Thursday, August 5, 2021

Whas Up

Well in my opinion ....

First off, outside of certain individuals, I don't believe anyone gives a damn about anyone else.  I really don't think you'd find a single person who cares whether someone in Gary, Indiana gets Covid and dies.  The people I most especially am convinced that don't care about anyone are those on the left. 


Like sociopaths (most of them are), the only time they say anything that suggests they might care about someone else is when they want something.  In this case, there are many examples of them spewing their 'care' BS to push and support the left's agenda - which is communism when you get down to it.  Specifically, they want government in control of all business and very much more involved in people's personal lives - People Control, something their mental state allows them to think they'll be immune from.  Imagine.

This is what we're dealing with.  Giving them 'the truth' would be a complete waste of time, outside of some young people who are still receptive to information presented to them, the rest are goners.   They don't want to hear it and if CNN started going all conservative, they'd turn it off and go elsewhere.

2)  I have to reflect on my experiences over the last 68 years.  For most of that time, I remember it and believe it to have been very non-political.  I sure was so maybe a little bias there.  Sure, politicians were stealing and laundering money and spouting BS any time they had the chance.  Also this was the time of the 6 and 11 O'clock "news".  Only so much BS can be sprayed on the public in only 2 out of every 24 hours.  And no internet so you couldn't even browse to abuse yourself.

We morphed into 24/7/365 news and opinion that lots of people like to tune into.  

This has brought a lot more politics into people's lives.  Politicians see this and this has motivated them to spew BS at ever increasing rates and amounts for various reasons, mostly Self-preservation and getting re-elected in order to steal and launder more money   Honestly, how many times would you have heard - have shoved down your throat in fact, some politician spewing their BS at you in 1980. How many people in 1980 would have even heard what the senate majority leader, let alone individual congress critters had to say about Anything?

Not many. Americans were going about their lives, mostly unfilled or influenced by this constant political BS spewing environment we find ourselves in for a while now, building up to fever pitch over the last 20 years and especially the last 10.  

The politicians are afraid of us because they know how evil they are.  This is a feedback cycle that motivates them to want to have ever increasing amounts of control over us.

There is No Where to go to get away from it.  Everyone who is talked about in sports is making political statements.  Ditto education, entertainment, and any genre that lots of people expose themselves to.

This is not good.  It's not healthy and I believe it is going to have detrimental long term effects on everyone, most especially young people.  Only the individual geniuses who have solid upbringing will have any chance of surviving it.  

This is why the country is toast.  And if that wasn't enough, it is also clear we have no justice department, or government that must abide by the laws in place. Therefore, what Mechanism do we have in place to keep the government in Check ?  

This singular concept is the very basis for the foundation of America - keeping the government in check and we no longer have the means to make that happen.  It's gone.

They're forcing an experimental vaccine on the entire population against every legal definition of American Freedom and everything from the medical community to private businesses are hopping the bandwagon. "Get vaccinated or you can't work here." 

If they accomplish this, what next?  What will everyone have to do next? What kind of evil Simon says bullshit is next?  We could look like China in two shakes (I'm thinking 2 decades but who knows - when civilizations fall, they fall fast)

Again, Why all this BS?  If you are vaccinated I'm not a threat to you. If I'm not vaccinated, you don't care if I die or not so what's the problem?  And you (the government pushing this) Clearly does not care beyond a shadow of a doubt because they are bringing in millions across the border who likely have Covid and shipping them into the population.  In fact, while they're in custody, they being housed in close quarters to the point that Covid will almost surely spread to everyone there before the gov ships them out to anytown USA.

Well, let me leave you with this.


  1. Long and the short of it Kid....yes, it does go fast. Rome about 18 months if my memory serves me correctly.
    We need to mass as well at the border but I see no one willing to deal with it and organize it.

    1. They're obstructing Texas authorities so what else would the peons do ?

  2. I don’t understand —
    • People who claim to hate Trump but think Biden was a viable alternative
    • The kind of people who would elect Pelosi to 18 terms in Congress
    • Anyone who saturates their life with those 24/never stop media outlets
    • People who believe what politicians tell them ... about anything
    • Senior generals who forsake their honor to become political prostitutes
    • Corporate managers who sell out their country in order to enrich themselves
    • Teachers who destroy the minds of children entrusted into their care
    • Legislatures and governors who transform their states into Marxist cesspools
    • Why someone hasn’t taken out a contract on Cuomo and his baby brother
    • Why Maxine Waters body hasn’t been discovered in a landfill
    • How Hank Johnson ever got to Congress
    • Why so many blacks prefer to lick the boots of white Democrat politicians
    • Why Governor Abbott doesn’t arrest every federal officer connected with the illegal immigration fiasco
    • Why the American people tolerate our out of control political corruption
    I guess I’m not all that smart.

    1. Wonderful additions/clarifications Mustang. Thank you.

      In answer let me just say "because". If you want more than that you will need to submit a DARF (Detailed Answer Request Form), notarized, and with the mandatory DARF handling fee (Plus Tax) enclosed.

    2. Where do I get DARFs? Also, do you accept reasonable facsimiles of bitcoin?

    3. DARFs are available in the gift shop. Prices vary, but with today's inflation sky rocketting, they are expensive let me tell you. Juliette runs the gift shop, You'll have to ask her about payment options. I think she also does layaway.

