Tuesday, October 29, 2019

And So It Begins, the Quest For a New Land Speed Record at 1,000 MPH

Driver is Andy Green RAF Wing Commander. Same guy who piloted the Thrust SSC, the car which broke the sound barrier on land for the first and only time.

Here is an article on the effort and below I've inserted video's of the Thrust SSC success and the first low speed test of the Bloodhound LSR which utilizes a jet engine, rocket engine, and a 12 cylinder Jaguar engine that feeds fuel to the jet engine. The speed tests will consist of runs increasing by 50 mph each run to gain confidence and shake out any unsuspected problems. (The Thrust SSC had a tendency to pull hard left around 600 mph..)

So, I'll update as interesting stuff breaks.

Thrust SSC

Bloodhound  LSR


  1. Update: The Jaguar engine feeds fuel to the rocket engine. Serious PITA to update a blogger post with more than one vid....

  2. Replies
    1. They'll have much better video this time too LSP.

  3. You can bet someone had a puckeredup butt!

  4. So............it would take me about 2 seconds to get to Wallyworld.

    1. Might take a little longer to stop though Adrienne.

  5. Isn't this the kind of stuff that did in Jessie Combs?


    We seek ever faster speed
    But where's it going to lead?
    We are going where?
    What awaits us there?
    Whatever it may be
    You will still be you,
    And I will still be me!

    When all the workers have been phased out by automation, the consumers, clients, customers are sure to be next.

    Ever since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution mankind has been furiously busy trying to make human existence completely unnecessary.

    How will the machines feel once they are able to reproduce on their own, and repair themselves when they become dysfunctinal? What will they do to their fellow machines who become obsolete because of relentless self-perpetuating technological advances?

    Do you think the machines will miss us once we’ve extinguished ourselves completely? Mightn’t they be lonely or bored without us?

  7. Franco, I'm not concerned that this is our future. Machines need repairmen, coders, new opportunities for business are opening up all the time. Why I just read the other day that 33% of Millennial Males and 25% of All Males are very open to using cosmetics. Eye shadow, eyebrow, lip gloss, etc. Many are already doing it. There's a brand new industry happening right now.

    Then it's Victors secret and a whole new line of sexy nihgtwear for men. The possibilities are many.

    Anyway, these predictions never seem to pan out. The internet was supposed to isolate us. It has done just the opposite. My circle of friends came from the internet. Automation starting in the 50's was supposed to have us all on the street in a couple decades, and just the opposite has happened. DJT has the unemployment rate for all groups and for everyone at the lowest rate Ever. No toils, no worries for me.

  8. Only problem is, when the Machines (Robots) feel threatened by us.
    Will there be an all out war to wipe out humanoids?

    1. TS/WS, Humans tend to work fevenently to make science fiction come true imo.

      So yes, I believe humans WILL create skynet.

  9. So how many MPG?? Whoo hooo.... what a carbon foot print... :)

    1. Yes Bunk, Neither Greta or AOC are happy about this.