Friday, May 10, 2013

Thought For the Day

A version of this is called the Serenity Prayer.


  1. Love it!

    That kitty reminds me of my Dusti. I miss her every single day; she was my heart cat.

    1. AOW, Dusti is a beautiful cat. I've always had cats, but there are some that come along that are just extra special to you, a special bond. I'll never forget those myself.

      Of course you did the right thing for Dusti.

    2. I know that I did the right thing for her. It just all happened so fast, and none of us saw it coming. Cats are so secretive when they're ailing.

      We opened our home to another cat -- as you may know as you've visited Mr. AOW's site. There are also pictures of Amber on the photos site that I linked to above; our other cats are pictured there too, but Mysti avoids the camera whereas Cameo loves to have her picture taken.

      Amber hasn't been here long enough for me to have bonded with her the way that I bonded with Dusti over a period of some 15 years.

      PS: Thanks for taking time to be a regular visit at Mr. AOW's blog. He's terrible about answering comments. **sigh**

    3. AOW, yes, animals, especially cats hide their illnesses so well. All of those we lost seemed to go from fine to having to take them in in just a few days. Makes it harder doesn't it.

      Funny, we have a cat, Little Bear, (aka Ganster Boy) all black with about 8 grey hairs sticking out of his chest like an Italian hit man who Loves to pose for the camera. I get the camera out and he's up on something watching the birdie. ahaha

      You and Mr have a great blog. Maybe there are a lot of them out there, but many I used to visit have gone dark after the last election, so you're about 1 of 10 I now visit. Yours is always entertaining. And when I comment or reply, I figure it's to both of you because I know you often comment for Mr AOW.

      All the best.

  2. Yes, I often comment for Mr. AOW. His typing skills have always been terrible and are now even worse because he has only one hand. He typically dictates the comment to me; sometimes, I clean up the comment a bit. **wink**

  3. It is getting harder and harder for me to tolerate STUPID!!

    Luckily-art-golf -can be done w/o lots of people- I now do 'speed golf' early in the morning--I get my walk - hit something (-:
    the horse-cat-and son and husband are my people-- w/o lots of people- (-:

    My bad!!
    Thanks for the photos of the stars--
    and the tips for trade--


  4. Carol-CS. It's difficult baby ! Art and Golf. I'M Jealous !.... Well, I know you'd never hit your horse so that I never bit on that one.

    BTW - Tesla TSLA announced a 2.7 million Share secondary offering and a 450 million preferred shares something or other and the stock price went Up. I'm waiting til the potential NC legislation gets passed or not, but I'm still keeping an eye on this one.

    As a possibly silly aside, I read an article, where "They're" thinking of putting something in the roadways that charges electric cars as you drive down the road. Still early, but Tesla may be one of the stars rising out of this mist.

    I WILL let you know if I buy some.