Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Misery Index

I wonder why FOX isn't talking about the Misery Index.  I sent an email and text yesterday to Jesse Watters asking the same question.  We'll see what happens.

Anyway, without further ado, and without gratuitous sex and violence, let's delve into it here.  Not to worry, this won't hurt a bit.

Definition (taken from below link): The misery index helps determine how the average citizen is doing economically and it is calculated by simply adding the Annual inflation rate to the Seasonally Adjusted unemployment rate.

It is worth noting that the inflation rate and the unemployment rate calculation changes over time so administrations can make themselves look better.  Even so, it tells a story.

In the link below, you will find a chart of the Misery Index from 1948 through present which also notes who was president.

In quick summary, and starting with Jimmy Carter who has the all time high so far at 21.98 %, we move to Ronald Reagan who gets it down to 7.70 % by Dec, 1986, then we get all the way down to 5.74 % in April, 1998 with Clinton in office[1], then 5.71 % in Oct, 2006 with GW Bush in office but was back around 12.5 % by the time Bush left office and obama took over.   The index was notably low at 5.06 % in 2015 under obama and and 5.21 % in 2019 with Trump in office.  Covid put the Kabosh on that in Apr, 2020 when it soared to 15.03 %

The next chart on the page shows the index starting when Biden took over through the present.  The index starts at 7.70% in January, 2021 and motors steadily all the way to 11.67 % in February, 2022. Yippeee!

Biden's economy is doing Great ! (sarc). Even with all the BS numbers reported by the administration and its blabbering tools in the media, the democrats are well on their way to eclipsing Jimmy Carter's Misery Index high.  I think they'll get there.

Will we have gas shortages and rationing like under Carter?  Could easily happen because the situation with oil is not accident.  It has nothing to do with Ukraine.  It is a problem because the democrats want it to be.

Here is the link - U.S. MISERY INDEX


[1] - Clinton not only inherited the Reagan economy which was running like an unstoppable freight train powered by twin trillion horsepower engines, but also had the tech boom as additional thrust which consisted of PC's and related hardware, the Internet buildout, all the hardware and tons of infrastructure to support it all such as network equipment, data centers, and various equipment and software in a large % of homes across the country.  This was all new stuff.  It also drove the stock market to it's then all time high in March, 2000.  The market sold off through 2003 causing many retail investors to lose large amounts of money the same way they did in the 1929 crash.

It is interesting, based on the 'Text UNITED to 30330' in the following image (Biden campaign's text number) that this was an advert for Biden's campaign and shows to my eye, the Misery index going down under Trump and a projection for it to go back up under Biden :-) ??  Evil sometimes tells you their plan.

Also note that 30330 is 2020 (the election year) divided by 666 (the democrat call sign)

2020 / 666 = 3.0330

In closing, it is obvious to me that these two lovely cats, Stina and Mossy, are seriously stressed over America's immediate future.  Don't make them have strokes.  Stop voting for democrat communists. At the very least, your wallet will be happier, your cats will be happier, and your raccoons will stop tearing the place up now that you can afford to feed them cheap dog food again.


  1. Dumb as this probably sounds, I didn't know the Misery Index was a real thing...I thought people sort of joked about that term..."well, that's high on my misery index!"
    This is interesting. THat low misery index under Obama...??? I sure felt less MISERABLE under TRUMP....I remember a feeling of optimism and pride and a feeling all would be FINE now. The opposite of what I feel now. I hope Jesse responds to your communications! I keep writing on his FB page, and MediaBuzz's, suggesting they ask their Democrats on their shows "WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU A DEMOCRAT?" ..particularly Tulsi and Minchin and Harold Ford, Jr., ....

    1. Z, Yea, it's a real thing alright. Again, makes me wonder why none of the yappers are yapping about it.

      No idea about the low index with obama. Given Trump added so many jobs and had the lowest employment numbers ever for all groups of people it seems it couldn't have been good with obama. Course, Everything was fake with obama. Everything from soup to nuts.

    2. It's hard to distinguish between Biden and COVID....having BOTH of THOSE around gives me a lot of misery! But can we separate COVID right now? Maybe that's why nobody's talking about it much; from that chart you linked, it's difficult to tell. And yes, everything was fake with obama.... Honestly, if BIDEN takes credit ONE MORE TIME for "MORE JOBS" I'll scream. What new jobs? in WHAT industry? The only NEW jobs, in my opinion, are the jobs people finally went BACK to because he quit sending them $$$. What industry has new jobs? That's like saying Trump lost thousands of jobs in his last if COVID wasn't responsible. Well, I'm not alone in hating all the lies of this administration. Just wish more people were aware. Now even leftwing 'comedians' like Trevor Noah (who IS he?) is saying the Saudis not calling Biden back says a lot about if anybody knows who Noah is or cares what he says; still...

