Monday, January 23, 2017

Galaxy Clusters are Interesting

Our galaxy is also in a cluster, the Virgo Galaxy Supercluster.

Anyway, the pic looks like a kitty's face on its side with its tongue out.  Meow.  Or purr as the case may be.
I'm not a subscriber to "dark matter" myself other than how it exists in the form of democrats on this planet.  I wonder how many life forms exist on planets just in this image and then again, why we got stuck with the democrats.... and moslem vermin for that matter too.

Also I want to get that last post to scroll off the page sooner rather than later, almost feeling an apology is in order for subjecting people to those images.

Well, clicking the picture will get you a description and larger versions of the pic.


  1. wish I had a nickel for every time a massive cluster of galaxies caused gravitational lens distortions and ruined my photograph. BTW, you never see Hubble's thumb print on any of these beauties.

  2. I always enjoy your posts on the heavenly bodies, nebulae and galaxies Kid. Helps get us away from our little selves and the earthly cares and woes which seem tremendous to us, but are in fact not much more the a sick or two of dust in The Great Scheme of things. Thanks again for keeping things interesting.

    Referring to Democrats as "Dark Matter" made me chuckle. Thanks for that too.

    1. FT, Glad you enjoy. Oh, they're dark matter all right.

  3. OFF TOPIC but hopefully of Interest:

    A LIVE New York performance of Beethoven's Sonata #7 for piano and violin, Opus 20, #2 with FreeThinke (ME) at the keyboard is posted right now at WESTERN HERO.

    I hope you will listen, and make some sort of comment since you've known me only in the context of fiercely opinionated blogging.

    SilverFiddle was very gracious to post this performance at Western Hero.

    Not trying to "show off," believe me, I just hope to show that I am not all words with nothing of substance behind them.

  4. A kitty galaxy? I could live there, well if they had an atmosphere and more than just free ranging mice and cat toys. ;)

    Re dark matter, that's just a facile term for something that's distorting our readings enough that we know IT's out there, yet, we can't explain what IT is. Our present knowledge of cosmology is like looking around in the dark without a flashlight.

    1. Cube. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr baby.

      Dark Matter to explain why galaxies are moving away from us? My explanation is:

      Big Bang, think firework of immense proportions. What do all the twinkling bits do? They move away from each other until they burn out and fall to Earth. In this context they don't burn out anytime soon, nor fall to Earth, they just continue on a trajectory further out into the universe. Honestly, this stuff is so simple ! :-) sigh.

    2. OK, now show me the math ;)