Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some Will Defeat The Wall

But at least a million +  a year won't just be able to walk in.


  1. Now that was a hoot.. Thanks for the grin here... I had a contraption on my bird feeder as well so that when they ran up the pole they would run into an obstacle. It never ceased to amazing me at their tireless effort to defeat the obstruction.
    One literally knocked himself out cold trying to run up the pole.

    1. Bunk, that's funny !

      Glad you enjoyed. We keep our squirrels well fed and silencers on our .22's in case it all goes to hell.

  2. We loved the birds in our house, but we ALSO loved the squirrels and the chipmunks and the bunny rabbits –– raccoons too. We put birdseed in hanging feeders and platform feeders on top of broomstick-thin poles for the birds. but we ALSO put lots of seed and suet on the GROUND.

    It didn't stop the squirrels from trying get to the bird feeders, o course, but it greatly retarded their advances.

    And of course the birds loved to eat the seed on the ground too.

    We always made sure there was plenty for everybody –– especially after a snowfall in the dead of winter.

    I admire the persistence of the squirrels in the video, and frankly my sympathies are with them. I've never thought fellow mammals were a nuisance. Even mice and rats have a right to live too, don't they?

    1. Franco, I have nothing against any animals. We feed everyone we know is coming around the house.

    2. Good man, Kid! You and my mother would have gotten along very well.

  3. Over heard in the White House!

    Hi Michelle, Melania Trump here. Listen, I’ve been looking all over for that table cloth that goes in the East kitchen…last time I saw it, you were wearing it during a State Dinner to host foreign dignitaries. Do you happen to know where it is? Thanks!

    1. Hey Tom, I understand Melania did finally call michele for advice on how to look like a stupid classless racist even with having 22 assistants. Of course Melania only has afew, maybe she thought hiring some of michele's would help her with her problem of having too much beauty, class, intelligence, and talent.

  4. ____________ __ Domestic Terrorists ______________

    The day we had mice - one brown - one grey - both tiny,
    my mother screamed, then stood on the kitchen table.
    I thought they were cute and wanted to play with them.
    Certainly they were unique to me at three.

    Father dashed in (it was Saturday),
    and then rushed at them brandishing the broom.
    I was glad they both got away,
    scurrying toward the basement storage room.

    But father soon went out, and took the lead,
    and set traps baited with bits of cheddar cheese.
    Afterward we found the creatures dead ––
    necks crushed. I felt ill at ease.

    Poor little things! All they knew was hunger.
    Should hunger be a capital offense?

    ~ FreeThinke



    1. I'll kill in self-defense Franco.

    2. How many DemonRats have you bagged lately, Kid?


    3. Haven't had to defend myself from a direct attack yet Franco :)

  5. _________ To A Superior Parrot _________

    Rest softly in your plumage, golden friend.

    I found you warm, yet lifeless, though your eyes

    Pierced my heart as though you wished to send

    Longings still my way. A rude surprise

    It was to find that you so quickly passed ––

    Taken leave –– without the faintest sound.

    The twenty years we had went by so fast.

    Love grew slowly ‘tween us, but once found

    Evolved into a rather poignant thing.

    Despite your squawks, and shrill, ill-timed demands,

    Even your envy of the cats was touching.

    Vain, inane, your comical commands

    Inspired chuckles, while your innocence

    Leaves a scar upon my conscience.

    ~ FreeThinke - January 26, 2010

  6. Great entertainment, Kid. Those squirrels kind of remind me of libtards. No matter how bad their ass whipping, they never go away. It’s all about getting grr stuff.

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  8. We feed the squirrels every day and these well fed squirrel have, once again, chewed through our eaves again. We once found a perfectly articulated squirrel skeleton in our attic. My husband has had enough and is going to replace our eaves with aluminum. Feed them or not, squirrels are attacking my house. I admire their stick-to-itiveness, but I can't abide them chewing up my house.

    I didn't miss it, it's imperative that we build the wall. It will definitely lesson the numbers of free stuff riff-raff.

  9. Sorry to hear that Cube. Well, hope the modifications don't cost too much. Damn squirrels. They don't bother anything here.

  10. I have a bio degree from USF, and I have a tendency to love all animals, but it's looking as though the more we feed the squirrels, the more they take advantage on our house. I don't know if you remember, but we went though this same subject in 2016. Kid, I've been feeding these little guys ever since and the're still chewing into my eaves.

  11. Aluminum eaves. That's the solution. Feeding them only makes them stronger.