Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Major Problem That Does Not Seem Very Visible

Public Unions

I have no problem with the Individuals in any of these professions.  I do have a major problem with the groups as a whole.  Recently, in Ohio, the majority of public union workers completely blitzed the non-public union voters and voted to repeal Ohio SB-5 which cancelled collective bargaining rights.

What this essentially means in practice is that public union workers can completely ignore economic conditions like this perpetual recession oBAMa keeps us in and vote to give themselves raises and benefits to be paid for by the taxpayers, who if not in a public union, probably haven't had a raise in a good while And is feeling the total effects of the recession and inflation generated by the Fed in an attempt to avoid deflation and make it so the banks and wall street can have a do-over after fucking over the entire world's financial systems.

Ok, Now for the interesting stuff !

Here's an excerpt from a story from Cincinnati involving a fire station in Sycamore Township, a fairly small community.

"The cuts, which were recommended to the trustees by the fire chief, were voted on quickly and unanimously.  The 70-85 part-time firefighters will all lose their jobs on June 14th.  The full-time staff will be cut from 27 firefighters to 13 firefighters on June 2th. Trustees will ask some of the laid-off full time firefighters to come back as part-timers, without benefits, in order to keep the station staffed."

WHAT?!?!?!? Get that?  Anywhere from 84 (70+14) to 99 (85+14)  (The 14 is the difference between 27 and 13 in the story) are being cut.  And they Don't Even Know whether they have 70 or 85 Part Time Workers !!???  So, from 84 to 99 people are being slashed from the payroll and associated benefits packages afforded firefighters in Sycamore Township. Not even a pin prick on the total firefighter community in America.  Because they Aren't Needed !

Apparently, they can go from 84 to 99 down to 13 and call it good !

Are you serious?
Can you see how we've been raped by this tiny representation of public union ?

Also recently, a local school district, Lakota School District had to let go 100+ teachers and 90 (count em, 90) "Administrators".  90 Administrators, you know who were probably averaging 100k a year.  Let go because the money is gone and no one going to give them any more.  What they Hell did They DO ?!?!?  - Beside sit around, drink coffee, eat donuts and screw up the education process in America.

Multiply this across the country.

We are all of us being raped in a gross impositional way by the Public Unions.

And Ohio is a 50-50 red-blue state.  Imagine what goes on in all blue states like Illinios, Michigan, New York, etc.

It's time to let them know WE know what they're doing to us and we don't like it.  Feeling helpless?  This is something that YOU can actually have an effect on that will have a major effect on you in your local community.

Show up at the polls and cast your vote about whether you want to continue to be raped all day long.  Yea, I know some of you like it.


  1. Dead on Kid.

    The education system needs an enema. We are close to the point of no return.

    Unions are sucking the prosperity out of everyone they supposedly represent.

    1. Admiral, Also, the local dudes on the radio chant every voting season "If you vote for a school levy you're stupid." Got that right.

  2. Admiral, Unreal. And people want to give more power to government.

  3. These public sector unions are what's bankrupting us all.

    1. Seriously Bunni! From 84 to 13? The schools are obscene, and the police are over-staffed.

      And the firefighters don't save houses, the teachers don't teach, and the cops don't stop crime. What a scam !

      I really think 60% plus of the money that goes to Washington DC is stolen.

      Hope you're having a good weekend. It's good here but working too hard today! At least things got done.

  4. Hi, Kid...this is unbelievable. I personally feel safer with more cops/firefighters than less, but this sounds crazy! It's so OBVIOUS what's going on yet nobody squawks!
    What was the amount of gov't workers they almost cut the last time we had national budget talks? Something like 600,000? And they said they wouldn't be missed? WHAT?

  5. Z, 800,000.

    And I think most people don't understand these professions relative to the community need, and how could they. I sure don't feel capable to say whether we need 40 cops or 20 or 8 in my little neck of the woods.

    When stuff like this happens, I sure understand how many firefighters we need or don't need, although I actually didn't need a lot of help figuring out we don't need 90 school administrators.

