Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Deep Thoughts.

Are you up on the news ?

Kellyanne Conway talks to the media like they are spoiled bratty little children.  Guess Why !

Nigeria vows to never take targeting coordinates from joe biden ever again.  Don't worry Nigeria, 2 more days.

Coalition forces clear East Mosul of ISIS members as obama pledges to move ISIS around to make them more elusive.

Bradley-Chelsea Manning the treasonous traitor's sentence is commuted by obama.  The two have already set up a date night.

I see a poll where the Majority of Americans do not favor Trump's Infrastructure plan.  Nevermind only 8 people in the entire country even have a fucking clue what Trump's infrastructure plans are.

I see a poll where the Majority of Americans do not favor Trump's Repeal and Replace of obamacare.  Nevermind only 8 people in the entire country even have a fucking clue what the replacement plan will even look like.

Liberals are caring feeling people who are desperately trying to rid their brains of 16 years worth of libtard education brainwashing.

LibTards are facist, violent, intolerant assholes beyond hope of ever connecting to reality.  So it's said...

Does anyone ever really click on an add that says "So and so looked great years ago but what they look like now is Insane", or any add that includes the phrase "One weird Trick" or the word "Shocking" or "belly fat" or (sigh)....  It's because Enough people are so insanely stupid, that we have to put up with these kinds of ads on the web pages that come into view. Every Freakin Web Page that comes into view actually.

And folks. Never buy a product off of TV where the 2nd item is free but you have to pay an absurd amount for extra shipping and handling.  Like it's that hard to put 2 in a box instead of one.... 
More evidence of the general IQ of TV viewers....

Finally, Squirrels are the world's best hackers....


  1. When I was in the aluminum siding business some years back, I always looked for the homes that had cars with WWF bumper stickers, chain link fences, and campers in the yard. I was counting the $$$$$ before entering the front door. Of course I had a 2 for 1 pitch---just pay for the front and one side and get the back and the other side for free. You know what they say, One born every minute.

  2. VERY 'deep thoughts' and VERY true! Great blog post...."date night" cracked me up. I can't BELIEVE that jerk's being set free...and he only had 33 years left to his sentence!
    Good job, Kid. BAD JOB, OBAMA.

    1. Z, Thanks so Much ! And I wouldn't discount Date Night with those two. Lots of love there I'd say.

      No doubt, he'll continue with his free sex change process too. Geeeeezix.

    2. Ha! I agree with Z (again)... I do wonder who gets to wear the wig on this date night. Alternate dates?

    3. Kid...just remember that the VA will be paying for the demented freaks "change"! While real Vets with needs for combat related wounds and injuries will wait for weeks and months...and may not even get the aid they're entitled to. We are a sick, sick country when we put the needs of a mentally imbalanced sicko like Bradley before real men. Piece of shit that he is for that and his treason alone.

    4. DaBlade, I dunno wanna think about it.

    5. IMP, Well, couldn't agree more.

      The P&G guy who was made CEO of the VA said 'You can't fire these people'. I hope Trump can work around this and clean that place up. Though to be honesst, they could just neuter the VA and send vets to their private doctors. That would be brilliant.

  3. ____________ CODA ____________

    There's little in taking or giving,
    There's little in water or wine;
    This living, this living, this living
    Was never a project of mine.

    Oh, hard is the struggle, and sparse is
    The gain of the one at the top,
    For art is a form of catharsis,
    And love is a permanent flop,

    And work is the province of cattle,
    And rest's for a clam in a shell,
    So I'm thinking of throwing the battle-
    Would you kindly direct me to hell?

