Monday, September 10, 2012


I'll trade you 6.5 billion Libtards for one of SSGT Lawrence E Dean.


  1. Holy COW, what a MAN. Great find, Kid! I wonder if any RAP has EVER been as patriotic as that one!?
    and yes, he's worth a million liberals.
    I feel very sad remembering 9/11. Sometimes I wonder if we're just NOW beginning to get the damage to all of in so many ways.
    With men like SSGT Dean around, I feel optimistic.
    And, with you and the rest of the men who blog, come to geeeeZ, etc. WHat a great bunch; on a sad day like today, commemorating what others did to us, the terrific men and women we blog with mean even more, don't they.

    1. Z, Yes, and he did that in 2002 or 2003? I post it every 9-11.

      Well, I heard some young people on the radio today saying they were too young to know really what was going on but now they understand. Several are joining the service, others are a lot more aware than their libtard parents if that's what their situation is.

      We gotta do it baby ! As Ronald Reagan said, Freedom and patriotism isn't passed along in the genes !

  2. No deal, I'll stick with all the patriots I can get

    1. Darth, I was at work today, thinking (I do that sometimes) and realized I got the statement Wrong in this one.
      It now reads - "I'll trade you 6.5 billion Libtards for one of SSGT Lawrence E Dean."

      ;-) Thanks for the extra que tough !