Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car

It's been delayed years but now this thing is starting to take breaths.   It is going to start its testing phase and move into the execution phase - a land speed record of 1,000 mph on land.

It will be piloted by Andy Green, the same man, RAF Wing Commander, who piloted ThurstSSC to beyond the sound barrier on land.

There will be many test runs working through the various phases of getting Bloodhound SSC to 1000 Mph, and these may take a year or more, but the process has finally started.
I'll keep you updated as interesting events occur.

In the meantime, Bloodhound checks out its jet engine at maximum thrust....  Click the pic.


  1. Impressive. Was there a car in there somewhere? :)

  2. I tend to appreciate the other end of the automotive spectrum: cars made around the turn of the last century, that had top speeds of 30 mph. Now, THOSE are head turners: ancient Fords, Willys Overlands, REOs, Dodge Brothers, great rides all. I've owned them all.

    1. Have you ever driven or ridden in a Pierce Arrow, Fredd?

    2. Fredd, Horseless Carriages? Shame on you. None of us ever needed anything more than a good Mustang, tamed by some scantily clad woman.

  3. Didn't look like it was moving very fast. Bet it gets better gas mileage than the Impala I used to drive to school in the 70s.

    1. Impala?!? Now here is a bona-fido case of White Privilege. The best I ever had was a green 4 door Bel Air. No wonder I didn't get laid until I was 36...

  4. When does Elon Musk announce that the driverless version is available for testing in L.A,

    1. duck, As suun as all the defecrats move to Venuezwela to relocate to their deeseyered habitatata.

  5. I 'm reminded of a proverb I made up first meant to apply to the performance challenging pieces of classical music at ever-increasing rates of speed –– a trend set in in motion by the type of international competition that catapulted Van Cliburn to sudden stardom in 1958. That's ironic, because Van wasnever noted for playing at excessive speeds, but only for the great BEAUTY in his approach to the music.

    At any rate the proverb goes like this:

    "Just because one CAN, doesn't mean one SHOULD!"

    If it were up to me, I'd issue a decree ordering the whole Industrilaized World to SLOW DOWN, and learn to SMELL the FLOWERS ALONG the WAY. ;-)

    1. FT, I have been tasked with holding aromatic flowers near the end point of the speed trap sensor for the BloodhoundSSC. As it passes me at 1000+ Mph, it will smell the flowers I have brought. Believe me. Believe me.

  6. So this is a car ...for.......??? Just events? Races?

    1. Z, Ever since motorized vehicles were invented, people have attempted to record the fastest speed on land. WIKI
      The land speed record.

      These guys were the first to attain supersonic speed (breaking the sound barrier) on land. Quite a feat. Now they go for 1,000 mph on land and create a land speed record that will be hard to beat.

      Here is a Short Primer.

  7. The following was written in reference to the excesses of piano virtuosi whose main objective has been to play difficult pieces at ever increasing rates of speed. Too often they overtake the beauty in the music and leave it behind in a cloud of dust thus defeating the purpose of the composer who authored the piece.

    However, I feel that outlines a principle that applies to many different facets of life. In the last century we virtually abandoned the search for Beauty, Joy, Serenity, Elegance, Love, Peace and Contentment in personal relationships in favor of pursuing MORE - BIGGER - FASTER - RICHER - MORE POWERFUL and MOST IMPRESSIVE.

    All that may be a necessary phase in our evolutionary development, but it has certainly worked to our detriment in the past seventy-five years.

    _________ SPEED DEMONS _________

    I see the bright flash of splintering glass
    And the moaning whine of a great turbine
    Tortures my ears.

    A thousand bullets tear through the air
    Each finding its mark in the heart
    Of each expectant listener

    And through the ensuing rendng pain
    I hear this new and mean refrain

    What once was sweet has turned to gall
    And strength used merely to appall
    The congregation in the concert hall.

    Humor is lead. Tenderness dead,
    And all sense of stylei s dissolved in a bile
    Whose bitterness cannot be said,
    But can only be felt

    In the roaring crescedo of sound and speed
    Which prompts only the question
    Where will this lead?

    ~ FreeThinke (1961)

    1. FT, Enjoyed it. Nicely done.

      "In the last century we virtually abandoned the search for Beauty, Joy, Serenity, Elegance, Love, Peace and Contentment in personal relationships in favor of pursuing MORE - BIGGER - FASTER - RICHER - MORE POWERFUL and MOST IMPRESSIVE. "

      Seems that way doesn't it. Reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode A Stop at Willoughby