    ~ Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

    1. FT, It sure is one crazy mixed up topsey turvey world full of craziness.

    2. That's the way Dorothy Parker saw it, though always with wry humor. I keep trying to take a more positive view, but the evidence of Insanity seems so pervasive –– thanks mostly to the ceaseless machinations of the enemedia ––, it's often tempting to adopt the cynical approach and say, "Aw FUCK it!" (:-o

      However, i still believe it's best for our own mental health to resist the temptation to give up in disgust. After all there are always little kittens –– and puppies –– and orphaned children –– and desperately ill people –– who need our love, care and cheering up. I think we'd be better off if we concentrated on them.

      Someone asked Katharine Hepburn once if she ever got anxious or depressed?

      Her answer: "Not really. I don't believe in giving way to that kind of thing. If I start to feel down, I go outside and weed the garden, or get on my knees and scrub the floor. There's always something you can do that needs doing. Getting to work always makes me feel better."

      Now she may have thought she was a socialist and a feminist, but that never stopped her from living an extraordinarily successful, highly productive life. She was quick to credit "my staunch New England heritage" for her sanguine approach to living.

      I think she had something there. Those people were that absolute antithesis of the captious, neurotic, constantly accusing and blaming others for their own shortcomings that define and characterize modern leftists.

    3. FT, Get to work has so many benefits for the individual. True happiness comes from accomplishment.

      Perfect Analogy/focus.

  4. I think that Cyber Squirrel hacked me today *sigh* Nuts!

    1. DaBlade, I put nuts out for them everyday. If you don't feed them they hack ya.

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  6. _ We All Should Wish Them Well _

    For all the quips and jibes and taunts
    And brutal castigation
    This First Family's image haunts,
    And begs new valuation.

    Both elegant and wholesome 
    This group radiates great charm
    We should feel proud 
    they reached a goal some 
    Tell us did no harm.

    Their image, lean and lissome, 
    Does great credit to their race.
    To know them might be bliss. Some
    Might wish to kiss each face.

    The father’s been a failure
    Many say with unchecked bile.
    Rated as the Holy Grail your 
    Welfare class adored his style.

    Conservatives despised him
    And insisted he must fail,
    While the the Left who idolized him,
    Thinks the Right belongs in jail. 

    And so we’re now divided
    Many saying we’re at war
    With those we have derided
    Thus forgetting what Life’s for.

    Although his leftist stance
    Has been essentially perverse
    We should not want to dance
    Upon his grave. That make things worse 

    By deepening the chasm 
    That now between us yawns
    We kill enthusiasm
    Thus darkening all our dawns.

    So please try to remember
    Barrack with charity;
    His legacy’s an ember
    Now. Let’s pray Trump sets us free.

    ~ FreeThinke (1/18/17)

  7. " If we ever foget that we are 'One Nation Under God'
    then we will be a nation gone under' (George Washington )".

    1. IMP, Yes. If someone doesn't want religion, that's Ok too, just don't screw with those who do.

  8. @kid -- It's because Enough people are so insanely stupid, that we have to put up with these kinds of ads on the web pages that come into view. Every Freakin Web Page that comes into view actually.
    Adblocker is your friend.

    1. My friend would be a google news page that allows me to filter stuff Out.

    2. Actually Ghostery is...look it up. Ad Blocker blows.

    3. IMP, Thanks. actually I don't even bother with either.

    4. IMP, Actually I'm going to check out that Ghostery. I tried adblockPlus for the hell of it and it doesn't do much of anything.

  9. @kid --Never mind only 8 people in the entire country even have a fucking clue what Trump's infrastructure plans are.

    It's a stealth privatization plan.

    Private companies do the work and recover costs through tolls or similar taxes.
    It's regressive and compounded by Trump's desire to pile on tax credits.
    You get the suckers to pay on both ends. Cool.

    What do the other 7 have to say?

    1. If you say so.
      Nothing is final with Trump. Anything will be a process that involves Congress. If they make bad choices, I'll criticize them.

  10. Kid: you are entertaining ass wipe trolls on your site again. Do you need to hear my lecture again about these dick heads?

    1. Fredd, Well, he's staying within the lines for now, we'll see how long he can hold it together.