Saturday, July 24, 2010

Open Letter to The Republican Party and The Tea Party

We don't want you "reaching across the aisle".

We don't want you "defunding the HC bill", unless you're just talking about the period up to Jan 23, 2013. Afterwards we want a promise that this straight from hell evil is "Repealed".

We don't want you being Bipartisan. Who the hell in their right mind wants you to work with communists ?!? Their definition of Bipartisan is getting you to compromise with them while they give you nothing in return and spit on you afterward. They have acted without the approval of the majority of Americans when they Deem and Passed the HC bill. They have acted in total disregard for any input you gave. They have acted in a manner that screams they don't care about you, Americans, the majority, or quality of life care for millions of seniors from this point forward. Any one of these points qualifies this bill for Repeal.

Not one republican voted for the HC bill, not even Olympia Snowe. They have no regard for the majority. You must have total regard for the majority when you are in power again. You must repeal these things and reverse these Executive Orders. You must fix Health Care by putting a leash on the rabid legal community. A single hospital in Texas was paying 100 million a year just to defend itself from frivolous lawsuits. After Texas passed a law to protect itself, the same hospital's costs deflated to 2 million. That's a 98% reduction in legal costs. Multiply that across the country.

This country is now at a fork in the road. One leads to Socialism, Fascism, Soft Communism and Ruination as it is clear the Democrats mean to destroy this country so as to rebuild it under those concepts. There is still time to turn the wheel, but after the 2012 election, it will not be possible to turn the wheel without destroying the country yourselves/ourselves in order to rebuild it in its original vision. A vision that has given us 300 years of Freedom, Opportunity, Liberty, Prosperity, the greatest Standard of Living Ever Known to Mankind, and the only Force on Earth that opposes oppression in favor of Freedom !

As Ronald Reagan said, we are mankind's Last Best Hope. That's a lot of unnecessary pain for Americans. And the world. It can be avoided starting in 2010, and 2012. Don't blow it.

Your party stands in diametrical opposition to the Democrat party if you claim to represent America, the Constitution and the Majority. Act like it. We're not going to vote for any watered down - try to please everyone - bullshit.

This is not just my opinion. It is the opinion I read on virtually every conservative blog I visit. It is a unanimous opinion.

Thank you for listening.

- Just your average American


  1. Hear, hear! No compromise possible, no bipartisanship . . . unless and until the democratic party purges the progressive elements. We're taking care of the progs in the GOP, so they can take care of those on their side (there are, of course, far more over there, but we'll get the ball rolling in November).

    The GOP shows signs of slipping back into cockiness, complacency, and nanny state big government. Good. They'll be easier to spot and vote the hell out in 2014 and 2016.

  2. Thank You Fuzzy!

    I couldn't agree more. It's going to be a big job.

    Now that the progs have got a taste of blood though, I don't expect them to lighten up at all. I expect them to continue looking for hard left candidates to vote for and conservatives to demonize, but as long as that's the minority ! I don't require Total assimilation. ;-)

  3. Exactly! No compromising and bipartisanship! When this happens, the American people get screwed. And, we can't have that happening anymore. No more screwing the Amercican people. Anyone who compromises is on my sh*t list and must be booted out of office in the next election.

  4. Most excellent Post, Kid. It should be in every paper in America in the "letters to Editor Section"

    "Their definition of Bipartisan is getting you to compromise with them while they give you nothing in return and spit on you afterward."
    PERFECT way to describe these commies!

  5. Teresa, the line has been drawn.

    Time to stop pretending we can get along with the democrats who spit on us.

  6. Bunni, Thanks!

    I mean it literally.

  7. Amen, Kid.

    We don't need to compromise with these pinkoes that are destroying the country as it was founded. We need to defeat them to the point that they never gain power again.

    But we need to also recognize them as a powerful force, one to be reckoned with and one that has the patience of Solomon. They may take a beating at the ballot box this November, but they will not take their defeat with grace nor accept it as the way things should be (even though their defeat IS the way things should be).

    Now all we gotta do is give our full support to conservative leaders that can win, leaders with spines, backbones and gumption.

    Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachman, and Sarah Palin. Leaders all, with plenty of gumption to go around...

    As Howard Dean would say: "YEEARRGGHHHH!!!"

  8. I hope they get the message, but I fear thy will not. We need the Republicans to start acting like Republicans and not moderate Democrats.

  9. Fredd, YEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRG right back at ya.

    Yes, if only we get good folks to vote for.

    Scott Brown and Chris Kristie should serve to embolden them to run and govern as conservatives. And you're right, the commies have been waiting from back around JFK's time in terms of actively working the country.

    There were commies around before then but they had little power.

  10. Trestin, I hear you and yes, it all sounds too good to be true. I do believe this is what the majority wants now whether they would lay it out on those terms or not.

    I plan to keep sending this message until I take the big ride.

    The 'problem' is that those that really need converted haven't felt the effects of all this legislation yet. It's kind of a chicken egg deal and if we sit back and let the waves of socialism evil wash over them so they can appreciate our message, then we've lost in the process.

    The world's greatest reality show eh?

  11. Hey Kid - We live in a world of compromise and no much evident then in Washington. Great post - I missed the feed but glad I dug a little deeper and yes this too is my opinion!!!

  12. DeanO. Thank you very much. We must find a way to convince them this is the only way they can win.

    To say conservative, and be conservative. They have to fight back now, or all is lost. The dems have done too much damage that if left unopposed will destroy the country. I know it's a strong statement. It's the first time I've made it in 57 years.