    So, voters continue to give them Carte Blanc and they continue to rape and cash in.

  6. unions and welfare ruined the once beautiful & prosperous Detroit-(one of the first welfare cities) --

    We had better wake up SOON!

    1. Carol-CS. Hold a gun to my head, and I say we've got a lot further to fall.

  7. Hey Kid - what a travesty and yet America keeps moving to "hell in a hen basket" with blinders in tact....

    1. DeanO, I try to talk to young people about this and they look at me like I'm a bug from an alien planet.

  8. Kid:

    It's obvious to most everybody that public unions are out of control and drunken with tax payer money that flows into their public union coffers like Niagra Falls, a never ending cascade of cash. And then they simply feather bed their fire houses, police stations and public school administration staffs to the point that these useless (yet highly compensated) 'public servants' are sucking down perhaps 50% of the American GDP every year.

    And they don't even care that the jig is up, now, and that their profligate hiring is open for public viewing. They think they are so entrenched, that nothing we do will matter. They got theirs.

    Please watch the next time a snow storm hits Washington DC, and the bureaucrat chief announces that all non-essential personnel should stay home, and only essential personnel try and make it in to work. They use these very words, 'non-essential' and 'essential.' But ask those non-essential folks to remain at home permanently, and all hell breaks loose.

    1. Fredd, at least in Ohio, it is painfully obvious that they have a Huge Majority voting block and it will literally be impossible to vote them down because unless they are on their death bed, they will vote. The unions may even pay them to vote. Who knows.

      Here's a little tidbit. On "Bank Holidays" like Presidents day where No non-union person gets the day off, there is only 25% of the traffic on the roads. Seriously, 75% of the traffic that normally clogs the interstate so it takes me 4 times as long to get to work are these public union slugs. Imagine how That makes me feel :)

    2. Kid:

      Unions suck. You know it. I know it. And public unions suck 100 times worse than private unions. The only job of a union goon boss is to see to it that their rank and file work less, make more and are bullet proofed in downtimes. To hell with productivity, that's not the goal of unions. Far from it.

      Completely counter to how things work in a capitalistic world, Kid. They gotta go. The whole, stinking lot of them.

    3. Fredd, Laser Like my friend. I wouldn't change a word.

    4. Kid:

      Not to beat a dead horse, but a word or two more on public unions: they are counter-productive (as all unions, but public unions are 100 times more aggregious). And by saying 'counter-productive,' I am not just throwing out multi-syllabic jargon. These guys gum up any works they are ever involved with.

      Productivity is measured by output per unit of time per worker (or machine). To increase efficiency in prodcutivity, you must either increase your output without increasing the time increment or number of workers (or machines), or decrease either the time it takes to produce whatever the entity produces, or produce it with less people (or machines).

      Now that the cold, hard reality (and frankly, boring part of my point) is out of the way, what are the goals of any union? MORE money/bennies for NO MORE work. LESS TIME SPENT WORKING, yet maintaining or increasing wages/bennies. And there's no arguing that these goals are penultimate in the union. That's what the unions are all about. Union goals are to maximize inefficiency in production. It's inarguable.

      By definition, unions are counter-productive. They should never be engaged in productivity discussions. Or hired at all, if you ask me. Let them form their own union companies, and lay around all day and see how well they do in the long run.

    5. Fredd, Exactly, and as the UAW has made painfully obvious, unions (parasites) have not the slightest care about the health of the host which feeds them. If GM, Chrysler go out of business, ehhhhhh, who cares right? Bunch of narrow skilled (generalization) people out of work but the union bosses all got theirs.

