Thursday, October 31, 2019

Business Cat Research

Based on the comments on the last post, I decided to do some exhaustive research into Business Cat and his details.

Here he is pictured in his Brooklyn apartment, dressed and ready for his Mom to drive him into the office.  As you can see, he is up before dawn and dressed in collar and tie, just like one of his heroes - President Donald J Trump.  He hopes to be a billionaire someday so he can dine on the finest seafood money can buy.

His name is Emilio and he is the one of the children of his Immigrant parents.  I'm not sure if they are legal or not. He can stay regardless imo.

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  1. That LASER POINTER line is HILARIOUS! VERY cute post, Kid! thanks for the bright spots amid nasty politics!! xx

    1. There have been some Really good BC memes over the years. I hope to find some of the ones I've enjoyed to post from time to time.

  2. A good respite kid... keep em coming!!

  3. Business Cat is an old favorite, but why you chose to name him Emilio is a mystery to me.