Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NASA Concept Aircraft to Get Us Around Quickly (LANGUAGE)

And it's an environmentally friendly supersonic transport

Fantastic looking aircraft isn't it?

Oh Wait. It's NASA. The asshole obama isn't going to let NASA spend a freaking dime in pursuit of its mission to keep America on the top of the food chain when it comes to space transport and exploration.

No the bastard has instructed the Head of NASA to go kiss the asses of the Muslim assholes who are dedicating their lives to killing us. That fucking idiot has to be splitting his sides thinking of ways to make America look like a drunken fucking clown show.


  1. there are no words to describe my disgust at this point. one crazy ridiculous thing after another. impeachment???!!!

  2. I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...

  3. labcat. It's been a year and a half, and this asshole still finds ways to exceed himself in the destruction of America. It is truly amazing.

  4. Nickie, Me and You, I'll play guitar. Well, I'll bring one anyway.

  5. Chell, PS, I was wondering about you when I noticed you were late 20's.

    You have a good bead on reality, and no doubt you'll keep it because the dark side is no way to go thru life ;).

    Nice to know you're out there and I hope you've got oodles of likewise friends.

    Honestly, how can anyone still be in love with obama. But I'm sure there are plenty.

  6. Well,... not in the next two years. Maybe less if we are lucky, but that is a very impressive machine!

    There are many very smart and aware 20 year olds. I think they are waking up to the nightmare in which they participated.

    Blizzie goes to college @ William and Mary, there are a lot of kool-aid drinkers there, in fact many of her friends are super liberals. She finds them very humorous... and sometimes maddening.

    there is a lot more going on than what people are being led to believe by the MSM. They are failing to do their job. Thank god for Glenn beck!

    bonks Mr. Kid

  7. Pierro, Yes, we really do need to get back to supersonic travel. Much more of this and we'll be a banana republic.

    I've met some young folks who are on the ball.

    You make the case further for comparing liberals to little children. Humorous and Maddening ;-)

    Thank God for all of them.
    Bonks back.

  8. What a great concept plane!!!

    You are so right-the phase out of the F-22 Rapture because of cost is an heads up as far as I'm concerned...
    bho and his anti-military minions are going to get our BEST killed!

  9. CS, Yes.

    And just like the aftermath of clinton, whoever comes in afterward will have to rebuild the military and get trashed for it because of the money that will have to be spent.

    What an incredible waste. Imagine what we could accomplish without this crap.

  10. NASA has two noble goals.
    1. Market Tang
    2. Explore space

    Until they can do a decent job with one of these, we should wait on the outreach program.

  11. I would also suggest we wait until the heathens join us in the 21st century.

  12. I can't believe the stupidity and downright treasonsit acts of this clown. Every day he thinks up more insane things to destroy America with. That he is getting away with it is beyond me. I think he's the biggest fucking idiot too, Kid! I shudder to think what's next, because things keep getting more and more bizarre.

  13. Bizarre is a pretty good word. Someone pointed out on another blog that more terrorists per day are being killed now than when GW Bush was in office. So, he's not putting the damper on killing the suckers, yet he's got this clown show of a foreign relations act especially where it comes to Muslims and the rest of America's enemies.

    I', starting to think he's little more than a dumbass, who can't be controlled by the puppet strings 24 hrs a day. His puppet master must be pissed at him half the time as well. What a fucking waste of everyone's time and money.