Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's Break It Down

Primer – people vote first with their wallet or fear and 2nd with their emotion and beliefs.  Let's not get into 3rd, 4th and 5th.

So, who is going to vote for obama.

A whole lot of voter fraud.
A lot of blacks who remain dependent and believe all the nonsense tossed out by their spiritual leaders. Many blacks, unless they’re seriously conservative, will stay home. Many will vote 2, 3 or 10 times, along with their dead relatives.

College kids, mostly fully indoctrinated by now, scared about college loans and worried they’re not going to find a job anyway; weak or ignorant enough to believe they should have free college, will grab their wallets and vote for what they feel is the sure thing.   I talk to a lot of them, and let me tell you, they pretty much all think the Constitution is nothing more than the ramblings of old men of a few hundred years ago and that which belongs in a garbage can somewhere.

Union people of all variety, who after their hero -bubba clinton- opened the floodgates and sent all of America’s jobs to China, are now like the welfare people - totally dependent on government and can't afford to care what kind of vermin they serve anymore.    Like GM and Chrysler workers are now dependent on bailout after bailout. GM reported profit that was down 61% today.

Conservatives, who out of disgust or who are not thinking clearly, will stay home and cast a vote for obama by proxy.

People who you would ordinarily think are smart will vote for the sucker.    I’ll bet ya Jim Cramer, who rags on obama and the government's jack boot upon American business will come out and vote for that SOB again.    I have friends working in various professional circles who tell me they know CPA’s, Lawyers, Consultants, etc etc who have no problem with obama.

We’re going to need every breathing non-democrat to be voting this election.   Given how useless and corrupt the repubs are, I don’t see how even holding the House and getting Senate majority would do us a lot of good if oblabber stays.


  1. Kid:

    To bastardize a phrase from James Carville, 'it's the price of a gallon of gas, stupid.'

    It was just under $2.00 a gallon when this socialist was elected, and now we all know what it is. If the price of a gallon of gas is under $3 per gallon on election day, Obama stays to wreak havoc for four more years.

    If it is between $3 and $4/gallon, flip a coin, he may win, he may lose. Over $4/gal on election day, he's gone.

    Just that simple. The voting public is not complicated to figure out.

  2. Fredd, Point well taken.

    That's my first point about people voting with their wallet but there is also a more nuanced point that the well to do idiots won't care about the gas price and the losers can't afford to care, plus the losers believe that the government will subsidize them anyway. Expenses are not motivators in the loser environment. People in section 8 couldn't care less what it costs to keep them at 72 degrees F in the winter or 67 in summer.

    Further, the phrase "It's the economy stupid" no longer applies imo. Losers don't care. They won't care until it smacks them in the face, and that will only happen when socialism drives out enough of the productive taxpayers that -endgame- no one buys our debt anymore.

  3. All indies need to vote against Obama. Including all former Dems.

    1. Opus, unreal isn't it? This would have been no trick at all in 1976.

  4. Kid:

    Your point is valid only when the losers comprise 50.0000000001% of the electorate. That hasn't happened yet. It's only 48.897655%, so my gas explanation still applies.

    1. Fredd, We'll see what the current percentage is.

  5. The question isn't "So, who is going to vote for obama." We all know who they will be.
    The real question is How many time will they vote and how many illegals are going to vote for him.

    1. Lee, The vast majority of illegals for sure will vote dem. How many times...we'll see !