Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Government Sucks, Why Do You Want More of It.

Why do people look to government to solve economic weakness. It can't - in so many words. All it can do is empower the Engine of America which is Free Enterprise, to use it's power to grow, improve, and ultimately hire people if not outright create new industries, and turn a tax collector into a tax payer. A double positive.

No. We've STILL got half a million people a month losing jobs.

That is all GW Bush did to bring the US out of a recession. Empower Free Enterprise with Tax Cuts and other "take the jack boot off their throat" tactics. These are the people who know how to get it done.

Take the PC and the Internet. If you look at all the supporting industries - Memory, Disk Drives, Servers, Data Warehouses, Fiber Cable, ISP's, Monitors, Power Supplies, Programmers, Web developers, not to mention the peripheral industry such as printers, digital cameras, etc, and many more. The Personal computer industry put more people to work Directly, than the US Auto industry every thought about. And the Auto industry, specifically GM was said to BE America. GM essentially was America.

Empower innovation, empower free enterprise. This is conservatism. This is Capitalism. This is NOT some socialist entity like France or the UK, that haven't produced anything innovative in over 50 years.

Obama and crew? Jack Boot City. Jim Cramer even uses this analogy and he's a democrat.. God knows why. Probably because he lives near New York.

Why does anyone look to government to solve anything. They didn't come from the business world. Hell, by her own admission on her website, Nana Pelosi never even worked at McDonalds. Straight from Trinity college where she is too embarrassed to mention her major, straight to politics through family connections. Yea, she's qualified to lead the herd all right.


  1. I'll say Gov't sucks Kid, and it's getting WORSE every day. It really tees me off that they are pulling their crap right by Christmas, ruining the holiday's for good American's everywhere. I am just so disgusted by them, I can't take it anymore....so this week, I'm posting Christmasy things! They might be taking our economy, freedoms, future, money, but they won't take our JOY!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and of course your cute pets! I know you'll have a wonderful time and Happy New Year.

  2. Govt does indeed suck. The Democrats just want to suck the life out of every one of us. They want everyone to be equally poor. They think fair means everyone ends up with the same amount of money in the end. Dems could care less about responsibility and hard work. In fact, the Dems policies discourage responsibility and hard work in order to achieve success. The Democrats want to keep people stupid so they can keep them addicted to govt handouts so that the people will vote for them.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Kid!! :)

  3. Teresa, Yep. Merry Christmas to you and yours !

  4. one factory going out of business trickles down to the loss of many jobs. for instance, the guy that delivers our uniforms is down to a 2 day work week. he says they have been eating cereal for supper for the past 2 months. we all pitched in and gave him a kroger card. the point is,in this town unemployment is 20%. it ain't pretty and it's getting very old.

  5. I agree, but if anyone thinks that the Republican party is the solution, you are in for more of the same.

  6. Labcat, Ouch, I'll keep a good thought for those unemployed folks.

  7. Arby. As I commented to a buddy in email today "I can't find a way to think things would be any different with McLame in charge."

    The language and image would be better, but we'd probably be still wasting time and money on all this liberal nonsense. Climate scam, health scam, etc.

    Voting ain't gonna feed the bulldog. This country is too far gone.

  8. Kid, treason is little more than a Democrat tradition. Keep wearing the white hat. The good guys will eventually win this one.

    The warmest Christmas wishes to you, my young friend.

  9. Nickie, Have a most enjoyable and warm Christmas.

    It's nice to see you back and about.

    Check out my next post coming up as soon as I can post it. I just got an email from a friend that happens to be a PS to this one.

  10. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

  11. Anon. It will be my pleasure.

    Glad you like it.