  3. Sadly the people that are pushing the NONSENSICAL things called Cancel Culture. Are the Progressives, who are strongly for Cancel Culture.
    So if If you want us to stop pointing out the fact that you people acting like disgusting human beings, then you have to stop acting like disgusting human beings that you are!
    It's that simple, and it's not negotiable. The problem is you. The people pointing it out are not the problem.
    And there’s No need to beat around the bush with these Cancel Culture Idiotic people. There is No argument needed to be made, tell them simply that Many Americans greater than you died for protecting our American right to tell you to go fly a kite and take your Socialist friends with you.
    What those Brave Americans were fighting for in essence, was exactly what these Cancel idiots are trying to promote. It’s known as Fascism! They are trying their best to take away ou Rights as Americans. Like taking Rosanne Barr removed from her own show!. As Celebrity Chef Paula Deen was. And so many others are now gone, and disappeared off of TV, and Facebook, and Twitter. Like our own President. This is much more dangerous than Aunt Jemima, or Dr. Seuss. And we’re supposed to just “Deal with it”?
    They're "canceling" TV, Sports Team’s names, and Pancake Syrup now, but who know what they’ll be doing in five or ten years from now if they aren’t stopped now.
    The only way that I think you can deal with it now is by Electing Strong Leaders in our Governments who aren't afraid to upset a few people and ride out the heat that is thrown at them.
    And STOP making Heros out of people like George Floyd, and Colin Kaepernick..
    They don’t want the Freedoms that we now have and are fighting to keep. Such as the FACT that those Idiotic Morons BANNED our President from Social Media. The one place where he was able to commutate with ALL Americans.
    Yes this is EXACTLY what the Biden/Harris administration is doing. The are now TELLING us that for us to go into a Restaurant, a Store, a Ballgame, we MUST show our “Papers” and proove that we were Vaccinated. When these same people are allowing Ten’s of Thousands of ILLEGAL’S into the Country showing NOTHING! , and putting them on Busses with, or without testing POSITIVE for COVID 19, and then spreading their vermin all over the United States. HOW STUPID, CAN THESE IDIOTIC PEOPLE BE?
    This is exactly what our Troop are fighting, exactly what these Cancel idiots are promoting!
    And all this is coming from the group of pussies that created “Sanctuary Cties” and then denying the existence of ANTIFA, and calling Black Lives Matter “Peaceful Protesters”.

    1. Unfortunately it's not stupidity Dude. It is all by design.

    2. “How stupid can these people be?”

      I hope the morons won’t take that as a challenge. World records are made to be broken.

    3. Oh, but they will Mustang. Based on my exposure to the public on a shopping adventure yesterday, I can testify that the bar is lowered on a continual basis.

  4. "This singular concept is the very basis for the foundation of America - keeping the government in check and we no longer have the means to make that happen. It's gone."

    I feel we're on the edge of a precipice. I hope I'm wrong.

    1. People I read who seem to be in the know and know others, are pretty worried that its about to 'get sporty'. I think that's over-reaction but OTOH I know the left sure wants it bad.

    2. Those who “want it bad” have no idea how bad it can get. Of course, the leftist elite all hide behind private security, so when the bloodbath does come, and it is a real possibility, it will all break down to a contest between true patriots and hired guns. Leftists have no stake in the future of America. For them, it’s all about “self in the here and now.” They are psychopathic narcissists without a place in a healthy society. We should start a rumor that Pelosi has all the real dirt on the Clintons and is writing a book. She’ll be suicided within a month.

    3. Exactly right Mustang. You know the clinton's will start a fund for the cost of the ammo, since they left the white house penniless.

  5. The Mayor of New York City t just gave all employers the reason and the ability to force their employees to be vaccinated, or else!
    Bill Di Blasio just mandated that employers not only have the right to force vaccinations, but the MUST screen everyone that wants to enter the premises of All bars, and restaurants to screen each person who wishes to enter the premises. I don't know if the owners will want to get themselves involved with this order, but it seems as if they are going to have to.

    If I know New York, You can bet that this will start a new wave of selling fake vax cards.
    The State, or the Government knows if you've been vaccinated and you can bet that digital passport from some database will be on the way shortly. .The truly Religious, or People with some Health Condition will be fighting this and I can not see any way that they could be pressured into taking the vaccination if they don’t want to. But who knows with this administration they are liable to say “FIND A NEW JOB OR GET THE VACCINE .”. And if the Government ( Biden) will pay people NOT TO WORK, the entire workforce should, and might very well just quit!. Or you could go home and collect money from Sleepy Joe for not working..
    Like They Said, Elections Have Consequences.

    1. There's a fix for fake vax cards. I hesitate to say this publicly, but ... there's always the tattoos. The fascists did it before. I wonder how many Americans would willingly go along with getting a barcode tattooed on their wrists.

  6. Well said. If you are out there stating my opinion, I'm just going to continue to mine my belly button lint.

    1. Thank you Mr Blade. May all your lint turn into Bitcoin, or at least DOGEcoin. Failing that I guess you could always sell it to some dumbass as an NFT.

  7. Lots of folks commenting here that think exactly as I do.
    So commenting only makes reading comments take longer.
    I agree. "And that's all I'm gonna say about that."