Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Now This is What I Call a Globular Cluster

The picture spans 120 light years in width.  That's 120 * 6 trillion miles or 720 trillion miles.

Click the picture for a description, then click again and again for the high resolution version.


  1. In Old Math that would be 720, more or less.

    1. Heh. Thanks Larry ! It as late! 5:25 PM for Pete's Sake.

  2. What a coinkidink, I saw that exact cluster when I was blindsided by a pulling guard in High School football.

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    1. Mustang, that's awfully close to the number 37, which actually has a lot of significance for me throughout my life even though I'm not a numerologist. Maybe the APOD estimate is a touch off.

    2. Mustang. I Loved It! Thank You!

      There is a post in this...

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    1. Mustang, that is pretty cool. I assume you've seen those time lapse vids taken from the ISS showing mainly weather events occurring. Half a million square mile lightning storms at night and other things. Good watch.