Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thought For The Day

No Need to Work Too Hard With Libtards


  1. But that's only good when the lion is free. Put it in a cage and... that's what the media has done for so long. Thank God for the internet.

    1. Sig, Thank GOD For the Internet. Reminds me of a saying "Life Finds A Way". Did it? It's dark out there baby.

  2. Hey kid, I took a chance on First Solar and I'm up 20% short term.

    Just take the gain? Let it ride?
    I'm tilting to letting it ride.

    1. Duck, it's going straight up. It won't continue doing that short term. This was billed as a long term investment. I believe it will drop and correct at some point, but when and to what price ? No one knows.

      Your choice, but no one went broke taking profits. That's my best answer.

  3. By the way, if you're looking to the Internet for truth rather than noise, well ... Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine? What's your pick.

    The CIA had an operation going on in Benghazi. Brokering a deal with some anti al-Qaeda group? Brokering an Israeli arms deal? Are you that delusional that you think Michelle Malkin knows? Please, stop.
    It's all political kabuki.

    1. My pick isn't in your list. I don't listen to any of these people.

      Benghazi? I use my military contacts as source to tell me how this shit works as well as my own deductive powers about what I know about how these types of things go down. Benghazi is dirty as shit and if any truth comes out we will all be surprised just how dirty.

      One of the choices for obama and clinton was to 1) provide security people and more importantly and to the point 2) send an AC130 from Triploi and the muslim vermin would have scattered like cockroaches.

      That's the EASIEST thing they could have done, (SO WHY DIDN'T DO IT!) and in fact, Generals were told to stand down. By WHO? That shit usually shows up in POTUS's office, but the asshole says' he doesn't know anything about it.
      1) WHO told the generals to stand down?
      2) If obama doesn't know about these kind of events, then he's awfully fucking incompetent and what will he fuck up next? BTW - He's already fucked up hundreds of things while these assholes are on a feeding frenzy of stealing money.
      There's no relief in sight on this one.

  4. I heard Benghazi was a prison break.
    Hilrod has just as much power as the POTUS on foreign stuff, but she does have to report to the POTUS.
    They got themselves into some very unlawful foolishness-it will be prison terms for one or both if the truth ever get out.
    As far as the stockmarket goes--you had better learn how to be a day trader or at least a swing trader--not holding for more than a month or two.
    There is a big correction that will bottom out waaaaay down soon because of the Fed Reserve flooding the market; not being to aware by most of the unsuspecting not in the know investors.
    They are setting us up for a WIDE GAP between the Haves and the Haves nots.

    1. As far as hilrod going to jail, wouldn't that be nice, but sorry Friend, I'll believe it when I see it.

      Stock Market. Yes. No doubt. Same as it ever was; it's just a matter of from what point does it fall. You're probably read that this has been the most hated rally of all time. When the bears finally do give in is about when the market will start it's drop.
      It always punishes the most that it can.

      Some folks in the circle however have made some Serious money here.

  5. Replies
    1. Carol-CS, I sure thought so. Plus I love those big kitty cats. heh.