then). I took it from a bad handling death machine to an absolute horrible handling death machine. I liked that one most.

    3. Fredd, That Widowmaker scared me just looking at the thing. I never sat on one. ahhaa

      Extended forks and ape hangers actually give you extreme negative leverage to control the thing in any situation other than straight and smooth. hahaha You're the man

  3. Bret Baier rode with W and the WW guys a few months back. It nearly killed him. Everyone can condemn W all they want, but to me he will always be that calming voice that helped me feel his strength after 9/11. And he just is generally a great guy, like the ride with these guys. There are numerous stories of the events that he sponsors or attends from Africa to our wounded warriors.

    1. Rita, I can think of ways to criticize him on his domestic performance. I hate DHS and TSA, but as far as the GWOT, his resolve after 9-11 - fatherly actually, his love of our military.. he met with a very large number of parents and family of those lost in the wars, he just can't be criticized. He pumped "America" up. he did some important work in the ME that won't be realized for some time to come.

      He was a great guy as Pres. No teleprompters for the most part. He said what was on his mind, and bloggers who met with him ( for example) testify to how focused and intelligent he was and is. The media went total vampire evil on him and I'll never forgive them for that.

    2. I'll have to check out blackfive's site. I would not have wanted any other man to be leading our country after that day. And he never wavered from his principles. History will treat the man much kinder than our current nasty media would ever imagine.

    3. Rita, here is the main relevant post - The Day I Met the President Of the United States.

      There was another with pictures but I can't find it.

      Check out the authors in the right sidebar.

      And here is the Blackfive credo....

      Former Paratrooper and Army Officer, "Blackfive" started this blog upon learning of the valorous sacrifice of a friend that was not reported by the journalist whose life he saved.

  4. Barack Hussein Obama Is PATHETIC ENDORSEMENTS Wow. how UN-Impressive.
    Al Franken
    Chuck Schumer
    Barbara Boxer
    Maxine Waters
    Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson, Jr.
    Al Sharpton
    Nancy Pelosi
    Harry Reid
    Rahm Emanuel
    Former Mayor of NY David Dinkins
    Sean Penn
    Morgan Freeman
    Danny DeVito
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Spike Lee
    Louis Farrakhan
    Star Jones
    Bill Maher
    Oprah Winfrey, remember it was Oprah who gave us this moron.
    With a list like this, how can he go wrong.

    1. Darth Bacon, yes sir, that's the wall of shame all right ! Heroes to liberals one and all. Think about That!

      Keep the faith baby, thanks for stoppin in.

  5. "The media went total vampire evil on him and I'll never forgive them for that."

    So true KID they were so relentless unlike the watershed moment,ever evolving ,tingling sensation Obama gives them.
    I still can't figure out why that is.
    And I hate them too for the nasty way they treated Bush and the unconditional love they give Obama.
    The way they politicized Katrina but not calling out Obama on anyhting and is the biggest politicizer we ever had in the White House.

    1. spelling correction. Wouldn't want to freak out liberals who focus on such things....

      Lisa, I thought I was at a point where I could figure anything out. The answer to the most perplexing questions is almost always Money. Would the media destroy America just for money? job security? There has to be more going on. It's got to be some kind of Money+job security+epic stupidity+loserness Creme Brulee kind of thing.

      I kind of understand the tingly legs prior to obama actually showing us how unbelievably incompetent he is. But after three years of this bullshit? With people who wouldn't make it a freakin DAY working McDonalds as VP and Cabinet members? They STILL defend these assholes?

      More people died in the Tennessee floods when obama was in the White House and the media never said a WORD about that situation. Never reported a nano-second of it.

      And how many know that the governorette kathleen babette blanco would not allow the National Guard to come in for 3 days, and that's why it took 3 days for FEMA to come in. They're not coming in without protection !

      Man, I hate the libtards. They either ignore reality to the point I want to bash their heads in or they are so stupid that I want to bash their heads in. Good thing I'm as peaceful as it gets and would never bash anyone's head in. Except for people who commit heinous crimes against children. You can quote me on that one.