Sunday, December 27, 2009

Actually, Some Thoughts On The level of Propaganda and The State of The Union

Language Warning Mon Ami and Amie.

I see that stupid moron olbermann, on these msnbc cameo shot commercials where he angrily says 'You were elected to serve the will of the people!" and having never watched that excrement filled, bimbo orchestrated, orgasmic over Michelle's toned arms, tingly legged monstrosity of propaganda, I will assume he was talking about GW Bush. (STILL!)

And of course, I immediately think of the 61 PERCENT of America who does NOT want this disgustingly evil health reform bill to see the light of day, and wonder - no, stare in fascination - at what the fuck this former agricultural school attendee is talking about. It goes without saying that anyone who watches msnbc to get 'informed' is on board wid it and whatever else they serve up. Let's not waste our time with mindless drones.

These bastards (Dem politicians) are pure evil. Worse yet are the legions of spittle-mouthed 'progressives' who are cheering them on but paying no attention to what they're doing. Or not doing.

I simply don't know how you can turn this sextillion ton freighter (The USA) around at this point. Voting isn't going to do much but delay the inevitable. Does anyone think things would have been much different with McLame or Romney or Huckabee at the wheel ?

Sorry for the downer, but I don't see much happening assuming we follow the playbook. The liberals are balls to the wall and don't care about anything, including rules of congress, or the constitution, let alone common freakin decency.

I don't see anyone taking up the cause that can actually effect change. Coming back from lunch I hear some Republican Senator on some talk radio show say 'I'm not sure if this is constitutional". Dude, we can get that kind of dialogue from the freakin barber. Hey, whoever you were, let us know when you're sure Ok? Then more to the point, let us know what the hell you're going to do about it. We put you in Washington DC to fill your pockets and live the good life for a Reason.

Standing on the sideline bitching about what the other side is doing is doing Virtually No More than the Democrats Do. Complain and Moan. Worthless Lip Service.

The dumbasses who vote for this shit need an education, which they will only get through living the reality of this nightmare, and we are left to wonder if it will be too late by then.

There is one truism of government that I may have made up myself but not sure.. "It is hard as hell to make improvements in the country from the Oval office, but it is easy as hell to fuck things up beyond recognition."


  1. I feel ya, Kid, it's just horrid and I don't see any remedy in sight either. Don't let the bastards get you down. If you need a laugh, I have a funny over my way, at the end of the trailers. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I've said it on other blog's comment pages.
    But no one takes it seriously.
    There is a way to shake things up.
    It has been done before-Yes ten Years ago.
    In case you all missed it.
    It worked for the 2,000 Bush-Gore Elections. Where does anyone think that Daddy Bush and Uncle Jim Baker got the Idea and to take it to the Supreme's? The second time they only used "The Safe Harbor Clause." To satisfy the caller of a national Radio Show who said it-with a strong sounding voice.
    Scared all the Florida Judges, threw out Gore's cases. Stopped Jackson's rent a riot. Pissed off the Demos. They gave the Repubs the info on Jackson's Love Child.
    Florida's Supremes stepped in tried to save Gore. That's when Bush 41 and Baker went to the U.S. Supreme Court, the second time, with the "Safe Harbor Clause."
    Know where the "Clause" is referred from? Anyone?

  3. Unless you think the American people are really ... really ready to give up high-speed internet and guaranteed HDTV ... you may want to temper your expectations to things like local victories that affect statewide decisions that tell the government to shove their federal strangleholds up their friggin' asses.

  4. Bunni, it won't get me down. It will but it won't. Best described as 'When any of us are feeling really good about life on this rock, we've got to be forgetting about some real evil crap that goes on every minute of every day'.

    I hope that's not depressing. I'm an observer in most cases. There is a reason this place is called Earth and not Heaven.

    I could add a novel or two to this but I'll save it. You probably know what I mean anyway.

  5. They Say, Hmmm, I sure don't. More info if you want would be appreciated.

  6. Snarky, Yes, the nullification concept. Problem is most states are either heavily Dem already or financially dependent on the Fed.

    My expectation is we feel the pain before (and if) the idiots see the error of their ways.

  7. The one bright spot is that the dems are losing independents in droves. And this is not a short term thing. Many independents lost by Carter, such as myself, turned staunch conservative for a lifetime. it will take dems another full generation to beat this rap. That is, IF they keep their stranglehold on our educational institutions.

  8. Opus, That sounds very reasonable actually. Just that we've gone down so far so fast...

    But as they say in the stock trading/investing community "Buy Despair, Sell Hope"

    Looking forward to a 2010 party.

  9. Kid, when you use the term "pure evil" it works perfectly. This isn't just politics. It isn't just greed. These people have decided to throw away our "one nation, under God".

  10. Nickie, I don't use such terms lightly. I've been assessing these bastards for quite some time.

    They exhibit the same behavior as Coke Addicts without the good elements included.

  11. Fantastic rant. And what I've been thinking lately, too. How are we going to turn this around? Is that even possible at this point? Reagan might have managed it, but these pols today are all friggin' scary and have their priorities all screwed up. They could care less about America, her people or her Constitution, and only care about lying to us all and getting as much money as they can from special interests. I think we should ban all lobbying, effective immediately. I'm sick of the corruption and the hypocrisy.

  12. Fuzzy, Thanks :)

    I sure don't see how on the turnaround. Even if we get red team people in Congress and the White House, will they do anything? Can they do anything? I'm leaning heavily toward No. Especially since no one in the power brokers is even talking about addressing the state run media. All they do is bitch about it.

    Back in the day of jimmy carter, CBS gave Ronald Reagan 30 minutes of air time to address attacks carter made toward Reagan, while carter was in the White House. Nothing like that would happen today.

    This country, meaning a majority of it's citizens, need to get their head out, and the only way I see that happening is through pain that is severe enough to drive them to put the effort into finding out who and what exactly F* this country up beyond recognition.

    In the end, I believe it's all in who the military stands with.

    As our defected KGB friend tells us - When they realize what they've created it will be too late. The communists and fascists will have too much control at that point.

    Finally, yes, my favorite question or statement to any libs that will listen is "Do you really think anyone in DC could give a damn about your welfare? If so, you are out of your mind."

  13. Isn't that the greatest irony of all? This man who hates our country and our military with every fiber of his being is the CIC. And yeah, you're right to point that out to libs, but you know what? They do believe that "the government" cares. It's bizarre. It defies all logic. What government has EVER cared about its people beyond getting money, labor, and/or power from them?

  14. Fuzzy, this whole thing is filled with irony and hypocrisy isn't it...

    (I agree he hates America, the military and is also a racist)

    Very interesting subject regards why the libs place so much trust in government. Could it be as simple as they need a parental environment and once they're 18 (or 34) and out of the house the only thing that comes close is 'the government'. ?
    Or since they generally don't believe in God, but as humans (do we?) feel that some entity Has to be looking out for them, the only thing in sight is 'the government'.

    A lot of variations on a theme here, none of them good .. :)

    I appreciate your insights.