    3. Z, let me respond as I read your comment. Sorry if I say something you already know.

      Covid started in 2020 while Trump was still in so that artificially(Black Swan Event) made his ending index around 15% invalid. The reason it jumped was because Covid put so many people on unemployment with the lockdowns and all the people unable or unwilling to work in public venues like restaurants.

      Covid is what economists call a Black Swan event loosely described as something totally unexpected that has a very large effect on the market, the economy, or anything it might be relative to, in this case, the unemployment numbers.

      Yes, Covid at this point and for a while has nothing to do with the current misery index.
      Looking at the chart in that link that deals with the period January 21 - current which describes Biden's time in office, the index started at 7.70% and has risen steadily each month to the current 11.67% number. Covid has nothing to do with that.

      I've heard the name 'Trevor Noah' but don't know who he is.

      Well, the dems have to lie constantly because they have no actual accomplishments. For the last 50 years they've taken credit for which they had nothing to do with and blamed anything negative on the opposition. I just assume this is what will happen every day so I don't even get a pulse rate increase from it.

      Because Covid was a black swan event, comparing UE numbers between now and when Covid was out is hugely dishonest and out of line. If you want to compare UE numbers between today and Trump you have to go back to Trump's economy prior to Covid hitting. Administrations have no control over those events.

      I hold no hope for the idea of people becoming aware, or if they did and were pro-democrat that it would make any difference. Case in point. Jesse Watters' mom is a libtard. Jesse has a very good bead on reality. It is clear that he and his mom talk often based on his comments. She hasn't budged an iota away from her libtard point of view. You can't fix a libtard. We're stuck with em. It's why I say divorce is the only potential solution.

  2. I think you’ve done an excellent job explaining why we’re an effing miserable country, and I think you’ve also explained why the sale of alcoholic beverages and pain killers is higher than they’ve been since Billy Clinton’s blow job resulted in an attack on the world trade center. I’ve submitted your name for a Nobel prize under the “no shit” category. Now, if you want that Pulitzer (and we all know you do), then work up an expose on the misery index since the invention of government. Remember, we spoke of this before. Every unhappiness known to humankind was either caused or made worse by the government. No exceptions.

    Aside: According to BBC, there are five reasons why Americans voted for Biden: (1) Covid, (2) Biden didn’t campaign, (3) He wasn’t Trump, (4) Everyone thought he was a centrist, and (5) Leftist money bought leftist ideological voters. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) had a different slant. They argued that people voted for Biden because (1) Biden was pro-worker (unless you happened to work in the energy industry), (2) Biden is a union man (even though he’s never had a job since leaving college), (3) Biden will give union workers what they want when they want it (unless you’re working in the energy sectors), (4) Only Biden can defeat Covid-19 (Ha-ha-ha), and (5) Biden will unite the country.

    Okay, Mustang’s recommendation for the day: we’ve tried government and found it wanting. How about we try living without a government for the next presidential cycle of four years? Got it? Nobody votes in 2024. And let’s do it “cold turkey.” I bet that the misery index will drop to 0.1 (because you’ve always got some miserable sod no matter what you do — and chances are it's a transgender democrat).

    1. Mustang, thanks, geeezix that's a lot to digest but I'll try.

      I think there is no doubt that there is more for people, especially younger ones, to escape from these days. Hence the drugs and alcohol. As my 26 yr old server at the restaurant says "The world sucks". She doesn't drink though.

      I would love to win the No Shit prize. I think I deserve it on some level anyway. No shit.
      I'll pass on the Pulitzer though. If I won that it would put me in league with Woodward and Bernstein, those two puke stains still trying to get mileage out of that boring watergate prank.

      Well, given the Misery Index started at Zero, it is clear to see that government always screws thing up and charges more to do it. I think no government might be fun for a while. long while. It's not like they prevent crime or make anything better. I'm All For It.

      Bottom line, no way I believe Joey got the most votes ever. Not gonna happen. Or if he did, it just cements the idea that this place is screwed with a capital F.

      Spoiler alert, It is anyway.