Friday, December 23, 2011

30 Seconds of Silence

For anyone having a rough time out there right now.

Does anyone believe enough good thoughts sent out into space at the same time actually accomplish anything ?

I think they might.



  1. Thanks DeanO, we know the dark side is workin it eh? :)

  2. When most people pray, the first thing most say is --I need or Please help; BUT the most important thing is forgotten. Praise Him first then pray for His guidance, for he already knows our needs.
    Those are the good thoughts that should be sent out into space.

  3. They Say, Hear Hear.

    As far as Moi - As Jose Wales said "Dyin's easy, it's the livin that's tough."

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah.

    And yep I sleep in cowboy boots just so I can go out with my boots on.

  5. amanofwonder, Merry Christmas !

    I hope you're not expecting to go any time soon.

  6. Kid, I hope you're okay?

    What you write about seems to me to be prayer...I've seen amazing things when tons of people were praying for one thing.

    By the way, we share a love for music and I wanted to let you know my "MARY DID YOU KNOW?" recording is on my blog. I hope you give it a listen (and be kind :-)
    it's 'recorded' via cell phone,'s me and I'm playing, too.xx
    MERRY CHRISTMAS, if you don't have time to come by.

  7. Z, I am Fine. Compared to many I know. I just often forget about the people who are not doing well, or maybe stuck in some hell hole with an American flag on their arm, or the whole shooting match of people suffering somewhere.

    I will come by and listen.

    Merry Christmas !