Sunday, January 27, 2013

Global Warmings - Lookie Here

Efforts at controlling a real or imagined global climate thing are absurd and a waste of time.

CAFE standards, double the price for gasoline and more before the imbeciles are elected out if ever and would it matter,  closing coal plants, charging twice as much and more for energy in the USA, and guess what folks.  Taxes up the wazoo and what we're living with now is only the tip of the iceberg for what the children in charge may wreak upon our fair land in the next 4 years.  

It is all for naught. Actually less than that because we are paying extra so countries like China can spew the pollution like an American Steel Mill in 1920.

Whatever we save in the total bullshit monster of CO2 emissions will be like pissing in the ocean compared to what China is doing and will be doing for decades.

We're actually sending them our coal. Massive quantities. And they are cranking it out like no-one's business.

Read all about it.  

 Here's one from the

Here's one from

If you bought a chevy volt or a Prius because you're worried about 'teh environment' you are a moron of the 1st degree.

And Get the hell off my cloud.



  1. Growing up in Oregon, I know quite a few of these green morons who buy into this global warming garbage, one of them a Titan of Industry.

    It's no use trying to argue with them, although they all suck down quite a bit of carbon footprint living their lives of luxury ALL THE WHILE CLAIMING TO SAVING THE PLANET.

    But they all have a token green doo-dad or two, such as a Prius or some stupid solar panels on their roofs to prove to everybody that they are good people who want to save the planet, but in fact suck down carbon energy like nobody's business.

    Then they jet off to Aruba and scuba dive to their hearts content, knowing that they are good people.

    1. Nice addition Fredd. None of this crap pertains to the self-proclaimed elite who tell the rest of us what to do. This has been going on like forever. I remember my boss at a place when I was a youngster saying "I'll be out of electricity when Everyone is out of electricity".

      In fact, they all try to horde and make sure they are the last to feel the pinch. F em. See the line above.

      And when are the adults going to get tired of being ruled y evil little children ? Even the usual suspects like the union people must have their freakin limits. right?

  2. I hate environmentalist. They are communist tools whom are easily deluded. I think the clouds are fine and earth will take care of itself.

    1. Admiral, yea they're moron tools that the politicians take for granted and split a gut over as they rob us of a bunch more money based on some nonsensical scam. I've seen more scams than I care to admit.

      See anyone doing Radon gas checks anymore. The ozone, this that the other thing. I know some environmentalists. They're incredible morons. They turn their lives into some more expensive version of hell and for all they do for 'teh en vir on ment' they're not even pissing into space.

      Makes you want to move to the Planet of the Apes to find a smarter population.

      They've got them focusing their hate on those damn polluting rich bastards throughout corporate America. The idiots may actually put them out of business then where do they get their milk, cars, furniture, houses, clothes, etc. From politicians? Fugly ones at that?

      Good God. I've had enough of the idiot children.

  3. What about the ozone? A disaster averted, largely through the development of international agreements about CFCs (Montreal 1987). High fives all round for the environmentalists, surely?

    1. Jez, yes, if the Ozone "problem" was real. I have no idea whether it was or not. I have no way to tell, but it does fit the profile for a scam. Something 99.999999 % of the population can't see, somehow affected by something else they can't see or measure high in the atmosphere. And if the hole was there, was that a problem?

      I hear it's coming back btw, or has come back, based on a news blurb that came across a few months ago.

      I will say that I trust information coming from environmental scientists even less than that which comes from the media at large, AND politicians. That is saying something.

    2. "I have no way to tell" -- yes you do, you can get NASA's satellite ozone readings which date back to the late 70s, or if you distrust them you can send a very simple electric meter up in your own weather balloon and measure the stratospheric ozone. None of this is complicated enough to be a scam.

      I wonder what environmental science have you read that hadn't been mangled by the media first.

    3. Jez, you must trust in the power of Earth to take care of itself.

    4. The Earth is supremely indifferent, of course. I'm not the mystic here.