Thursday, September 20, 2012

Could ANY Person Possibly Do Less About Anything ??

Below is an image not a link.

 Isn't it so cool how the democrat propaganda media includes a 'pensive' pose of the imbecile to include in this absurd 'news story' about the Effing CinC ! who proudly states he is going to "stand fast" just like the vast majority of the rest of the 310 million Americans and 'others', (but not including our military members who are out there actually doing something about the murderous jackals and are Not just 'standing fast').

The Idiot is not even 'Condemning the murder of the Ambassador and the raiding of the other embassies.  Naw, the sociopath in chief is 'standing fast'.

Imagine the Loser Moron who reads such a POS article and thinks to themself "My Hero..." or "Our Very Cool Pres".

Good God Y'all !

Another almost noteworthy point of darkness in the imbecilic Loser War of 2012.


  1. Admiral, Great Answer ! :)

    I sincerely believe 100% of the time is spent stealing money and looking like he's paying attention to current events. Couldn't give a shit about anything or anybody.

  2. The only thing this Yahoo has a responsibility for (according to the enumerated clause of the Constitution) is to protect the citizens from harm.

    He can't even do that. Operation fast and furious we lost a Border Patrol Agent (a Fed) as a result of the Administrations felonius actions. Now, we lost an Ambassador, Staffer and 2 former navy Seals because this Administrations "inaction".

    Either way, anything this Adminstration does actively or inactively our people are being slaughtered.

    1. Rosey, Excellent point. The 1st responsibility of the Federal government is border protection and national defense. I give them an F minus

  3. Oh, my mistake here, here are things he acted on without pausing for a "New York minute":

    Obama administration backed the "Syrian" rebels with $76MM in aid as well as to help steer weapons into the country covertly. These were the very same rebels Obama Admin helped in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi and then go on to murder Ambassador Stevens.

    It seems if you are anti-American and Muslim, this Administration jumps up and runs to you with open arms with all of the backing of our taxpayer money.

    The Justice Department rushes out to investigate a Texas man who hangs a chair in effigy as some sort of Presidential threat, yet this same Administration takes a week dragging their feet to send FBI agents to investigate the killing of an Ambassador.

    Again, if you a white man from racist Texas your in the crosshairs, but if your an extremist Islamic terrorist who actuall kills an American Diplomat on American soil we must take time to pause and consider all the political angles so as to not offend their sensibilities.

    I could go on and on, but hey why am I "preaching to the Choir" here.

    1. Rosey, Hey, it's Ok, I like to know there are actually people out there who know what's going on.

      Unreal isn't it? Unreal that 200 million American's don't call every member of the democrat propaganda machine and scream STFU!

      Oh well.

  4. I guess that is why they say "ignorance is bliss" because if you really haven't a clue to what is going on you won't be stressing out like we are.

    1. Rosey, I've had that thought many times lately.