Thursday, December 8, 2011

Newt is a Major Liberal

The democrat media loves him as much as rommmmney.

Did anyone else notice that the negative story on Newt coming from his lesbian sister today lasted all of 5 minutes in the democrat media "news"  ?  You KNOW if it concerned Sarah Palin, or Michele Bachmann, it would have been 'Top Story' for days if not weeks.  You know that right?

Unless your brain is only 1/1000th the size of Opus# 6's New Hamster's then it is plain that the democrat media intends to fully support this career liberal flip flop politician that will AT Best waste another 4 years of our lives.

All ya gotta know right?  Well, it's all I gotta know.

Come On Folks ! You're going to let these tingly legged evil democrat media pick YOUR candidate for you?  Again ?!?!?

Vote for anyone beside these two libtard favorites. I still like Michele Bachmann because that's who the liberal media hate the most, and she says things, like "I Will Repeal obamacare".  Newt and the other clowns say things like "obamacare is bad for America."  Yea, Newt. No Shit, so what are You going to do about it beside claim 30 seconds isn't enough time to talk about doing something about it.  Hit the road ya Bum !  ;-)

After the primaries, I will not post anything about elections until maybe a week prior to Nov 2, 2012.  Or at least try damn hard.



  1. Thanks for the hamster link, lol!

    I'm sick to death of them trying to box us in on these primaries, too. I long to see Bachmann in the White House.

  2. Opus, I love to link you. :)

    Primaries? What a nonsensical process eh?

    Michele has the spirit and the laser focus. And she does not have the nutty flavor that Ron Paul has.
    The only thing she is lacking is the ability to push through the wet blanket of the democrat media stifle and get in the face of many more American's to state her case.

    Not that I am saying this is a fault of hers personally.

    Imagine, the kardash... whores can find a way to be in the news day after day after day and someone who could do such good things for America can't even get to the point where a lot of people know she even exists.

  3. Hey Kid,

    Although I agree with you here I believe I must play the "Devils Advocate" on this.

    We are but what, a month away from the first primary and poll after poll shows Bachmann way behind and Newt and Romney cruising into a two-man race whether or not conservatives, such as myself, like it.

    The key to at the very minimum is to oust Obama by big numbers to show that the public at large rejects the path he has headed us down and demand a complete reversal of it.

    In order to accomplish this our side needs "independents" who are actually, again poll after poll, leaving the democratic plantation in droves.

    Bachmann is not only running out of time to grab these voters but they may just be turned-off by her way of spelling out the issues that face us all. Lets face it, Bachmann is no Reagan when it comes to speaking directly to the people.

    My only hope now is that either of the RINO's at the top of the polls that wins the primaries and the White House seizes the right which means; listening to the people, stay within the Constitution and governs as an American.

  4. The media's picking our candidate, no doubt about it. And yes, MIchele Bachmann is tough and patriotic and smart. But, I shiver at seeing her win the primary and debating Obama on stage. I honestly think she might be the only one he could vanquish. I don't know why I have that feeling because that woman is NO pussycat and can be a scrapper ..but I'm not sure she's ready to debate him.
    Newt and Romney can KILL him.
    Let's face it, Romney's biggest negative for us is Mass's health care plan, etc.........the last thing Obama can do is harp on THAT "your plan was too liberal"..when HIS plan is even MORE liberal, right?

    I think we're being led like sheeps to the slaughter and the GOP, having told candidates the other day to go easy on 'likable' Obama, aren't fighting for US. God help us all.

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  6. I have to agree and disagree with Z.My cat could beat Obozo in a debate.Michele could clean his clock in a honest debate

  7. What about Rick Santorum? Has he disappeared from the radar?

    Sure, Bachmann would be great. I like Rick Perry, too.

    The three candidates at the bottom of my list:

    Ron Paul (very bottom, he's a nut)
    Newt (just a hair above Ron)
    Romney (I can live with him, but hope I don't have to)

  8. Christopher, I mostly agree with you.

    Where we part company:

    1.)Bachmann is an excellent non-teleprompter speaker. Every time I've heard her, she is on point and makes her case very strongly. Course I'm a neo-con so I'm on board already.

    I'm so tired of the cycle of communist democrats and useless republicans sitting in the White House doing nothing but delaying the implementation of the communist agenda in America - at Best.

    I'm so tired of it, I'm going all the way, voting for Michele, or Ron Paul if he gets picked(he won't) so as to accomplish two things.
    2a. send a message to the repubs that business as usual won't put them back in power.
    2b. Let obama have another 4 years then after 8 years of his evil and incompetence, maybe a few people will learn something.

    There is no win for America putting romney or newt in there. All it will do is confuse and disgust people who haven't quite got it figured out yet. It'll be just as liberal with a different, albeit more palatable person than obama in the White House.

  9. Z, I think Michele is ready. And yes, God help us all because neither her or Paul will get the nomination.

  10. Fredd, Rick talks a good game and a lot of people like him. I'd vote For him, versus voting Against obama which is probably the best I'll be able to do next year. But I don't see myself voting RINO at all. C'est la vie.

    I think the media could make Rick Perry look like GW Bush's clone. He has no chance. They're probably already armed with video of Perry stumbling through the debates and putting GWBush on the other side of the video destroying the English language. Game Set Match

  11. They will try to push Newt or Romney on us.

    For once I would like to vote for someone other than a Republican party dud. The last time I voted for someone I wanted to was for Reagan.

  12. Admiral, I wasn't even voting in those days.

    I came out in 2000 to vote Against al gore, and again in 2004 to vote Against john kerry and again in 2008 to vote Against oblabber.

    I have yet to vote For someone.

  13. Voting for the NEWTIE excites me about as much as voting for another John McLAME (RHINO-Az)!
    That lame-assed loser "TRENT LOTT" should tell his "best bud" NEWTIE to get the F out! Just like he did...and for good reaso!. The good old boys in the Republican Party can kiss my buttocks LOOONG time for caving-in on important issues and thinking I'll back whatever they want. F 'em LOOONG time!!!

  14. Gene, Word !

    Let's all vote for Michele !
    Let them know they're done. Finito. Support Nyet.

    Conservative or F it! I'm outta KY!