Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spying On My Email Eh ?

I suggest adding keywords somewhere in the text of every email or tweet. Things like Iraq, Terrorist Attack, pressure cooker, iran, muslim brotherhood. ammonium nitrate, diesel fuel, al quida, al queerda, al quackas, the team, and Always Always Always add..... "obama is a dweeb".

Have a variety of paragraphs in a note that you can easily cut and paste into each and every comminique.  See how happy this person is after adding the keywords?



  1. Boy, this weekend was a real pressure cooker. Lots of things to get done, and still doing more for the team. You're right, word play is FUN.

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly. It's not like those Bozo's are going to protect anyone anyway.

  3. Go ahead make yourself a target.
    Welcome to my world.
    I look out the slit in the blinds every day and nite for the black van parked down the street==sometimes it is a suv.
    Did you here that?
    A helicopter? - you know the blades are not making noise, oh never mind its just a drone.

    1. TSWS, Ah, they're not interested in some little insignificant dissident such as myself. Plus my point about making all of us targets. Sure, go ahead and keep tabs on 150 million of us. ;-)

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    1. Carol-CS. It's fun !

      btw- if you bought any FSLR, it looks like the market is re-pricing the stock based on the recent secondary (more shares issued diluting the existing shares), so you may want to sell and wait til the dust settles. The market is also at a cross-roads, and the really smartie ones are looking for a summer correction - July August being most likely.

  5. Should Obama be impeached ? Yes, I do think that he will.
    I'm not so sure he's gonna make it through his term. People are getting pretty fed up with his spying and eaves dropping bullshit. There's no telling how much more there is that we don't know about yet. I think there's a limit to how much he can get away with. He may end up being impeached before it's over if more comes out.
    Obama should be impeached for failing to to uphold the Constitution, Obama violated our 4th Amendment rights, he failed to uphold the Constitution

    (I knew Liberals were stupid, but you really do have to spell it all out for them)

    1. Welcome.

      Who is going to impeach him ? The repubs are useless. How many impeachable offenses have occurred between obama and holder ? the repubs squawk for a little while then it just fades away.