Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hey Jeff Sessions, Hey DHS, Hey President Trump.

We've been and we are being invaded.  We have illegal alien pieces of dog shit killing beautiful Americans like Mollie Tibbets.

Grab you asses with both hands and declare this a National Security Issue totally under the control of the President !  Build the Fucking wall out of DOD monies and put military people on the border and stop every illegal entry.  Too bad, so sad, Go back to where you came from.  Give them some food and water if you want, just don't let them come an inch across the border and deport these POS's who are here like your life depended upon it.

I've had it with this shit.


  1. Castle Doctrine. Stand your ground.
    Man, we are not supposed to have to man the ramparts, that's what we pay a military for.
    But it's part of the Civil War we are involved in so even though I turned 65 today, I'll go.
    Give me Letters of Marque.

    1. Yes, Women should not have to be afraid to jog at 10:30 at night in Iowa. Maybe the projects in Pittsburgh...

      As kids in the 60's we rode our bikes 20 miles in any direction. No problem.
      Didn't lock the house, garage or car.

      Cops are useless. Feds are useless, local gov't is useless and they are all sucking up all the money.

    2. I completely agree with your rant, Kid. Not one US citizen should have to fear for their safety due to illegal encroachment by foreigners. I keep hearing folks refer to police and fire-fighters as “first responders.” They are not. First responders are citizens trained in the use of deadly force to defend themselves. Molly should have been so trained; her parents should have made sure of it. She would still be with us today had she received this training, and the scumbag that killed her would be just another statistic under the heading, “had it coming.”

    3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED! You've reached an important milestone. Now you can start collecting Social Security benefits –– such as they are ––, and start relying on Medicare, though I hope you won't need it for a long time to come. §;^D

      Mustang, I agree with you and Kid, but only up to a point. The Immigration Act of 1965 –– a creation of the DemonRats, of course –– loused us up for a fare thee well by DELIBERATELY making it impossible for our traditional ethnic and religious makeup to survive intact.

      As I've said so often, "You can't make good CHOCOLATE fudge if you put GARLIC in the mixture any more than you can make good fried chicken with used crankcase oil..:

      HOWEVER, I don't like to fall prey to the notion that virtually EVERY illegal alien from South of the Border is rapist, a vandal, a thief, a kidnapper and a murderer. I KNOW too many Latinos, personally, who are positive SAINTS –– hardworking, goodonatured, uncomplaining, honest, loyal, undemanding and appreciative. So, I hate to see the reputation of a majrity of perfectly decent people REVILED because of the criminal activities of a notable few.

      Also we should bear in mind that there are plenty of spoiled, native born white Americans –– many from the middle and upper classes –– who frankly STINK OUT LOUD.

    4. We aren’t talking about Latinos. We’re talking about illegal aliens. A 2011 GAO report reflects histories of 251,000 criminal aliens committing nearly 3 million criminal offenses. Of those, 68% incarcerated in federal prison and 66% of those in state prison are illegal aliens from south of our border. Crimes range from homicide and kidnapping to drugs, rape, burglary, and larceny.

    5. Mustang, At least she should've had mace or pepper spray. I guess you think in an Iowa town of 1400 people how dangerous can it be but it is always dangerous. Training is a good thing even if only for gun safety.

      Franco, Never said all aliens are criminals, but they must be kept out as I believe you agree, until some confidence that they will be law abiding potential immigrants.

      In short, I'd keep them all out, and deport the over 30 million already here that have any infraction on their record (no way it's 11) while accepting applications for asylum seekers and mostly work visas from those not here yet.

      Those already here *and working* with a clean record must be fingerprinted and DNA recorded and could avoid deportation. Ditto for any coming in on a work visa.
      No visa lottery, no chain migration. All that shit is a democrat voter import plan.

      Anyone coming in on a work visa must have a job assignment when they cross. To pick lettuce, to work at Jack's roofing, etc. They don't show up for work, Jack reports them or gets a big fine.
      This would be light years ahead of where we are now.

      Mustang, I'd like to think any aliens in prison for non-violent offenses would be deported 10 minutes after the wall is complete.

      Hopefully this latest POS get the death sentence and we should see to it that it's carried out ever if we have to feed him for 20 years.

    6. The vast majority of Illegal Aliens who concern us most just happen to be Hispanics from South of the Border. They're not Anglo or French Canadians, Eskimos, or Europeas who parachute in from the skies above.

      With very few exceptions they come across our SOUTHERN BORDER, and tend, therefore, to be people of Latino heritage.

    7. Franco,

      The illegal alien who ruined my back was from Africa, specifically Ghana.

  2. Mollie was such a beautiful young lady who simply went out for a jog and ends up brutally murdered by one of these pieces of garbage. Where was Mollie's sanctuary city? Another needless death at the feet of the democrat open border policy.

    1. DaBlade, Yes she was. They asked that POS lizzy warren about Mollie and she went straight into 'the plight of broken up illegal 'immigrant families'. Not a word about Mollie. I really do hate the left. Sociopaths all. Never have displayed the slightest care about any victim.

