Monday, January 14, 2013

Still Only One Reasonable Solution

The overwhelming majority of shooters in these mass murder events were on psychiatric drugs, and most of them stopped taking them.

Why doesn't the media talk about that?  I read a very informative article on Forbes this afternoon and it's already been taken down.  It was a great article too.  It had details on many of the mass murder events with links to even more detail.   It's not hard to find other sources so I'll assume anyone wanting to get into the specific cases, individuals and details will do so.

Regardless what anyone proposes to do with "people who are on psychiatric drugs" as an end solution to stopping mass murder, it won't.  Just like you cannot contain every gun, you will not contain every psychopath.  What about the ones who haven't even been presented with treatment yet?  Who is going to be absolutely certain they take their drugs.? There is no certainty that someone taking their drugs still aren't capable of mass murder.  The ideas are ridiculous.  

No doubt the libtards love the idea of containing the crazy people. It's Stupid; Plus it was they who severely reduced the institutions where such people Could be contained, so that idea is self-validated as one they would love.

The only reasonable solution to reducing mass murder is to reduce gun free zones.  Security at the schools.  Plus it puts people to work and reduces other types of violence on campus as well.  It makes so much fucking sense the libtards will Hate It.  

I like this idea over arming teachers.  I think people specifically charged with monitoring school campus traffic and potential threats make much more sense, though I don't object to having more guns on scene in the possession of trained competent conceal license holding teachers and administrators.

Let's make it happen !  Maybe in 2052.  After 18 more mass murders.

I've insterted the following picture as a visual aid.  The picture is of a couple teachers who occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol Building when they were protesting not being able to rape the general public with their union thug tactics.  It's a perfect picture because it shows libtard teachers going to all the work to make signs, then sit around with them to display that they didn't even freakin know what the issue was about.  These teachers are also good examples of the kind that I do not want armed.  But it also provides some levity in such a serious discussion.    Those signs are pathetic aren't they.  From every angle. No artistic talent whatsoever.  Look like 3 year old kids did them.  Hilarious.

It's my favorite Wisconsin Cheese Teachers Protest Picture.



  1. We could replace janitors with vets trained as school guards, like airplanes have special secret air marshals. There could be a School Marshal program. Won't cost any extra money because janitors already get paid. And vets would love the work.

    1. Hi Opus, All things equal, I'd rather replace some school 'administrators' with vets as the security people. :)

    2. PS, especially since a local podunk school district (Lakota) let Ninety administrators go when the economy went sour and there was no way to raise taxes enough to keep them on. And they called it good along with letting 100 teachers go.

      What the hell did those people do beside collect tax money via a paycheck?

  2. No common sense solutions/ideas will be addressed by Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden because they do not fit into their agenda, which is to remove guns from law biding citizens.

    1. TCL, removing guns from Americans is one hell of a leap. It is awfully hard to believe it would happen here. I think money is their main focus and I think they'll "just" tax the hell out of various weapons and all ammo. Maybe remove higher capacity magazines for all guns.

      But like bloomturd banning 32 oz drinks in New Yoik, we'll just have more 8 round capacity mags if it goes that far. I can change a mag quick enough. I recently bought a Marlin made 30-30 Winchester lever action rifle (which you'd see in just about any cowboy movie, and I've always wanted one). It takes 6 rounds and one of the online reviews I read commented that if you need more than 6 rounds from a high power rifle, you should move out of Kandahar.

      Though I don't abide by giving them any ground. They work by taking an inch a day as we all know.

      Here is that review link for the Marlin 30-30 Kind of a fun read if your into guns.

  3. I have thought for many years that qualified teachers should be armed if they so choose. I taught for a number of years and always carried a pistol in my briefcase which was never out of sight. My father, who taught did the same. As for many of the mass killing shooters, you are correct most were on some type of prescribed drugs for serious mental problems. Obama and those around him will always look at the gun and not the root causes that makes that finger pull the trigger. Also most shootings in this country are done with handguns by gang members in the larger cities like Chicago where the jails are nothing but revolving doors. The criminals know this and getting caught with a weapon means little to them. But the political leaders in those areas fear that making stronger laws and enforcing them will cost them votes in the next election. These leaders are more concerned about reelection than the deaths that occur daily on their streets. They make it almost impossible for honest people to have guns, even at home knowing full well that the thugs on the street will remain armed. Sad but true. Thanks for your recent visits to my TOTUS blog. My primary site however is at Obama Cartoons. I've added you to my blogroll there. I have several in the sidebar and you are on the one with the heading "My Blog List". Very well written post Kid.

    1. Ron, I'm truly humbled. Thank you. You have a great site there, and it's in the section of my bookmarks I try to visit when I'm looking at the blogs. hadn't been there in a while and got reminded I need to make sure i get there regularly ;-) Great stuff. I'll take a look at the obama cartoons.

      I wouldn't change a word of your comment and thank you for adding your voice as someone who personally knows what goes on.

      Yes, politicians couldn't care about individuals even if they wanted to. Certainly not at the federal or state level. Which is even more evidence that the federal involvement in people's lies should be kept at a minimum. If it were me, 99% of the federal government would Only be involved in national defense. It's worse than that of course, they view us as a necessary evil, a cattle farm to be both micro-managed and harvested.

      We've come So Damn far from our founding principles. Very sad. I'd hate to be a kid today.

  4. I'm sick and tired of this 2nd Ammendment squabble. All of this hoo-ha is aimed at FUTURE purchases of weapons, ammunition and magazines. What about the 300 million guns arleady in circulation? Not a thing can be done, either legislatively or otherwise, to control them.

    What on earth is the use in squabbling about the future? If a ten-round magazine is all I can buy going forward, what is to stop me from obtaining a 30 round banana clip for my AR-15 from my neighbor? Not a damn thing. Liberals are so damn stupid, I am surprised they know how to feed themselves.

    1. Fredd, Well, New Yoik did pass in their law that high capacity mags would have to be sold out of state or disposed of within 12 months.

      But your point is absolutely valid. none of this will have the Slightest effect on mass murder at schools and other gun free zones. In fact, I'd argue it was counter-productive since Millions of weapons that wouldn't have been purchased by the public otherwise have ben purchased and are now in 'circulation'.

      Go ahead, pass a law that says private citizen A cannot sell a gun to Citizen B without a background check.

      Meantime I walk up to you, don't tell you who I am, and sell you a weapon that was never registered to me. There are Millions of these out there.

      Useless. Totally useless.

      Well, it gives the congress and pres the ability to float another bill through that will have multi Billion dollars attached to it to be laundered and stolen by the politicians, their friends and their masters like the union bosses.

  5. School system is broken. There can't be any change until it is redone from the bottom up.