      Imagine how much the public union people care about profitability. They Don't ! It's tax money. If they need more, raise the taxes, until puch comes to shove which it did in early 2008 and now they're all getting a taste of "there are limits to how much you can tax people without killing them off and ending up with no one left to tax.". The lesson of socialism repeated over and over and over and over and over and over, again and again and again and again..... :)

      It's a communist concept. I really don't think we need unions anymore to keep companies in line as far as fair treatment for workers. We had some "communist liberal friends" a few years ago and went to dinner every few months. They're good people at a basic level, take care of animals, get involved in their community, not takers, but for whatever reason have bought into the whole "rich is evil thing". I could tell you stories but I'll keep it short. The guy works for the post office and is a union steward. 4 years or so ago, we were out for dinner nad he's telling us about how his work area keeps shrinking and how things keep getting tougher. He says that is he takes a sick day he will get fired. I asked him what the point of being in a union was and told him I work in a private company and even the warehouse workers are treated 1000 % better than that.
      He say's yeah but they can fire you anytime they want. I changed the subject....

    6. Kid:

      And what's wrong with firing someone if you want to? Why would anyone want to fire someone? Just cuz' it feels good? Your idiot pinko friend doesn't and never will get it. In a private business agreement, as long as you produce, you'll keep your job. If you excell in your job, you get promoted and paid more. If you suck at your job, you get fired. Works for me.

      But not for this guy, no siree Bob. If you suck at your job, it's not your problem. You should be paid for your sucky performance for life. To hell with doing a good job, that kind of thinking is for suckers, according to your friend and folks like him. A hell of a place to work, a union shop where mediocrity (or worse) rules.

    7. Fredd, Once again, Laser focus.

      Imagine, people like us were once proud of our lives, the efforts, the resulting successes. Now -at least I- feel like the bottom of the freakin food chain.

      I'm still happy with what I've done and am doing, but there are more and more people who consider me a meal ticket and a fool. Had I to do it over again, I might have gone public union. I'd be retired now, and on a 35 year vacation with everything taken care of.

      How long are productive people going to stand tall in the face of that? The most important point liberals fail to consider :)

    8. Kid:

      Yeah, good question. This little thread and a few others I've recently been involved with have combined to create an interesting little post upcoming: what is Armageddon going to look like here in the U.S. if things continue the way they have for the last 50 years? What happens to everyone when the producers just 'Galt out?' It's a common phrase, 'we're on the wrong track.' But nothing is visualized for what lies in wait for us at the end of this wrong track we're on.

    9. Fredd, My prediction is that we'll be one big puke city of mediocrity and trickle up poverty - unionized and lobotomized 'workers' like they have in France, Greece, and some of the other socialist paradises. There will be no opportunity, no liberty or pursuit of happiness. The way things are going, we probably won't even be civil with each other as groups.

      It will be a very class society. Class wars. Some of us will be driving Mercedes and everyone else will be driving smart cars and paying 10 bucks a gallon for gas.

      There will be no innovation because there is no reward. If you're connected politically, you're in else you're cattle. When is the last time France brought innovation to the world?

      Given we are the only ones who actually fight evil, I'd say the world will soon go to shit in a matter of decades. It will be like the dark futures you see in the Sci Fi movies.

    10. Kid: 'The dark future:' you can be Snake Plisskin ('Escape From New York') (I thought you were dead...). Best quotes: 'don't call me Snake.' Or better yet, 'don't call me Plisskin..' it's all good, uh, er, all bad.


    11. Fredd, Don't call me Snake! Escape from New York was much better(well, ok) than Escape from LA. That plastic surgeon gave me the evil eye !

      Anyway, what I'm thinking in terms of a dark future is Totalitarianism. Backed up by some Wicked Technology.

  9. Public Unions should not be allowed to collective bargain because they aren't' even bargaining with those who are paying their salaries and benefits,the taxpayer who have to work until 70 or more so the union people can retire at 57. Between the unions,the unemployed,people on welfare and Medicaid and not to mention the 30 million more tat will be added to the health care rolls,we will have almost one half of the country supporting the other half. We're screwed.

    1. Lisa, that sums it up very well. Many retire at 50 also. 35 year vacation ! Unreal.
      As I commented to Fredd, the public union people outnumbers us in Ohio. We couldn't vote them down every every one of us went to the polls, which will never happen.

      We are outnumbered by the losers. Losers who are very emboldened right now by the democrats.

