Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good. I can't say it any better than this if even as well. Note it was written November, 2008.

The Bad. The bad is built upon the good, but it doesn't include the cleansing of the republican party. It is another presidential candidate who thinks he/she must promise to "reach across the aisle" to "pull" voters from the ranks of the ignorant youth or those otherwise 'on the fence'. A pastel milquetoast version of opposition to Socialism, Facism, and Soft Communism. One that actually works with the enemy to try and please everyone and by doing so pleases no one. This will have the effect of disgusting conservatives to the point of staying home again on election day.

I must say, I would consider staying home. I would even say I'd go vote for the Democrat so as to satisfy Hyphenated-American's vision of forcing reality into the lives and minds of the liberal voters who actually believed an affirmative action-C average Harvard grad, with no accomplishments to his name other than stirring up racism in Chicago and calling it Community Organizing, ..(breath) when he said he would rid the world of Nukes, and force the scientists to create cars for us that run on Unicorn Shit and expel smiles and rainbows out the exhaust pipe. I would do that but I wouldn't be able to stop myself from regurgitating long enough to poke the hole through the ballot.

I don't believe obama is electable in 2012. We will see new hats in the ring. Will the democrat candidate look like Ronald Reagan compared to obama? Will the democrat media so demonize the republicans again to the point that those on the fence pull the blue handle again. Maybe that's what it will take for 'The Good' scenario to play out, because the end results of electing a John McCain facsimile will be:

  • the delay of the implementation of the Democrat agenda. Though maybe there is nothing left to delay. They've been ramming every liberal dream through congress that they've had since the idiot LBJ was president.
  • a half-hearted escalation of the war on terror that continues to ignore the real threat which is the advancement of Sharia around the world by groups like CAIR, which should not exist anyway.
  • No appreciable reversing of course to rid the USA of the Fascist crap the dems have been legislating into our lives these past two years. To say nothing of the fact that we have the most liberal Supreme Court ever, that is thankfully still 5-4 on the side of common sense and liberty. One more racist incompetent homosexual bitch on the Supreme Court put there by obama or a near future democrat president and you can kiss your ass goodbye.

    In short, nothing is accomplished.
The very idea of an organization with the aim of Islamic-American relations is so absurd it makes my head hurt. It is a demand by our enemy to ignore the fact that they are our enemy while they work their subversive infiltration. No , it is not the same as the NAACP. Black people actually were Slaves in America, and up through the 1960's there was extensive white based racism in America. What have we ever done to Islamics in America. Nada. So, let them come and experience free society while assimilating into our culture, free to practice their own religion but not to re-write our legal system. Meaning, should they stone a woman for the crime of being gang raped, the perps will be rounded up and tossed into the prison system with hopefully a death sentence.

The Ugly.

The ugly is a recognition that the events, perpetrated by the liberals, that have led us to this point will continue to lead us into the hellhole, regardless whether we get a Ronald Reagan every 12 years or not.

Well, the ugly, as suggested in The Bad section is that it is already too late. We have finally hit critical mass in terms of the number of voters, living (or dead but still voting) who are so dependent or lazy or just plain stupid that, to them, anything is worth avoiding the risk that they might need new job skills or have to put some effort into making their lives comfortable again. Of course it is the effort that brings happiness in life. Stagnation brings slavery, but they're too far gone to figure that one out.

A rough timeline of events illustrates our problem.

FDR raised taxes on the rich to 63% and implemented many isolationist and protectionist policies which turned the depression into the Great Depression. obama and the dems appear to be following that road map to massive failure. Taxes on 'the rich', which by and large amount to small business owners, stifle hiring and growth. Protectionism stifles world trade and therefore Growth. Large companies like IBM or Motorola haven't grown their employee base in decades. In fact employee numbers at large companies have been shrinking for decades due to technology and productivity gains. All growth is small business.  FDR put the long term hurt on America.  It is my opinion FDR helped the Russians become much more powerful during WWII.

Otherwise, things were cooking after WWII. People were doing relatively well. The greatest generation just kicked the rest of the world's ass and they were back home and living large or on their way to doing so.  The economy was on a long upswing driven by Demand being greater than Supply. From homes to washing machines to cars, people were starving to go out and work, make some money and increase their standard of living. They valued any job. Many were familiar with the depression, my Dad for one. He always told me if I had a job, to protect it and never throw it away. And I never did. I started officially working at 15 and have been at it ever since.

LBJ creates the Great Society. Welfare, from my view, essentially amounted to reparations. 'The Projects' in Pittsburgh where I grew up amounted to black people sitting around all day in houses bought with tax money, breeding, while white people, paid with tax money, came over to cut their grass. There was negative incentive to go out and work. The Democrat voter breeding process had begun.

