Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Men at Work

Bill Burr (comedian) has a piece centered around watching Oprah with his girlfriend when Oprah introduces some woman who is an actress or something as "She's this, that, and this And she has the hardest job on the planet... She's a mother."

Bill: "What?

Nothing against mothers but any job you can do in your pajamas is not the hardest job on the planet."

With this in mind, here are some guys doing some work building the Empire State Building in 1931.


  1. I'm kind of sick of the HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A WOMAN stuff...It IS...many work full time AND mother their kids, or at least ARE a mother to their kids....but the Oprah stuff gets old. If more mothers were home in PJs taking CARE of their kids, we'd have a lot nicer and smarter kids. I heard a teacher recently say he has a total of something like 178 students in a day....he said 7 parents showed up on Parent/Teacher night. I guess the 'moms' were too busy?
    As for the video...I can barely watch it when they get up there walking on 1' wide beams, hundreds of feet up, with nothing holding them in place! And sitting on beams THAT high, one foot on each side? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These men are AMAZING!!!

    1. Z, Yes, being a mother is a lot of work but it is not as Oprah clams "The hardest job on the planet." :-)

      And obviously a little humor in the Bill Burr quote, and more in his whole piece on it.

      Those guys in the early 1900's were nuts. Dancing up there on the roof or just sitting on a beam 100 stories up having lunch. There are some pictures of that stuff.

      Regardless, there was a lot of seriously hard work and danger in construction then and now even. And generally, a ton of Hard Jobs that lots of people do today.

      Anyway, the vid on building the Empire State Bldg was the main point of the post and the other just a little humor added.

      Trivia, R J Reynolds Corporate HQ Building in Winston Salem was the architectural test building for the Empire State Building.

  2. When they built building that could withstand aircraft crashes.
    I'm not knocking anyone's work. Except leftist politicians.
    Or bureaucrats.
    My mom did not work as hard as my dad.
    Coal mining then fighting Nazis, and then working in an auto plant and finally managing a department at Fords while managing rentals they bought and repairing them and then collecting the rent. Ughh.

    1. Heck yea Ed. Lots of hard work out there.

  3. A lot of old films from way back are making it out to the internet. Simply amazing what was done and the way folks lived 'back in the day.'

    1. No doubt Bunk. Man some hard and dangerous industrial work was being done in the early 1900s.