Thursday, January 19, 2017


Ted Cruz Publishes list of 76 Illegal Acts by obama and his crew of racist incompetents.

  • The media didn't bother telling you about any of that over the last 8 years or direct you to this PDF did they?
  • The media, panting, DOES tell you about things relative to Trump that they can't prove that are potentially damaging though.  What a head scratcher eh?
  • Whack job women knit themselves some pussy hats that they're going to don and go march on Washington DC and other places because Donald Trump once said "When you are a star you can grab them by the pussy".
    •  You may find this shocking, but most guys have at one time, in the company of other guys talked about women's genitals at great length in many different contexts, and with great enthusiasm.  Count me in.  And I'm aware that women talk about sex fairly often too.  Hell it's on the cover of the magazines they read in bold print "Sex Moves to blow his mind." Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.
    • Donald Trump's quote Screams consensual behavior as in - If you're a star, women don't mind your advances at all, the reverse being if you're not, don't expect your date to be so willing a partner.  I may be unfairly focusing on gold diggers here, but then again, maybe these were the types of New Yoik women Mr Trump was dating at the time of the alleged grabbing events.
    • Women like sex as much or more than men do.  At least this is what I've been told.  I've never been able to verify this as 100% true, so go with your own feelings here.
  •  If this was behavior and verbiage unacceptable for a president, and nothing wrong with you if you think it is,  but JFK (Womanizer), LBJ (Womanizer at least), and Clinton (Known Rapist with 100's of affairs) have violated your code by Light Years and the liberals thought those POS's were just friggin Great.
Anyone who supports those POS's and that want to hammer on Trump should realize the thinness of the glass in their glass house.
Does anyone believe women who were sexually harassed by a man as rich as DJT would have waited til 3 weeks before the election to start bleeting and filing lawsuits?  If so, go see a shrink.

So, what's my point?  Once again to point out the unbelievable hypocrisy of the media and liberals everywhere.
I hope they turn up the volume because as I posted right after the election, they were greatly responsible for getting Mr Trump elected.  Else we might have had the beast in the White House - a fate truly worse than death itself.


  1. I'm enjoying the Lincoln Memorial Inaugural Concert/Fireworks.
    I would not be if Clinton had been elected.
    Thank You Lord.

    1. ED, I'm looking forward to the Inauguration speech tomorrow. Hoping I can catch it live at work, but iffy.

      I'll tell you, I've been thinking 'today' was Friday. It did it on Wednesday and did it again today. Can't wait until Friday, then successive days to see President Trump in action. I believe things -important things- are going to be happening fast.

    2. Ed, PS - Thank you Jesus... Thank You Lord.

      I'll be thankful for that to the end of my days.

    3. Man..I got goose bumps when Lee and Toby were belting it out...and then the fireworks and the band with Glory, Glory. I even got misty at the beautiful spectacle.

      Oh and BTW...Oh...and thanks Ovomit...1715 criminals let loose under his commutation and pardon orders. More than any other potus in history. Here's hoping he runs into one of them in DC or Chi-Iraq.

    4. IMP, 1715 criminals let out does not include all the illegals rapists and murders that ICE let out of prison and back on to the streets. Un-F-Real.

      Well, I think we win out. Superior intelligence, superior attitude. And if we don't by some hellish scenario - the fucks can have this place to suffer in.

  2. I tuned in just in time to see Trump speak and the fireworks. I would have thought they were Hillary's old fireworks that they bought 1 cent on the dollar, but they were too good. Anyways - it was stirring. Brought a tear to my eye.

    As to women talking about sex? When I taught dancing at Dance City in Houston, the ladies room had a beautiful very large lounge attached with counters, lighted mirrors, easy chairs - very 1940's. Anyhoo, the male teachers decided to hide a tape recorder in there. BIG mistake. When they started playing the tape, they were so shocked they had to turn it off. It was "blue" to say the least and they were the stars of the chit chat.

    1. Adrienne, May have been, you know how our guy can cut a deal.

      When I was in my 20's, friend-roommate hooked up with a girl and they moved to Wooster OH. They found themselves in Amish country. The girl said the stuff the Amish women would talk about in the rest rooms even made her blush.

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