Today, single women are paid to breed children into zero opportunity drug and crime infested environments and the benefits are reduced if that woman gets married. We are paying for child abuse. The liberals closed the asylums for the insane and now the insane make up the vast majority of homeless. The liberals closed the orphanages, and now the vast majority of foster homes are run by either pedophiles or by people only interested in collecting the money and put zero effort into the child's upbringing. Holding them essentially as slaves. Sure there are some good foster homes and families, single mothers and even people on welfare, truly wanting to get ahead and make something of their lives. nothing is ever all inclusive but there is too much of the other.

I have to point out that during campaigns, the liberals talk poor people and homeless and all the other victims that they played a huge role in making.  When they are in office however, you don't hear about the poor, or the 'victims'.  You only hear about the evil rich. They hate the rich and could give a shit less for the poor.  I wonder why that is.

The communist infiltration begins. We see the effects now. Not only are universities forcing submission by students of at least pretending to accept communist liberal ideas , but a large number of grade and high schools are doing so. To the point that literature is passed out in class by liberal teachers that show liberals as angels and conservatives as the devil and these handouts are 'top secret' - not to be taken out of the building.  Sure sounds like free healthy practice to me.

In the 60's and early 70's, race riots and riots over the Vietnam war built to the point that we had our own little version of Tiananmen Square with Four Dead in O Hi O.   Add that LBJ saw to it that we lost the Vietnam war. I have no idea what Nixon was doing with it. "Peace with Honor?" What the hell was that.  You can't End a war, you can only win or lose it.

Soon after, drugs were injected into mainly college campuses in massive quantities. You'll never convince me all that stuff was hustled over the border from Mexico. The government facilitated the massive supply of drugs. The rioting ended in a puff of smoke.

Today, after 40 years and billions of dollars spent on the 'war on drugs' any 13 year old can get crystal meth on the street 7 days a week.

After Gerald Ford pardons Nixon for Watergate (Which, hey, was about a nasty as a college prank..) the country votes for anything but a Republican, and we get jimmy carter. jimmy stirs up the Islamics, puts the serious hurt on us for decades to come, by practically making it impossible to build a nuclear power plant. He creates the Dept of Energy which to this day has accomplished Jack Shit other than sucking billions of dollars while it's members have sex parties with the big players in the oil industry. The EPA pushes us into drilling a mile down rather than in shallow water(where most of the oil is anyway) and now we have an oil leak that frustrated attempts to deal with it because of the methane gas freezing and fouling all the devices they used to try and contain the well. That wouldn't happen in shallow water but you'll hear nothing but how we can never drill in shallow water because 'look what can happen'.

jimmy brings us gasoline rationing. Some people actually got killed trying to get gas. We had high 20% credit card rates and 12% mortgage rates. The Misery Index went wild under jimmy carter.

Ronald Reagan appears and is one hot smokin conservative. He puts an end to the cold war, saving us Trillions of dollars (We spent 7 trillion just on the Nuke sub program) and puts the economy back in the pink poste haste. He has 8 years of Triumph and a few mistakes. Liberals were hammering him over his strategy with Russia. Liberals wanted to maintain the status quo. We most certainly wouldn't have been able to afford it.

Even after 8 years of a hot smoking conservative, and 4 more from George HW Bush; when the democrats took over once again in 1993, it was right back to the communist agenda. A smooth talking slick willy who decimated the military and intelligence communities and advanced the liberal presence on the Supreme Court with tweety bird Ginsberg voting to remove our freedoms at every turn. The man who not only ignored terrorism, but two on our soil, WTC 93 and the USS Cole, emboldening them to reach out and try for 9-11-2001. I blame clinton for 9-11. Now we have Afghanistan which will never end, and Iraq which has been successful to the point combat troops vacated Iraqi cities and towns according to agreement made with the Bush administration prior to the Nov 8 elections. obama gets no credit. obama's participation in Iraq was the same as his participation in the Senate - voting present.

Bottom line with The Ugly is even if we get a hot smoking conservative in 2013, will they reverse these cancers in our country. They can't do anything about the Supreme Court if it goes over. There is very little they can do about the DOE, the EPA (and why is the EPA the most powerful entity in the USA, they need to be taken down - maybe national security concerns and executive orders could do it) and all the other liberal - communist gearboxes just humming away in our society that are tied directly to the country's nervous system if you will.

How do you rip it out. You can't. With each democrat administration, the foundational pillars of America are beaten out with sledgehammers to never be replaced.  Things don't return 'to normal'.

