Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What IS Government Doing Exactly ?

Hat Tip DeanO for the inspiration.

You know, in the very best possible light, I can see where 'government has its back to the wall' with obligations of SC, Medicare, VA and all the other financial obligations that many of us would fight to keep.

Now they don't have enough money to keep the things going because they, through their incompetence and greed, have let the Ponzi scheme come to end game.

So what.

THEY screwed up. All of these things were doable, manageable and even profitable.
Social Security funds earning 2% a year? A blind squirrel could have done better with CD's at a bank. So, obviously they've stolen the money year after year and they're lying about any and all of the particulars.

It is time they paid for their failures. This is not a call to violence.

They certainly won't police themselves. Though it wouldn't bother me one bit to see a military coup, based on the total disregard for the constitution by those who swore an oath to uphold the constitution, translated as "respecting our freedoms and liberty". It is obvious they have no respect.

They have no self control. Most of them are like coke addicts secretly praying someone comes and helps to put them right. They sure as hell can't do it themselves.

And this is the Best possible scenario.


  1. I have one of those feelings, that the Pirates are going to use the Gov. to put the boot on our necks to show us where the power is. They are trying, testing the waters for the Internet kill switch; first with Gov. employees- filter content. The TSA shut down access to questionable opinion sites ( blogs?).

  2. They Say, The Pirates Are using the government.

    With the exception of a few, Congress can be bought and sold 8 times a day. The president? An actor with a teleprompter. Pelosi and the rest? Idiot tools.

    I had to laugh recently. I watched (the latest?) Die Hard movie and the premise was this band of super hackers who were going to use the Internet to shut down the government, the utilities, everything. They called it 'the fire sale - everything must go'.

    But using the internet? to do it. My God, you can barely keep the internet up ! Take out a few large optic fiber junctions and Oh Gosh, I guess the bad guys will have to think of something else!


    I can take fantasy, I just can't take what even a 3rd grader could debunk.

  3. They won't be satisfied until we are a banana republic.

  4. Admiral, I'd say that's a fair assessment.