Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Antikythera Mechanism

"They" create this image for us of people in 80 BC barely able to hook up a rope to an oxen and plow a field, or make a pair of sandals to cover their feet.   In fact, folks have been awfully smart for an awfully long time. 

For example Otzi, a 5000 year old man discovered in the Alps during a rare melt by some skiers. He had finely tailored clothes, a copper axe, medicinal mushrooms, bow and arrows, and much more. He probably even dated women without first batting them over the head with a club and made more than grunting sounds.
Read about him here.

Anyway, click the picture for some interesting information on this device from 80 BC


  1. Who would've thunk that those who built the pyramids could be so precise. The Etucheschians (I forgot how to spell those people), were pre Roman (they started the first Senate), and laid out the survey for all the straight Roman roads, and set all the foundation piles and footings for the bridges and aqua-ducts.
    They were not Romans - they are miss-called 'ancient Romans',
    They were the people that pissed off the Romans and the Romans rose up and kicked their asses; and erased them from history and refused to tell the Roman Children about them. Yea, these people were just one snap shot in time of smart people - even though they were too smart for their own good.
    Just like some of these goofballs in charge today!

    1. They Say - Yes too easy to rewrite history, especially when you have lapdog journalists and idiot supporters.

      Anyway, Calculating the motion of the planets so precisely without having modern timepieces is pretty incredible. Research into time measurement during these time periods is also pretty interesting.

    2. They: 'Etruscans.' The Romans wiped them out early. And didn't absorb much of their technology.

    3. No not Etruscans, the Truscians were in the North.
      I spelled it close but forgot how exactly.
      The 1960's was when these people were unearthed---grave robbers found their mounds and when the Authorities caught the robbers asked where they dug and when the stuff was recovered, all artifacts amazed them.
      To much to go into. I explained some in my first comment.

  2. We have not come as far as we thought -have we=

    I will not get into the humans' continued lack of discernment in regards to supporting tyrannical govt...

    1. Carol-CS, Seems we are stagnant or moving backwards. I lean toward moving backwards.

  3. The Antikythera Mechanism: I watched a show about this doo-dad on History Channel or some other 'non-low information voter' channel, and was fascinated by the intracacy of this device.

    It may have been 'Ancient Aliens,' but the tech that went into this thing way back when, has got to make one wonder.

    1. Fredd, Yes, again, in order to calculated lunar and solar eclipses, motion of the planets, you needed to first be able to record very accurate timings. How do you do that without timepieces, but I do believe it was made here.

    2. Kid: so, no alien input into this device? I don't think I noted any 'Made on Earth' notation on it anywhere...

    3. Fredd, If aliens had been here in 80 BC, surely, we'd have world peace by now as a result of their guidence, or in the contrarian view - the aliens meant for us to destroy ourselves by giving the future muslims the motion of the moon logic to plan their conquests, guaranteeing mutual destruction where they'd come and take all of our resources afterwards.

      If that were the case, mutual destruction could have been accomplished much sooner than how it's progressing at present.

      Since neither eventuality has occurred, either the aliens are incompetent, or the people of 80BC were geniuses.

      Since there was little to do in 80 BC beside fish, make bread, and have sex, I am positive some small percentage of humans were actually able to plan and build this device.
      Imagine the only other possibility.... the aliens are even more incompetent than we are. It can't be Aunt Bee. Somebody get me a CHEESEBURGER !!