Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, Hell Yes ;-)

Hit the full screen button on the lower right in the vid....

The Sun is shining......... The Weather is sweat..yea 


  1. Make sure your suit is in great condition!

    After doing that if you need Red Bull they you have little or no fear in your life.

    I have trouble with heights and speed, This affirms that. Great to watch though. It looks like Iron Man flying around too.

    1. Admiral, and your training up to speed too I'd imagine. Jokke Sommer has the best vids if you ever care to watch any more.

      Seriously though, my time for doing that has past I'm thinking.

  2. what in the world IS that suit? There's a motor on it or something? BOy, I wish I could have done something like that but.......well, there are too many 'buts' to even write them all down; starting with CHICKEN!
    why's he need a parachute..? I'd have thought you just need a landing strip!?

    And where the HECK has those really hairpin turns in that 2nd video!? WOW!!
    Very cool post, Kid! xx

    1. Ms Z, basically, this is a Flying Squirrel suit. Yea, I'm too old for it now.. sadly.

      The facts are that with the flying squirrel suit, you are moving three feet forward for every one foot down. So you are moving at the angle of the standard roof angle, about 15 degrees.

      You're still going around 110 - 120 mph, so at some point to avoid hitting the ground at that speed you need the parachute. Have you heard of the Base Jumpers? They used to jump off a high precipice and release a parachute to land. These guys started as base jumpers, got bored with that and they or someone came up with these squirrel suits to allow them to actually fly around on the way down. Yes, they can maneuver right-left-down pretty easily just like an airplane does, but no ability to change direction to Up :)

      This would be so much fun for someone like me, but it's not going to happen at this point.