Saturday, May 12, 2012

Very Well Done at Blackfive

The F word can be found within this post.  I'm calmer now so I updated it and made it a little softer.

Really?  What the * is there to analyze in regard to taking action directed at killing or capturing the person most responsible for killing 2,973 people on American Soil on 9-11-2001 !!!  An attack causing more death than Pearl Harbor !  What the * !  Seriously ?

Hey, Biden confirmed that this was a 100% political reelection decision when he said - In his unbelievable clownish way that totally ignores reality - that "This operation was the gutsiest call EVER", because you know, if it failed, oblabber might not get reelected. 

Gutsiest call ever?  Of All Time?  Holy * !
Doolittle raid over Tokyo?
A-Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Sending Millions to their death and suffering in the trenches of WWI and WWII.
The Civil War.
Countless other things a Trillion times more gutsy than this deal.

Good God, "All Time...................."

The hype is even hyped.  It defies any language to describe.
Let's acknowledge that 'the media' doesn't even take anyone to task on this.  For them, sure 'it's the gutsiest call of all time'.


  1. Oblabber makes me puke. Didn't the freak ever hear "loose lips sink ships"?

    He probably thought it was some freaky gay thing, and liked it!
    Have a fun weekend, Kid.

    1. Bunni, You are the pinnacle analyst ! haha

      He's so desperate to get a mark, any mark in the accomplishment column. Typical of supreme incompetence, he'll use anyone or anything.

  2. Oh I think it gets better.

    There's now sufficient evidence that what remained of Al-qaeda leadership wanted bin Laden gone.
    He was getting senile and he needed frequent medical attention. He ad become completely unfocused.

    Pakistan probably dimed him out. The site had been known and suspected for some time and The Black Messiah got the okay from Pakistani security.

    The bigger joke is the right wing fools falling for the crap about torture providing a lead.