In the end, it will be up to the citizens to make that happen. And we won't be able to do anything without the blessing let alone participation of the military. Gee, why does obama want a brand new domestic army?

And people aren't going to be motivated to take their lives in their hands like those who signed the Declaration of Independence, and who forfeited their lives, homes, and families.  Those people revolted against one of the most brutal oppressive regimes at the time, the English.  Who among us is willing to throw it all into the fire when we know 50% of the country would be fighting against us?  The ultimate answer is for people to recognize that the word liberal doesn't not equate to expansion of freedom.  It is the opposite and all you have to do is look at the liberal decisions from the supreme court.  Those being heavily supported by the four liberals and occasionally the one on the fence - Sanda O'Connor, would be drawn over as was the case when they decided local government could force you off your property in the interests of builders who wanted to develop the land you were on., based purely on an individual subjective opinion that qualified your property as blighted.

These bills that are being passed these last 2 years, provide caches of ammunition for the communists every time they get their chance at the wheel.   It's not like they have to start from scratch each time.  From 'diversity czars' monitoring bank employee populations to rules about minorities taking major roles in the nations health care system. If this isn't repealed, which is my main optimistic wish here, you can look forward to dealing with a minority individual that is a cross between the TSA, IRS, and DMV clerk whenever you need health care.  Anyway, the list of items in these bills that are going to put the hurt on us are near endless.  I hear a new one everyday.

But hey, we'll all be driving cars that run on Unicorn Shit and put rainbows and smiles out the exhaust.

Update 7-23-2010:
I just heard that many auto dealerships were canceled and closed after the fed took over GM and Chrysler because they did not fit in with the cultural and gender diversity scheme they have dreamed up. This means that some very successful, top of the heap, cream of the crop dealerships, in business 20+ years were closed because they weren't owned by a woman or a minority. Conducting business where the top priority is not success is a sure way to get this country into hell hole status real quick.
Even before I heard this, I vowed that I would not buy a GM or Chrysler vehicle as long as the company was owned in any part by the government. That won't be hard as I don't have any confidence in the quality of either vehicle anyway based on real statistics and bad experiences of many people I know.


  1. Hi Kid, this is an excellent post outlining what the progressives have done to destroy America for years and years. It's bad and very ugly. The only good will be we vote out all creeps who go along with this stuff.

    I hope your weekend was good and you are keeping cool. I got hotter and my blood pressure rose reading about all these crimes. Very infuriating.

  2. Kid,
    That was outstanding. Truly, one of your best. Many good points, but the women paid to breed Democrat voters stands out.

  3. In North Korea we use unicorn horn as a male enhancer!

    The unicorn shit we save for visiting UN delegates.

  4. Bunni, Sorry to contribute to your blood pressure. I'll make it up to you soon I hope.

    yes, Hot weekend! I spent a good bit of time in the pool. Felt good !

  5. Trestin, I'm going to have to take that as a compliment. Thank you. I tried to be as brief as possible, hard to do when you're talking about libs and the evil they perpetrate.

    As far as breeding democrats, there are no 'unintended consequences' with that.

  6. Gene, I use Yohimbi Bark myself.

    The Yohimbe tree is a tall evergreen that is native to southwestern Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, and the Congo. The bark of this West African tree provides a number of medicinal uses. Some researchers and botanists believe that the yohimbe tree may be endangered due to over-harvesting.

    Orginally, yohimbe bark was used by west Africans for a variety of conditions including fever, cough, and even leprosy. Yohimbe has also been used to dilate pupils, prevent heart disease, and could be an effective anesthetic. More recently yohimbe has been used as an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen.

  7. PS, If you ever run low on Hors d'Ĺ“uvres for the UN delegates let me know. I can help restock you.

  8. I'm going to use this as part of a new feature on my blog, Thursday.

  9. wow I dont know where to start..excellence my dear!

  10. Trestin, I'm flattered to be a part of it and I look forward to seeing it take shape on Thursday.

  11. Woman, Thank you very much. I'm glad you got enjoyed? it.

  12. It's amazing how your rants are all pulled together somehow that make sense to even the slowest amoungs't us. Nice Job once again!

  13. They Say ;-] That's because I'm pretty slow myself.

  14. great take-my friend!
    if the GOP gives us a lesser of two evils again- a RINO- then-bho is electable-sadly enough...)-:

  15. OMG, this post is fantastic! (sorry I'm late getting here, it's been a nutso summer at the Fuzzy house)

  16. Carol-CS, I might agree. I don't think the asshole is electable but another democrat. God, imagine getting hillary after this mental torture.

  17. Hi Fuzzy, nothing to be sorry about. I'm thrilled you liked it.