Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hope and Change

As I mentioned to someone on some blog recently, the people who are the most unhappy in the USA are the ones on the government dole. Folks with pretty much their only source of income being social security and most especially those on welfare.

I think many of them don't realize it, but the reason they are unhappy is because they have nothing on their life horizon outside of a maybe a $80 a year increase in their government checks for 'inflation' which will likely be taken away simultaneously by some new government program like a Medicare part D drug plan.

In essence Their Struggle Is Over. They have no plan and no opportunity to get ahead. Live in a nicer place, drive a car that doesn't need mechanical attention every other week, etc. People need to get ahead. People need accomplishment in their lives to provide their psyche with the food it needs for happiness. Happiness only truly comes from struggle and the associated accomplishments and realization of dreams. Instead, their noses are held just above the water line and they have no Hope for Change.

Ah, we arrive at my point. This is the very reason the two words most spoken by Democrats during political campaigns are Hope and Change, Hope for Change. The Democrats don't describe what the change will be nor give any clues as to what people should hope for. It's important to leave that translation to the individual, and during the last campaign, I'll bet there were millions of hopes - from the lady who "wouldn't have to pay her mortgage or put gas in her tank anymore" to some environmnetalist whackjob's belief that obama and company would make the oceans recede and make life a delicate prance through utopia for all of God's little creatures.

(PS - Check the update on the last post about how you can get your own Bullshit Protectors.)


  1. The entitlement programs the Democrats have championed forever are nothing more than modern day slavery... Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and he fought to end the slavery of blacks... It appears even a black Democrat president won't do anything to abolish this slavery... The absolute absurdity coming from the mouth of the woman who won't have to pay her mortgage anymore only proves that they will do nothing to jepordise the blind following of those they have enslaved...
    Their next attempt will be in the form of amnesty for illegals... Yes I said illegal, as calling an illegal alien undocumented is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist...

  2. Yup, it was all about "hope" and "change" We all see what kind of "change" we're getting....and I "hope" that America is waking up and voting out all the jerks starting SOON!

    PS: You outline perfectly what people need to do to be happy. We all need something to strive for. That is why so many celebs and rich people who don't have to struggle are so un-happy and self destructive. They have everything handed to them. Great Post, Kid.

  3. yep great post. right on the money. they never did/have defined that change and that's what's dangerous. it's like you said everyone's different. one man's change is another's bankruptcy.

  4. I'm still hoping for change. In 2010 and 2012.

  5. The cool thing about the deluded voters is that they WILL realize by 2012 at least, that there is not rent or gas money forthcoming. They may make some changes at the polls, or may just skip showing up, which is more likely.

  6. Born Again, I couldn't agree more.

    It is absolute slavery. Many blacks realize it but don't seem to be making much headway. Course it doesn't help to have the Reverends constantly pulling out the crutches.

  7. Bunni, Thank you much. And I couldn't agree more with your comment as well. Good point about those at the other end of the scale also - Celebs

  8. Opus, Hopefully many will stay home, and I agree that's the more likely scenario.

  9. I too am hoping for change in 2010.
    Unless the buses are at the front door, it's likely most government slaves won't know there IS an election.
    What people need are personal GOALS, not just HOPE.

  10. Linda, the gansta rappers will tell them when and who.
    And yes.

  11. Like Obama told Joe the Plumber, 'spreading the wealth around is good for everybody.'

    That would be wrong on both counts: like you mentioned, give people dough they don't earn, and they become dependent. Take dough from folks against their will by the force of government, and tyranny marches on.

    Yeah, I'm hoping for that change: on November 2, 2010.

  12. I'm Really hoping Fredd. These bastirds are relentless.

  13. We all knew it and spoke up during the campaign: there was absolutely NO way we were going to get any explanation of what they meant by "Hope", "Change", and any of the iterations we were being bombarced with.
    They could not afford to allow that information out. The BO express would never have left the station had that happened.

  14. Dubyavu. haha. Yes, I was talking to some obama supporters at work almost everyday during the campaign, and each time, I cried out, with a smile on my face, Hope For What !? Change to What !?

    Never got an answer of course.

    Yes, true story.