Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To Rep Lewis and All the Other Spoiled Brats Not Attending the Inauguration

The election was not hacked.  No votes were modified.

John Podesta gave up his password to what could have even been a child.

His emails were exported and sent to Wikileaks.  They revealed that the DNC and Clinton and media operatives are liars, cheaters, and thieves.

As a public servant of the American People, you should have applauded this activity by thanking those that released the information as doing a public service for America.  

You could have said "Thank God this information became available to the voting public so they could make an informed choice in the election.  Otherwise we could have ended up with a lying, cheating, stealing piece of shit in the White House !"

That would have been the sane thing that would have happened.

But No, you and your lying, cheating, and stealing friends who are going to hold their breath and stomp their little feet and not go to the inauguration have outed yourselves as POS's as well.

Fuck you very much and thanks for nothing.

I hope you all get "hacked" and exposed.

I support Wikileaks as long as national security is secure and American citizens are not put in harm's way.


  1. When a congressman says that the president is not legitimate, I would think he has assumed he has become part of an illegitimate government and should resign.

  2. I try hard not to stereotype when looking at the condition of the races after 8 years of the great divider. I find it harder and harder to believe that black culture wants anything to do to better relations, voluntarily undergo serious introspection as to the the crisis of morality and crime they find themselves in....60 years after the CRA and MLK. I believe they are now in every way, choosing self imposed or through peer intimidation / segregation that leads them away...away from success, education, achievement and inclusion into the American fabric. Seems to me...they'd rather destroy, hate and burn it all down. The experiment is over..a total failure and no amount of yelling racism or unfair...or more money will ever fix it so that they're included.

    I used to them...don't give a shit about what they want any longer. When you see the total failures of every goddamn city or state run by demorats and black mayors, congress idiots and see nothing change in their districts...I see it as their choice to keep it that way. I mean it keeps the race whores and pimps in Armani suits and lobster thermidor doesn't it? And as long as they can pick our pockets.....what they hell...let the "man" pay for it.

    1. IMP, There was once a time when I was willing to engage and try to help these people. No more.
      I think it is counter-productive and I would put it in the category of helping is hurting.
      No donations, no food drive contributions, no nothing. No hunger 5k, no nothing. I would support a limited time tax money paying them to gain some trade experience and get jobs and be off the dole - a double positive. Outside if this I won't give any of them the time of day - white, black, or otherwise.

    2. I would agree, except there are people like Dr. Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Charles Payne, Deroy Murdock, Harris Faulkner, Star Parker, John McWhorter, and numerous others who have proved conclusively that not ALL people from ANY racial, ethnic, religious or persecuted minority group are the same. Face it:

      There are Negroes, and there are Niggers.

      There are Jews and there are Kikes.

      There are Hispanics and there are Spics

      There are Women and there are Bitches and C-Words

      There are Arabs and there are Islamaniacs

      There are Black Africans, and there are Black Savages

      There are respectable, productive Homosexuals, and there Faggots, Pansies, Fairies and Fucking Queers.

      There are decent, respecable, self-sustaining Lesbians, and there are obnoxious, cigar-chomping Diesel Dykes

      There are Caucasians and there are Rednecks

      There are Christians, and there are Bigoted Zealots eager to persecute and murder anyone not just like them.

      And and on it goes.

      If we don't destroy Political Correctness and start talking HONESTLY again, we are DOOMED. In other words we MUST learn to DISCRIMINATE freely between good, bad and indifferent once again, and STOP insisting that everyone is the SAME.

      It is only the TRUTH that could set us free.

      There should be NO TABOOS whatsoever no matter how many claim to be "offended,"although I choose to CENSOR sheer idiocy and pure nastiness at my bog, and elsewhere whenever and wherever i can.

      FUCK those always eager to take OFFENSE.

    3. And FUCK those Narrow-Minded oh-so-fragile, oh-so-sensitive Paranoid Pussies who Nurse Grievances, Cherish Enmity, and cannot bring themselves ever to forgive those they imagine have deliberately insulted,berated, or betrayed them when such is not the case.

    4. FT, I'm starting to worry about your blood pressure. Stress is the number one killer you know. :)

      But yes, there is no place for PC in a free society. It's pure communist bullshit.

    5. Worry not, Kid! Telling people what I REALLY think –– both in rhyme and in flaming prose –– is the best way for ME to RELIEVE stress and LOWER blood pressure. At my age being an out-and-out SOB is about the LAST PLEASURE available to me and my increasingly decrepit carcass.

      CHEERS! ]:^)>