Thursday, July 8, 2010


You must give it 53 seconds at least.




  1. 1972 or '73, I saw Mahavishnu Orchestra.
    The setting was a old movie theater.
    Sitting in the front row.
    We saw a trio with John.
    Jerry Goodman- violin
    Jan Hammer- keyboard
    Billy Cobham--Drums.
    Later these guys went on their own.
    Hammer wrote the Miami Vise theme song.
    Bill Cobham wrote a tune, that was top 10. I can't remember the name -an instrumental except for some yodi-odi- words.
    I know he made a album-Spectrum.
    The tune could have been Spectrum, but don't remember.

  2. love the music that comes from the guitar-
    took 3 semesters of guitar at the local college-the instructor was a performing guitarist--fun---
    this video brought a smile-thanks..

  3. C-CS, Well, you almost sure to like some of my posts then, I put a lot of guitar down. Do you still play?

    I still try. Short on time to practice..

    If you get a chance to see this guy, you should. Incredible live performance. I'll be seeinghim here in October.

    Tommy Emmanuel

  4. Opus. I agree. Glad you liked it.

  5. Hi Kid! You always post the greatest and most relaxing music. I've been MIA cause it's SO hot in the bunni bunker. I hope you are enjoying these hot July Days. Say hi to the pets and family for me.

  6. Hi Bunni ! Thanks. It's hot here too. I'm going to take a dip in the pool today for sure.

    Will do. You know, I had a thought about Webster yesterday, He's happy as can be, an for us, he's as easy to take care of as a fish tank, so things are Ok.

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