Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Professional Sppppporrrrrrttts

There was a time I was addicted.  Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970's.  Tiger Woods pre-slut.

But back to the Steelers - Jack Lambert played every game like it was his last. Many other players put everything they had into the game, were thankful (I think) for the big money and were appreciative to fans. 

Sports Icons.  The bigger they are the harder they fall. No more detail needed here I don't think.

Then you've got the gang member football player that throws away a 40 mil contract so he can kill some guy who talked to someone who he didn't like the person talking to.  Not at trial yet, but not hard to figure either.  This is what gang bangers do.

Then yesterday I read a story about a Miami Dolphin where the headline indicated he made racist remarks to a rookie, but the meat of the story was how the veteran NFL players force the rookies to pay for all their stuff.  $30,000 outings and such, and the rookies often find themselves broke.  To me, that's gang activity, but 'gang' isn't my theme here really.  It is more how corrupted the whole enchilada of pro sports has evolved from generally wholesome players that played the game and did it in such a way as to truly inspire as role models while collecting a good reward for some hard work and talent.

Then you've got people mass murdering over soccer around the world.  Maybe that's because the game is so freakin Boring?

Joe DiMaggio once hit a marginal baseball and ran full out to first base anyway. When they asked him why, when he ran so hard when he knew he would be thrown out, he said "Because there is a kid in the stands watching the game for the 1st time and I want him to know how the game is played."

Walter Peyton ran the stadium steps to be the best runner he could.  Lots of great hard working players with big hearts it seems that don't exist much anymore.

I don't think today's players are of the same cloth, just as the people aren't of the same cloth as say 40 years ago.  Sure there are some good people involved but more are not what I would want my kids idolizing.

Anyway,  so the average ticket price for an NFL game is 78 bucks.  Then you have all the other costs.  For a family of 4, that's like 312 for ticket, probably 500 by the time you're back home.  $500 for an NFL game? Really?  And I've heard it's about the same for Baseball and a family of 4.  That's nuts right?

Who goes to these games?  Who pays this ? 

If they enjoy it, Great it's their business.  Free country and all, but it just seems like pro sports fan costs are in a bubble.  Doesn't seem like it can last.

What do you folks think?

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  1. And it doesn't stop there.
    We pay for those Stadiums - whether we go to the game or not,
    even if we don't watch the stuff on Network TV, much-less Pay for View.

    1. TS/WS, yes, something I've always complained about too, but people actually vote for that to happen to them :)

  2. We voted down a new ball yard in Boston. Hasn't hurt the Sox any.

    In fact it was a lot of fun this year just watching a bunch of players who just loved playing the game.

  3. That is why I consign myself to HOCKEY and hope that the arrogance of the other "professional" sports and players does not put its ugly nose into HOCKEY!!
    Red Wings/ Kings--

    1. Carol-CS. Enjoy ;-)

      I don't watch much of anything anymore. Maybe the Masters and US Open on Sunday. I just don't have the time between screwing around and procrastinating.

    2. "...screwing around and procrastinating."
      had not thought about those two 'activities'--I have found that I have backed off the driving for success wagon a bit myself--

    3. Carol-CS, HA. A little humor and a little truth on my part. Anyhoo, at my current age, I am focusing on setting up for 'retirement' and after this occurs, I look forward to getting involved in some other success and enjoyment activities. I have plenty of hobbies and not enough time.

      So it's said, I think sports is a great thing for kids, and I love to play myself, but I've just lost it completely for pro-sports. I can't even listen. If it's on when I walk into the lunch room in the morning and no one else is there, I mute the TV. It's that bothersome.