  3. There is no reason to let even one illegal cross one inch into our country. We are at war. Best get a grip on this reality America and stop this nonsense. Great post.

    1. Looks like my reply got lost Bunk. Thank you. We have to stop letting them in until we can vet them properly.

  4. can't add anything to these excellent comments...totally agree. Great post, indeed. Pray for the Tibbets family....so sad!

    1. Thanks Z, and I agree and thank all those who commented. I see articles today titled Mollie spawns the immigrant debate or some such. When is this going to morph form a debate to a plan. How many American have to suffer crimes from these vermin before we get a Plan to deal with them and Congress actually writes some America friendly legislation about it ?
      We have to keep replacing these POS in Congress with Conservatives. Either that or declare hunting season on 48% of the population.

    2. ];^D

      That's Satan laughing his fool head off.

      We CAN'T neutralize atrocious things by committing more atrocities, ourselves.

  5. DaBlade:

    Where was Mollie's sanctuary city?

    Hear, hear!

    And the dairy farm should share the blame, too.

  6. Mustang:

    Crimes range from homicide and kidnapping to drugs, rape, burglary, and larceny

    And, as in my case, car accidents that cripple American citizens and/or condemn those American citizens to a life of unrelenting pain.

    Since 2005, I've spend a bundle out of pocket to address the injury I received in May 2005, when an illegal alien under a deportation order driving a Yellow Cab barreled into me. The cab company cannot be held to account!

    Go to court and be told by an officer of the court. This utterance keeps echoing in my auditory memore: "The sympathies of the court lie with the poor immigrant. If the situation were reversed, he'd be taking you to the cleaners'."

    Now, I'm costing the taxpayers a bundle via Medicare.

    There are many others who have been injured by illegal aliens, driving around with no or little insurance coverage.

    1. Off the topic a bit...and now those left in chronic unremitting pain, exquisite pain are being told by insurance and medicare that they no longer are permitted to receive adequate pain control. Try getting a narcotic.... Which is worse, old folks who may get dependent or one left in a miserable state, a life worth not living.

    2. Bunkerville,
      now those left in chronic unremitting pain, exquisite pain are being told by insurance and medicare that they no longer are permitted to receive adequate pain control


      The war on opioids is bs.

      Meanwhile, we with chronic pain are undergoing procedure after procedure. Tomorrow I will be having nerve ablation; Medicare is picking up the tab.

    3. Bunk, AOW... If I may butt in. Every time the man gets involved they FUBAR it. Meth labs and now you gotta show picture ID to get cold medicine. It will be just as or more frustrating to get opioids now. Do the drug people care? NO. This will come down on the law abiding citizen in need in a major way.

      Bosses wife is victim of narcolepsy. Treatment is the 'date rape' drug. Imagine how they've regulated that sucker. They have to jump through hoops up the wazoo to get a drug to treat the disease a perfectly legal citizen has.

      Given 50 yrs of the 'war on drugs' and that the problem has only gotten worse, it is clear government doesn't give a *&^%^&^%% about it or the people involved. They're a clown show no doubt making $$$ off of this idiot legislation they make. We are so long overdue for Tea Party 2.0 ! Man.......

      I understand why some people get violent.

    4. Kid,
      Every time the man gets involved they FUBAR it....This will come down on the law abiding citizen in need in a major way.

      The latter has already happened. It's madness! Any honest doctor will attest to the fact that it's madness.

      "The war on drugs" is a consummate failure -- and so will be "the war on opioids."

    5. AOW, Through my life I've more than a few times seen something really stupid going on at my job or wherever. I'd think this is so stupid there must be a master plan that validates this idiocy. Nope. It was just stupid happening in every case.

    6. Meanwhile alcohol kills maims and what not...30,000 alone slaughtered in car accidents.. We can't even control drunk driving... interesting this time we will try to control this item by government fiat.

    7. Someone will have to educate me on where gov has successfully controlled human pastimes and habits. It's a pipe dream. It can't be controlled on the back end, it maybe can be controlled or limited on the front end - Raising and educating kids properly. We're a Long way from that set of lionel train tracks.

    8. Kid is right. Government will never be able to change people who have serious mental issues, which is, in my view, the underlying factor of drug and alcohol abuse and obnoxious behaviors toward others. Even if the government were to take away all lethal weapons, ban all alcohol, scoop up all the drugs that exist on the street, it still wouldn’t matter. Here in the UK, in spite of bans on “offensive weapons,” people are still murdered by firearms, knives, hammers, and automobiles. The other day, a 27-year old man threw acid on a 3-year old boy ... so how do you control such things? Answer: you can’t. Banning “offensive weapons” only produces a guaranteed victim to the whims of some seriously demented ass bag. That city on the hill that Reagan spoke about only exists in places where citizens determine for themselves that they will not be assaulted without immediate and life-changing consequences to the perpetrator. If we can return to this point, we have a chance; if not, we have no chance at all. Glad I’m old.

    9. Mustang, Thanks, and Perfect.