Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ok One More Before We Move On


Best one Ive seen so far. Watch til the end, which extends beyond the credits, is my suggestion. And full screen.
Wingsuit Basejumping - The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.


  1. I have to admit, if I had the guts, I'd like to do this, too.
    Of course, five minutes into the ride, I'd have no GUTS LEFT :-)

    But, it does look fabulous....

  2. Hi Z, I'm glad you're able to watch :)
    These guys were Really hanging it out. Really on the wire.

    I know the feeling, just not in this venue.

    It does look fantastic.

    Imagine the birds. They can stop and examine the things that look interesting, then take off and continue. Up or down. Reincarnation? I'll take bird.

  3. Just remember what I said about the fools and birdshit thing, Kid.

    PS> A month ago, gold prices were making me look like an idiot. Today, still holding my DZZ gold double short, I look like a genius, having bought it when gold was mid-$1800 or so.

    Wait another week or two, and I'll be back on the idiot side of the fence...

  4. Fredd, As I said, I'm impatient. So I sold all the DZZ Monday. Then on Tuesday at about 2:20 PM when it was clear there would be no QE3 announced, I went all in again, half on DZZ, and half on DUST.

    DUST is a triple short against the gold miners, which have been weak a long time now.

    I sold it all this afternoon as I saw GLD bounce on the up trend line that goes back to Sept -2010. Plus gold has had 5 days of selling and quite a bit this week. I'd bet it will bounce tomorrow given both technical inflection points. It might be a fake cat bounce, but I can't stand to see the ups and downs take my gains away.

    And believe me they all don't go like this, so I take my profits when I can. Kind of like cashing out on the slots when you get the little jackpots, rather than keep spinning looking for the big one. (Not intended as a comparison to your style at all.)

    More than a few ways to skin the cat and be successful. Good luck sir.

    As far as flying like a squirrel, I think those days are gone for me. :)