Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Future. Which Way WIll It Tip. Randoms.

There are some great kids out there to be sure.  Like this kid who was a nuclear genius in high school, and created cold fusion in the lab about the same age.  Click the picture for the story, it's a great 5-6 page read when you have the time.

Ah, but then you have the Clown Show going on unabated.  Obama. Biden, Congress and the Media and a lot of today's kids.  Intelligence of a rock, maturity of a 5 year old, and a destructive culture for many.

I don't think anything needs to be said about the vermin politicians.  All of them, but here's a funny from the media today, the flagship propaganda element CNN.  The name of the website is healthcare.GOV, but CNN touted it as healthcare.COM, which is not the correct website and should only be visited at one's own risk shall we say.

Here's a screen shot from the article that was updated a couple hours later.  How many people already assumed the site name was .Com ?  How many went there to 'sign up' and how will this story be reported as this revelation breaks into the news cycle.  I think it's Hilarious.  That the obama administration didn't have the intelligence of your average teenager who would have bought the domain just to keep this from happening is hilarious.  Maybe they did it on purpose and it's another money making avenue for these vermin.

What do you think of all the actors and guys in commercials with the 3 day stubble on heir face ?  I think it looks good on maybe 0.0000000001 % of the guys out there.  The old dude in the Arby's commercial?  No.  He looks like a train hopping hobo.  In a suit.  It makes most guys look dirty I'd think.  Do the women like it?  Wouldn't it be like kissing a porcupine ?
It's marketing people trying to push a cultural meme on society.  Isn't it funny how people pick up on this, do it, then think they're being unique?
Then who else is coming up with the popular culture stuff? Like tattoos.  Wildly Popular now. I see people with what looks like the contents of a comic book tattooed all over their body but most of them are totally meaningless to everyone else. Geometric designs like you see on the tailgate of a hot rod pickup truck, or maybe some arty thing that you think is pretty so you have it plastered all over yourself for Life.
Anyway, why don't kids get corporate sponsors instead ? Get the golden arches on your face, with "I'm Lovin It" across your chin or forehead and make money while you walk around ?  I think these kids have the right idea, but they probably can't say they're advertising in all weather conditions.

Then the thing with the pants down.  See I think it's all part of the communist Demoralization agenda.  Demoralization is job one when taking over a country.  (I'm not anti-gay but this is the only short funny vid I could find)

Pants down, piercings, tattoos, stubble.
Cursive writing and spelling taken out of the curriculum
Kids afraid of even looking at a gun.

Where are we going to be in 2020 or 2040 ?  Kids running around not able to communicate very well, corporate logos tattooed all over them, piercings, pants down to the knees, 3 day stubble.  No one joins the military anymore because they'd be forced to use one of those nasty 'guns'. Ugh.   It will be the worst looking and acting group of people the world has ever known.  The country might be taken over by the wildlife.


  1. Man, I WISH I could disagree with you and say EVERYTHING'S FINE IN AMERICA, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
    But you're right :(
    You know, I thought our kids at school were REALLY smart morons because they always print; then I found out they were never TAUGHT cursive. What the..............? And then a 32 year old art teacher told me SHE didn't learn cursive in public school in Northern California, either! THIRTY TWO?? I'm with you..........that's a metaphor for idiocy.
    Tattoos...I think one well-placed, discreet one isn't a big deal, but those today? And sometimes covering their whole bodies?
    Man, Kid.............I want my world back, don't you?
    Great post!

    1. Z! Thanks. 32 !?! Wow. Just Wow.

      Z, I want my world back yes.

      So, what id you think of the kissing porcupines thing? Do you think the guys do it to avoid being confused with women??

    2. PS - As I've been saying for a long time now - You're not a man until you stop trying to prove it.

  2. The stubble question needs to be answered on an individual basis. The guy in your picture is, er, unattractive.

    1. Opus, I agree and fair enough. Just something I had on the back burner..

  3. The 2006 movie "Idiocracy" has a premise of a modern day low achieving slacker frozen, and defrosted 500 years into the future and becomes the smartest guy in the world, since everyone else in that future world were morons.

    That premise is completely ridiculous: we have most of our population NOW that would be considered morons, 500 years of devolution not required. Among these present day morons are everybody who voted for Obama.

    1. Fredd, Get your mind straight. Like Ed says - Electrolytes. Electrolytes !

      Don't make me come up there.

  4. I can't help it. Crack kills under the Golden Arches, or McAss. BTW, the guy eating the sandwich is a former NYC detective. How he got the Arby's gig is beyond me.

    1. Bob, Yea, how'd you like to wake up to that every morning. Then especially when you're over 30... and how does that happen, as in thought process?.. Well, let's see all the other girls are getting tramp stamps, so I gotta get one too, what should I get?.... Lemme think for a second or two.

      Good Lord.

      Didn't know that about the Arby's guy.

    2. And I winder if the 'Drive Thru" message was an intentional sex message. I hadn't looked that close til now, I thought it might have said "Over a billion served". hahaa Geeeeeeeeeeez.

  5. Photo of some truly great kids!

    Note this information about the photo and the group Decorate A Vet:

    Consider volunteering a couple hours to fix our (4) nominated Veterans homes during this week. We will be removing brush, cleaning the properties, removing old landscaping,adding new landscaping, installing patio/walkways, mulching, etc. This work will be topped off with Christmas Decorations on Saturday, Dec. 7th.

    (Below: 2012 Veterans home with work crew that volunteered a day of their time to help someone in their community)

    And they're coming to our house this year!!!

    I had planned to pay somebody to do the outside work (tree trimming, gutter cleaning, etc.). Then eye surgery bills came rolling in ($4000).

    Prayers answered as Mr. AOW and I haven't had outside Christmas decorations since 2008, the last year that Mr. AOW was able to do any outside work.

    We'll be giving a donation, of course. Not that we are required to do so, but we want to sponsor this group.

    1. AOW! THAT IS COOL ! Congratulations for getting the Pass Go and collect Christmas Decorations card. (That as paid for many times over I'm sure. God Love a veteran - I wish I was one. 4F in 1972)

      As well as meeting some of America's finest kids. They are out there to be sure, but it has to be parental influence and over time I see the good parents simply being bred out... Sad.

    2. Kid,
      We have already met with the group's leader twice and with two of his tree-trimming contractors once. The tree trimmers come in with the boom truck on Saturday, November 23 -- weather permitting.

      The day to decorate our house is December 7, so we'll meet the kids then.

      Not a lot of work to be done here. But what needs to be done is something that I simply can't do. Especially this year, when the things that I usually manage to do are not permitted (retinal surgeon's strict orders).

      Over the years that Mr. AOW and I have been married, we have actively supported veterans' groups and individual veterans who need help. We've never expected any payback at all. The Lord looked out for us this year! No doubt about it!