Sunday, August 19, 2018

Well, We Haven't Done 10 Fingers and 6 Strings For a While

And with a straight pick.  Ooofta.

Tommy says this is a very emotional tune for him.  He wrote it as a story about when he was young and he and family toured Australia as a family band called the Midget Safari.

Every note from one guitar.


  1. Man, I really LOVE this guy, and not just because he's an authentic musical genius and guitar virtuoso with no rivals, –– which he surely is ––, but because he ALSO seems to be a wonderful, warm-hearted human being with lots of genuine love in his heart.

    As most of you must know by now, I favor classical music, stidued professiinally, and have performed many piano concerts, myself. I am pretty good, but in no way could I hgave ever hoped to compete with the level of sheer talent that belongs to Tommy Emmaneul.

    THAT man plays his instrument SO well, his music SOUNDS like it BELONGS in the classical guitar repertoire.

    Has he written his stuff down, and published printed scores so that other guitarists could play it too, if they worked very hard? What Tommy has achieved –– llke the music of Bach, Mozart and beethoven –– should be preserved for Posterity.

    1. Franco, Nope, Tommy does not read or write music.

      He is a good guy. He says he's not in the music business, he's in the happiness business, providing an alternate to all the negative out there. Plus what else would he do.

      Frano will take over for him.

    2. Neither did Irving Berlin –– probabl;y the most successful popular sing writer we've ever had. He could play the piano by ear, but only in ONE of the twelve jets, but he was so gifted he was able to find plenty of well-educated "scribes" –– musical assistants to write his music down, transpose it asneeded, and make insgtrumental arrangements FOR him.

      Born in Russia he emigrated here at an early age, and truly loved the USA. He wrote GOD BLESS AMERICA and WHITE CHRISTMAS –– AMONG MANY OTHER CELEBRAtED TUNES.

      TALENT is one thing. GENIUS is Something Else. Tommy and Irving both have GENIUS.

      IRVING BERLIN enjoyed his success and lived to be 106 (!) I hope Tommy does too.

    3. Franco, Tommy can write a tune about anything. He is a musical genius.

  2. Thats what I call pickin... wonderful...

    1. Bunk, Tommy is the best there is in this genre. You get bored check out some of his stuff on the tube.
      some suggestions - guitar boogie, somewhere over the rainbow, gameshow rag, tall fidler, 9 pound hammer, the beatles michele, lots out there.

  3. Some mighty fine a pickin and a grinnin...