Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bloodhound SSC Test Run

There will be many test runs with each one increasing in speed and will test each of the systems from acceleration and braking to cockpit activities and information displays. One day, Bloodhound SSC will capture 1000 mph and set yet a new land speed record.  It has the LSR at Supersonic already from 1997 in ThrustSSC .

Note the rubber tires on this run.  The wheels will be switched out to all metal when the speed increases beyond a point and the car will run on a dirt surface.

The vid should start at 56.30. You will see the test run in a matter of a few minutes time and can leave the video at that point. If it doesn't start at 56.30, move the slider to about 56.30 and start there.  I have no idea why this vid is 3 hours+  I have no intention of watching all of it.  The video will be much better than it was for the 1997 ThurstSSC breaking the sound barrier runs.


  1. Cool. The carbon disk brakes get up to 800 degrees. So how long before I can catch an Uber Edge to get across town?

    1. DaBlade, they expect to have the self driving version in mass production by 2066.