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Very interesting.  I didn't know about this and it’s too bad that we can't make some of our Congressmen read it, or have our own school children do the same.
OUR MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATED IN the Czech Republic - Czechoslovakia
A bit of History -- Czech Republic / Czechoslovakia remembering and honoring AMERICA and our soldiers....
This is an amazing story of remembrance. In the Czech Republic , the school children of the equivalent of fifth grade are each assigned one of the American and Canadian liberators buried there. Their grave is the student's responsibility for the year and they learn all there is to know of their own hero. Their surviving family is sent letters and they respond to the annual child who tends their loved one's grave.
No apology needed here!
Have you ever wondered if anyone in Europe remembers America 's sacrifice in World War II? There is an answer in a small town in the Czech Republic . The town called Pilsen ( Plzen ).

Every 5 years, Pilsen conducts the Liberation Celebration of the City of Pilsen in the Czech Republic .. May 6th, 2010, marked the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by General George Patton's 3rd Army. Pilsen is the town that every American should visit. Because they love America and the American Soldier.

Even 65 years later... by the thousands, 

The citizens of Pilsen came to say thank you. 

Lining the streets of Pilsen for miles 

From the large crowds, 

to quiet reflective moments, 

including this American family's private time to honor and remember their American hero. 

This is the crash site of Lt. Virgil P. Kirkham, the last recorded American USAAC pilot killed in Europe during WWII. It was Lt. Kirkham's 82nd mission and one that
he volunteered to go on.
At the time, this 20-year-old pilot's P-47 Thunderbolt
plane was shot down, a young 14-year-old Czech girl, Zdenka Sladkova, was so moved by his sacrifice she made a vow to care for him and his memory. For 65 straight years, Zdenka, now 79-years-old, took on the responsibility to care for Virgil's crash site and memorial near her home.

On May 4th, she was recognized by the Mayor of Zdenka's home town of Trhanova , Czech Republic , for her sacrifice and extraordinary effort to honor this American hero. 

Another chapter in this important story... the Czech people are teaching their childrenabout America 's sacrifice for their freedom. 

American Soldiers, young and old, are the Rock Stars these children and their parents want autographs from

Yes, Rock Stars! As they patiently waited for his autograph, the respect this little Czech boy and his father have for our troops serving today was heartwarming and inspirational. 

The Brian LaViolette Foundation established The Scholarship of Honor in tribute to General George S. Patton and the American Soldier, past and present. 

Each year, a different military hero will be honored in tribute to General Patton's memory and their mission to liberate Europe . This award will be presented to a graduating senior who will be entering the military or a form of community service such as fireman, policeman, teaching or nursing -- a cause greater than self. The student will be from 1 of the 5 high schools in Pilsen , Czech Republic . 

The first award will be presented in May 2011 in honor of Lt. Virgil Kirkham, that young 20-year-old P-47 pilot killed 65 years ago in the final days of WWII. 

Presenting Virgil's award will be someone who knows the true meaning of service and sacrifice... someone who looks a lot like Virgil. Marion Kirkham, Virgil's brother,
who himself served during WWII in the United States Army Air Corps!!! 

In closing... Here is what the city of Pilsen thinks of General Patton's grandson. George Patton Waters (another Rock Star!) we're proud to say, serves on Brian's
Foundation board. 

And it's front page news over there not buried in the middle of the social section. 

Brigadier General Miroslav Zizka, 1st Deputy Chief of Staff, Ministry of Defense, Czech Armed Forces. 


  1. thank you -Kid--sharing on my blog and FB --you are the best!! :-)

    1. Thanks so much C-CS, This came from my friend IMP, and damnit I forgot to mention that in the post. I will correct that.

  2. Incredible that, apparently, the Czechs have more respect and more affection for the United States than we do, ourselves, at this time in history.

    I've noticed for a long time that most of the "foreigners" I meet seem warmer, kinder, friendlier, more patient, and more open than mst natural-born Americans under the age of –– let us say –– sixty-five.

