Friday, December 16, 2011

Solutions, Part 1

If you're like me, you're fed up to here with public unions demanding to be excluded from any economic hardship the rest of the country is forced to endure, and to boot, they want to take even more of your money that you don't have to maintain their lifestyle, benefits, and pensions.

I have solutions.  Let's start with "The Firefighters".

Fire them all, close down the firehouses, and sell the properties and assets.

The money that is generated just from eliminating their compensation and benefits, and to say nothing of eliminating the money it costs to create and maintain their infrastructure, such as buildings, trucks, equipment, training, etc, would Easily pay to rebuild Any and All structures damaged or destroyed by fire.

The firefighters never save a building anyway.  If it looks like the building might survive, they take their axes to it to be sure it doesn't.  They destroy virtually everything within with water and chop the suckers to the ground to be sure there are no remaining 'smoldering embers' when they leave to go back to the firehouse to cook up some firehouse chili.

Seriously, Maybe once a year they post a picture of a firefighter carrying a traumatized cat from a building.  I think they recycle these pictures.

So, there ya go. Boom. One problem solved, one major taxpayer funded expense Eliminated.

Next time, we'll deal with the cops.

Until then,



  1. But, But, what about the Christmas parades with Santa riding in the Fiery Red Fire Truck?
    Or the young boy donning the Red Fire Hat, playing with a Fire Truck, dreaming of the day when they grow up and have a dream job?

  2. Dude, you're beginning the makings of an awesome roll.

    Blogging to solve the world's problems is fun.

    Down here in TN, I don't think our firemen are unionized. I have to pay fire subscription every year or else they'll charge me $800/hour to put out the fire. In New Fulton, they will let your house burn down if you don't pay the fee ($75) but will go out to make sure no one is trapped inside.

  3. Dude, dude - sure you'll come for the chili, but you'll stay for the lasagna.

    They are the only civil servants I know who get paid to sleep. Why they can't work 8 hour shifts like the rest of us is beyond me.

    Can't wait to hear what you have to say about the cops.

    First time I ever heard that song was to the accompaniment of nuclear detonations at the end of "Dr. Strangelove."

  4. The firemen I am familiar with earn $150K annually, retire at 52 with 80% of their pay - for life - and the unions they represent are demanding earlier retirement ages and higher wages....or they will let your house burn to the ground. This is in Santa Monica CA.

    I agree, fire the lot of them, sell the assets and take our chances with a volunteer fire fighting crew.

  5. They Say, the kids could always grow up and play firefighter, and it wouldn't be much different than the real thing eh?

    Yes, there are some hard working, very good people working as firefighters, but all in all, and those people will do as well or better elsewhere.

  6. republicanmother, Thanks! :)

    Yes, I've heard those stories about paying your dues and such. That's from a while ago in Pennsylvania I think.

  7. Sig, I like lasagna. I make a good one too !

    Ditto on the We'll Meet Again. I have that movie on DVD here. Love it.

    Well, the cops are going to be a little tougher, since I respect and have no beef with most of them. Hmmm

  8. Fredd, Exactly. With all that money we save, we can put a hydrant for each set of two houses, and each house will be supplied with two fire hoses and the special wrenches to open up the sucker.

  9. OKKKKKK-I agree!--NOW how do we proceed to wrest this tyrannical govt away from the unions and the "Royals" !?

    BTW-Merry CHRISTmas!
    I can still say that-my Barista at Starbucks cannot -but I CAN!!

  10. Carol-CS, Unfortunately, the answer is education.

    And yea, does anyone bother the Jewish people saying holiday instead of Hankkah ? Or Anyone else.

    I say, forget about em and say what you want. Ignoring them is the best medicine.

  11. I never thought about it but you are on the mark here.

    I would love to see some of the firefighters eyes when they read this post.

  12. Admiral, Thanks. I'm sure there are many decent people, but it's a broken concept in most places.

    Big city, ya need some, out in the burbs, how many hose do you hear about burning down. In Cincinnati, it's maybe 3 a year. How many houses could be built for what we pay all the firefighters in Cincy ?

  13. Trestin, I'm hard pressed to identify who is going to be able to keep paying for this.

    These suffocating public unions, and the private unions that the government backstops. Hopefully that will never happen again.

  14. I like Vera Lynn...
    ..also firemen.

  15. BB-Idaho. I like firemen too. And police and teachers, but things have gotten out of hand in some respect regards public unions and those who can simple take what they want from people who have little say but do pay.

    And my post was a little tongue in cheek because this sure isn't gonna change anyway. I thought it was an interesting concept. The 3rd option if you will.