    2. such a shame what this has become Kid. They are like a criminal entity. Thet want what they want with no regard where it will come from or how they will get it. Then they are told which party to vote for and their union dues(taxpayer money) are used to suport candidates. This is crimnal

    3. Lisa, It is criminal. Well, they have the drug addict dependency mindset. Nothing will change until it has to. Until they are forced to change.

  10. Hi Kid, I will illustrate my issue:

    Right now, Fox is linking to a video that shows up as not available to my computer:

    And this is the same video, with fewer views and probably less auspicious links, that is viewable to me:

  11. Hi Opus. I believe this is purely a technical issue as opposed to anything else. Especially since I can see these videos anytime from a variety of browsers(IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

    btw - thanks for bringing the conversation here.

    This is a tough one though. I'm googling "this video is not available" and I'm not getting a lot of hits. Is that the exact error message you are getting?

    I also searched for "video I uploaded is not available" and there isn't much coming back from search results with That phrase either.

    I work in IT and I have to say I'm at a loss right now. Please tell me the exact error message you get. I'll continue to look into it in the meantime.

    I'm wondering about something related to the Internet Service Provider you have there versus what I and others are using to access the internet. Are they filtering somehow/for some reason there but not here in my locale? I think this is the level we are dealing with. I don't think it's google and I don't think it's something on your PC/iPad/whatever. Though Apple products are a little restrictive in terms of what they "allow" What device are you using if you can say ?

  12. Here is a screen shot of the 50 caliber video, after I clicked on it. You can see the other video, showing the thumbnail underneath, but if I clicked on it, it too would have turned black and given the error message.

    1. Opus, Try these two suggestions:

      ____________First try

      Update adobe flash. Go to adobe website and download the latest version of flash.

      ______________Next (Note - When I right click, mine shows the 'accelerator' as on under Settings, so that doesn't stop me from viewing the vid, but manybe it could be a problem with a different browser/device. Several people marked this as best answer..)

      Anything superfluous such as add-ons, utilities & downloaders
      kill YouTube, because unlike other websites which have "static"
      pages, YouTube is a live "streaming" website.

      Thus anything with "acceleration" really "decelerates" YouTube
      or stops it in its tracks. Please try this solution:

      While the video is in regular mode (not "full screen"), right-click
      on the video itself. From the drop-down menu, click "Settings".
      If you get 5 icons on the very bottom row, you might be in luck.

      The first 2 icons should both show you a monitor. Click the one
      that features a graphic on the bottom of its screen (usually the
      first icon). You should thus get "Enable hardware acceleration".
      Whatever the box shows you, click the opposite, and then click
      on "Close".

      Although my advice seemingly goes against the basic principle
      of "flash", it actually works. You can always double-check for
      yourself by going to Flash's own website. Here is the complete
      URL address typed out in full, followed by its direct link: / support / documentation / en / flashplayer / help / help01 . html

    2. Hi Opus, My google skills are apparently better today than they were last night.

      Another solution to this problem:

      - Switch to google Chrome browser. If you can and it works for this video issue, this is a great alternative. Chrome is the best browser available in terms of performance and security.

      This indicates to me that it may not be "Browser" specific but again an issue with Adobe Flashplayer, and when users switch to another browser they end up wiht an updated Flashplayer and the problem magically goes away.

      At this point, my best recommendation is to try the Google Chrome browser. I assume you're using an Apple device, and chrome is available for iOS.

      Secondly, or if you don't want to use Chrome, try updating adobe flashplayer by going to and downloading.

  13. I couldn't load Adobe, my son is visiting from college, I'll ask his help later in the day. But you won't believe what I just figured out. That error message only comes on MONETIZED videos. I unmonetized the videos and now they play just fine. And it was only those two videos that I put the monetization onto. Weird, huh?

    1. Opus, I knew there was something different about those two, but thought it was technical, like being newer vids, or taken with a different device. I wouldn't have guessed monetization. Not sure if a newer flash will help there or not, but it's worth a shot. Or, if you're using MAC, they don't allow flash on their devices I don't think. So it would be some other application that Apple uses to play them.

      Thanks for writing back.