    If you ever watch the Home and Garden channel, you are apt to see among the "house hunters" a huge proportion of whiny, immature, picky, overly demanding "first time home buyers" with NOTHING on their minds but granite countertops, stainless sgteel appliances, hardwood floors that must be stained JUST the RIGHT color, or they'll have to be ripped up and replaced.

    The women in this group almost UNIFORMLY have squeaky, high-pitched, toneless, uncultivated voices. They sound like second graders who've been spoiled rotten by careless overindulgent parents. They talk incessantly in terms of ME, MYSELF, and I. They ignore or are totally at odds with the wishes of their husbands, or partners, or whatever.

    In the minds of this depressing group ALL kitchens and baths no matter how clean, decent, and functional are considered "DATED," and must be "GUTTED," and ALL walls separated kitchens from living areas MUST be taken down.

    Some of hese pathetic creeps will claim they want an "Historic House," and then proceed to complain bitterly that it doesn't have the "OPEN" floor plan they crave.

    The amount of negativity expressed by this crowd is mind boggling. ROTTEN SPOILED BRATS is what they appear to be, and it's disgusting and discouraging to observe them.

    NONE seem capable either of JOY or GRATITUDE, NONE appear to have any imagination, any sense of romance or adventure. NO They are absolutelu MINDLESSNE seem to have any capacity for patience. They want it ALL and they want it NOW. If we can believe what appears on the Home and Garden Channel we see that the majority if young Americans today are absolutley MINDLESS and basically HEARTLESS as well.

    The Europeans and the Hispanic peoples I have known and dealt with are very different. THEY exhibit the same sort of virtues my immigrant grandparents possessed in super abundance.

    What the HELL has happened to US? We're fast becoming a nation of lazy, selfish, vacuous, hopelessly overindulged BRATS without Vision, Virtue incapable of affection or any sense of aspiration toward anything higher or better than The Latest Trend in Kitchen Appliances, "HIgh End Finishes," and electronic gadgetry. No one appears to care a fig about BEAUTY, STYLE or ARCHITECTURAL INTEGRITY anymore.

    God bless the Czechs, but at this point maybe their admiration for us is more than a bit misplaced. We are NOT who we used to be anymore, and I think it's a bloody shame.

    1. FT, I was thinking about that contrast between them and the avg US person under say 50 or so by my experience. I'll bet half the world would love to live here as poor people.

      I don't watch TV so haven't seen those shows but my impression is also that there are a lot of whiny bitches out there male and female.

      What happened? Demoralization and disinformation.

    2. SEDUCTION of the "MASSES" by the minions of Cultural Marxism's destructive collectivist agenda through DISINFORMATION (the deliberate "Dumbing Down" via the perverted Educational System and Entertainent Industry) has changed the nature of the popular culture. This has caused a dramatic shift in our sense of morals and values, which has in turn produced most of the ess-aitch-eye-tea we dislike and disapprove of so intensely.

      Anyway, that's how i see it, because I've been around a long time, and have kept my eyes and ears open. NOTHING happens by ACCIDENT. It's all been part of a Great Scheme that's been in place since before the Russian Revolution exactky ine hundred years ago,

  3. It does my heart good to see people who love our country and aren't afraid to show it. We don't enough of that nowadays, especially from many who live here.

    1. Cube, yes, the dark side makes the news a lot.

  4. Toxi Lauren on Colin the asshole on a bench...this girl is smokin pissed....

    1. IMP, You can take em out of the jungle and raise em well in a white household, and still Nada.

      Today, I see another brother killed his beautiful 20 yr old white girlfriend after abusing her to the point she had to get a protection order on the groid.

      I'm tired of them and their no family gangbanger raising. Somebody shut off the spigot and put the chicks in jail or sterilize em.

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    1. Thanks FJ. Btw, the one that got me the most was the lady taking care of the P-47 crash site for 65 years ! (as of 2010 when this was written)