Friday, September 21, 2012

Here's My Problem With "Minority" Groups

Here's the news article link......  You'll find an F-Bomb in here too.

Housing Project For Elderly Gays Gets Approval In Philadelphia


And to make myself and Fredd happier, here are My Thoughts.


So taxpayers get to subsidize elderly gay living, you know, because they are Gay, and  as we all know deserve it because some redneck assholes actually spend time abusing on Gays, verbally and otherwise. (Not that I would even consider that a taxpayer problem, unless they end up in the grey bar hotel for it.)


Well; Here it is.  My Mom lived in an economy 3 room apartment in one of those high-rise apartment buildings in an economy neighborhood North of Pittsburgh.  The kind of place you find the majority of apartments occupied by older ladies who have lost their husbands, men who more than likely served in WWII and who have passed on.


She had to claim bankruptcy once, and barely scrapped by otherwise, with me helping her out from time to time.

Outside of the standard piss ant social security checks she got, she received No Money from taxpayers because of her status.


I could argue she deserved extra money like the 'older gays' are receiving because of what her and her husband did for this country but I'm not going to because I don't believe in begging unless you're living in a shoebox on the side of the road.


Conclusion: Fuck the older gays. Fuck the rest of the minority groups. Fuck the Bi-sexuals who I read recently want "Special Status".  Here's the special status I will give them... I will actually loudly Say "Fuck You" along with giving them the Finger when they make demands on my hard earned tax money.  If they're not happy with their lives, they can suck it up like everyone else does.


As far as I'm concerned, they get shit extra until good looking, non-minority status, hard working, tax paying studs like myself (and Fredd) as well as gorgeous hard working conservative women, and mothers (You know who you are) start getting Extra Pay for doing something in short "Minority" supply these days.  They actually fucking Contribute  to our society, culture, and country and the rest of the world's hurting and starving.

Just to clarify, if you're an able-bodied anything and you want money from me because you perceive someone doesn't like your pathetic ass, Fuck You.


If you're in a minority and you intend to make your own way, deal with life's little challenges and be self-accountable,  then I love ya man, or women, or other. Please go about your business.

Another footnote in our War on Losers that we are very much currently involved in.


  1. I agree with you 100% ...

    Well, unless I can get you to send me a bunch of tax free money because I happen to be old and ugly, then I might be persuaded to side with Obama and the Communist Party. You know, anything we can do to further destroy that which our ancestors fought and died for. Remember, we gotta be fair. You know?

  2. I couldn't have said any of the above better myself.

    PS: I changed the other photo of Karen Lewis to a better photo of Karen Lewis. I'm sure you would approve.

    1. Fredd, Thanks. And why do I think you're changing the pic is not a 'good thing'.

    2. Karen Lewis: a face only a mother could love. And when asked, Karen Lewis' mother simply said 'no comment.' She is indeed a piece o' work. She represents no work for maximum pay. No responsibility, and yet expects retirement for all of her rank and file at age 52 to their Boca Raton condos, sipping Mai Tai's until they croak: all on the Chicago taxpayer dime.

      A real piece o' work.

    3. Hey Fredd, I've been emailing back and forth with a bud from Texas. He was telling me he's got a friend who's doing pretty well that has a daughter and they're both big oblama supporters. The latest update is as follows:

      She's a single mother of 4 years now living with he and his wife. He's out of town. She has his credit card. She knocked up 5 grand in new charges over the last couple weeks. My buddy asks him how that ca be since everything she needs is paid for including day cares, food, transportation, etc. and his buddy replies that most of the 5k was spent on food - high end bar tabs and a $100 donation to the oblama campaign. LOL !!!!!!!!

      Fredd, These losers CAN'T Win. They Cannot....... hahaha

    4. PSS - Karen Lewis. Baba Boxer, pelosi, that chick that looks like Buckwheat from Atlanta that even the dems couldn't stand and voted her out. Corrine Brown, Sheila Jackson Lee, and all the rest of the Loser Generals. They can't win man, they can't win.
      I just think there is something in the genes of American's that they will not alloow this to happen. IF I'm wrong, then it's time to blow this pop stand.

  3. I want some of my tax$$ back--
    Can that be arranged!

    1. Carol-CS, you'd probably have to join the dark side. :)

    2. Indeed-my illustration -Beware of the Dark Side- OK!!!! : - )


  4. Obama's newest campaign flag is a symbol of the numbskulled, dim-witted, simpletons who makeup 47 percent of the American voting public, and only goes to prove that Romney was right. This has to be amount the worst things that I've ever seen yet.
    And only goes to show the DISGRACE and DISRESPECT that Obama has for this country. It's really unbelievable that an American President (if you can call him that) would make such a mockery of our flag.

    Personally I think it's about time we voted for a President with breasts. After all, we already put a Boob in the White House in the last election.
    The truth is I do not like the Obama’s either of them, or should I say I despise the Obama’s because of what they represent, I despise the Obama’s because of their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation that have been nothing but failures since day one.

    1. Aries, Welcome. Agreed. Unbelievably the worst pres ever. Dictator, Racist, anti-American, muslim activist, Fascist, Socialist, Imbecile for sure.

      And nothing more dangerous than an imbecile put in a position of power. I think the people pulling his strings have even had enough of this POS. I think the ghetto people know they're moving out of the White House. Yea, michele also provides zero to negative value.

      I don't care who is in the White House if they steer back to the constitution and quit pandering to losers. Unfortunately, we're now in the position where we need to shut some departments down, Dept of Ed, Energy for sure. They're taking us in the direct wrong direction. Seriously defang the EPA permanently with constitutional amendment(s). Something on the order they cannot shut down the economy while they chase they unicorn power dreams.
      Repubs aren't going to do any of that. Tea Party is the only thing in sight that might do something for America imo. I'll take anyone over obama though, except for hilrod clinton.

      Current, Former Marine? Thank you.

  5. "...well as gorgeous hard working conservative women" That'd be ME, right? :-) HEH HEH HEH!
    Alright...i couldn't resist!

    I think this post needs a little oomph, tell us how you REALLY feel, Kiddo!
    And, I happen to know Mustang is not 'old and ugly'!!

    Great post, Kid....keep 'em coming!

    1. Z, Thank you - you Gorgeous Conservative !

      Ok, I'll try and do better next time. I feel one coming on too.