Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thought For The Day

We really all agree with each other.  Those of us who are sane anyway.  We're only separated by time.

20 years ago you agreed with my current thoughts and in 5 more years I'll agree with those you have today. Or any combination thereof.

Too bad, the majority isn't sane.  We could get somewhere.


  1. Still not sure about the majority part. I think we need voter ID. Why are 20% of Ohio registered voters fraudulent?

  2. Opus, Ohio is a swing state. They bus the minorities and 'government assistance' people around who vote 15 times a day in the democrat controlled polling places, plus there is voting fraud up the wazoo, plus there are Many of those opposed who I believe just stay home in Ohio. Not a good situation.

    Then again my current thesis dictates having repubs in place is little more than having more paletable people screwing us. Voter ID. Yes, at least.

    But I was thinking more at the 10,000 foot level - All subjects. Pick one. :)

  3. The system is now corrupted beyond repair.

    1. I agree Admiral. But I'm not just talking politics. Soup to nuts baby. :)

  4. 20%?

    I'm guessing you pulled that one fro where the sun doesn't shine.

  5. Now why did your take bring an instant smile-
    Thank you-

  6. ... and in 5 more years I'll agree with those you have today... IF they're the same as mine.

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    1. Thanks Woman. I see you've put your site back together.