Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day, a Personal Reconcilliation

One of the main things we hear on moments that honor our military members is Freedom Isn't Free.

I know people have trouble reconciling that to every engagement our military finds itself involved in.

I think, for me anyway and surely others, one wonders if we are truly fighting for America's freedom in some of the theaters our sons and daughters find themselves fighting in modern times.  

While Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan could be debated pretty vigorously, in the end, in spite of anything else that could be presented, it comes down to Americans fighting in support of other Americans who have been deployed to the latest God Forsaken Hellhole.  It doesn't matter whether the whole thing came down to a disagreement by a couple of assholes in too high of a position.

As far as Iraq, Afghanistan, we were (and are forever if you ask me) duty bound to provide payback and justice for all of those innocent civilians who were Murdered on 9-11-2001 by a bunch of jackals belonging to a cult called islam.  A price has to be paid at the minimum.  The very minimum.

Sadly, I don't think we've accomplished much in Afghanistan relative to our losses, but those who fought there can always be steadfast in the knowledge they were fighting in support of Americans, even if those Americans were their brothers and sisters in arms.  That in itself would be sufficient reason to join and serve.

It would certainly Not be the worst way to distinguish yourself.

I look forward to the day when we take threats such as the muslim plague seriously enough to deal with it as it must be dealt with to achieve victory.

In the meantime, all of these men and women who have fought for America have probably lived more in a couple years what most Americans don't do in a lifetime and for that I'm jealous of them.
  All veterans have my respect, and it doesn't matter what they did to serve. They at minimum filled a position so that another could fight.

Another representation of how I feel about the military is in the poem Tommy Atkins.  All the best to all the military veterans.


  1. It is one of my favorite poems, Kid ... and I am deeply grateful that you presented it here. Semper Fidelis ...

    1. Mustang, my best to you Sir on this Veteran's day. The poem is very real which I love myself.

  2. Kipling- one of my favorites-loved Moore's delivery of Kipling's poem--
    Here is another - I believe you will like this one as well-you can read it - aloud- to yourself- poetry must always be spoken - to achieve the true meaning--

    BTW- no more BOWING to our enemies- B HUSSEIN-O>> had to 'say' that-

    1. Carol-CS, Thank you. Kipling had a bead on it no doubt. "IT" is going to get real again and I wonder how much American spirit will be available to turn back the evil.

  3. this is easier-
    AGAIN-Barbary Pirates and Jefferson and Madison...On Paying Tribute...
    Jefferson sent the new US Navy and Marines to quell the Barbary pirates-Madison sent them again-1815-
    "It is a settled policy of America,that as peace is better than war,war is better than tribute. The United States, while they wish for war with no nation,will buy peace with none."
    "We never pay any on Dane-geld,
    No matter how trifling the cost.
    For the end of the game is
    oppression and shame,
    And the nation that pays it
    is lost.

  4. Time is coming when it will be life or death, Here in our country and on our streets.

    All the best to the Military Vets too.

    Awesome video Kid. Roger Moore still has the voice.

    1. I agree Admiral.

      And I can't listen to the poem, even for the nnth time, without choking up a bit.

  5. Tommy Adkins just had better PR than our average American GI grunt, who never had Rudyard Kipling touting his basic integrity. Our average 'Tommy Adkins' guy in US active duty uniform, personified by Kilroy in WWII, or a nameless 'Snuffy' later on, signifies the guts that average guys show during the heat of battle and fog of war than many of the rest of us will never know. While Tommy is a Brit, his spirit is one that dwells within all Anglo-Saxon military units (yes, to include Canadians, ya hey doncha know).

    1. Fredd, "Simple men in barracks quite remarkable like you." We're just people like you. We're serving, happy to do it, and don't look down on you if you're not. It would be nice to get a little appreciation, but outside of that just treat us like everyone else. - is what that says to me and why I think it's so great.

      I read on a blog that some military think everyone should serve at some point early in life. I agree with that, and in whatever capacity they are able. It would be beneficial if everyone got a glimpse of what the world really is and what people do to protect America, or in this latest case, provide relief services in the Philippines. Don't need to shoot a gun or haul ammo, but just get out there and see what is going on. That'd solve a lot of current issues.

    2. Oops. "Single men in barracks, most remarkable like you." And I've listened to it a hundred times. But the spirit is the same. :)

  6. I agree, Kid. Everyone should do a stint. It provides young people with a sense of urgency on things that matter, instills respect for authority, and the value of being on time for things.

    But I don't support bring back the draft. Joining the military should be something that dad's teach their sons. Notice I did not say something mothers teach their daughters. Women do not belong in the military, where the purpose of serving is to kill people and break things. That's not women's work.

    1. Fredd, I don't see it as necessarily Military. I'd say boot camp for sure, ala the Great Lakes type facility. If they really oppose handling weapons, Ok. But at the minimum, they'd be serving in some capacity outside the USA. Medical facility at Landstuhl for example, or if there was some aid operation going on. Swab the decks, fill the vending machines on the Carriers, whatever. See what people do and more importantly, see what life is like in other countries and why it is so important for people to have control of the government.

      We've got a couple generations at least who surrender all control to these vermin politicians and believe they are the answer to every problem. Good Lord ! It Will be the death of us.

  7. Kid: 'will it be the death of us?' I've been wrong time and again these last 7 years, since Mark Foley brought shame upon the GOP. I keep thinking that people will wake up to the damage that liberals, and more specifically Democrats are doing to them, and yet they vote for it again and again.

    Now these stupid dolt voters (low info types, all) are losing their insurance coverage and full time job status hand over fist, left and right, up and down the line. Do they 'get it' now? If they don't, then they most assuredly deserve their plight in life. They voted to screw themselves, after all.

    Dumb shits. I have no sympathy for them, none whatsoever. Maybe when they wake up and find themselves in the gutter, with nothing but a chunk of government cheese to eat, maybe they will wise up. And at that point (whenever it arrives), we will see things turn around. And then your question will be answered, Kid. It may or may not be the death of us.

    We are at the mercy of these low info idiots. And they are now starting to suffer because of their votes to retain liberalism and Democrats in power. We'll see if they continue to vote for more suffering. I hope not.

    1. Agreed Fredd.

      Here's a very interesting chart showing the Civilian Labor Participation Rate.

      Ignoring the market (red line), you can see we are back to 1979 levels of labor participation, and I'll bet big this doesn't include the people let go and certainly not the ones moved from full to part time because of obamaevilcare.