Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Election Primer

He didn't do a damn thing he said he would.

He won't do a damn thing he says he will now.

You still support him.  Is it because:

a. You like to be surprised.
b. You're a moron.
c. You have the brain of a one celled creature and get all your opinions from people who barely scraped through college, if that, with a degree in .....communications......
d. You think having no accomplishments is a good thing.
e. You like having the most corrupt administration ever remain in power..
f. You like having the most incompetent clownish administration in power.
g. You like to have America as the laughing stock of the world.
h. You really don't care about anything as long as the government checks keep rolling in and keep your nose above water.
i. All of the above.

I think the answer is probably h or i, as in 'you', not me, because I can see and I'm ready for SOMETHING ELSE.  PERFORMANCE perhaps.  RESULTS!.  You know - things TALENTED, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE DELIVER !  Thousands of People, in positions far less than Leader of the Free World Deliver these things Day After Day After Day.

Click the picture for an audio visual of my feelings, expressed in the most polite way possible.


  1. M.A.S.H. sums it up!

    p.s., I remember that episode and thanks for bringing it back!

    1. Christoper, I have to inject humor. I can't do negativity very long. Which is good I think. I feel like Hawkeye these days.

  2. I love a good MASH clip.

    1. Trestin, They had some great ones before they went completely stale.

  3. "We want something else!" but, that's only us smart ones :-)
    I love Alda dancing around, that's great.
    BUT...the post is scary because so many people just don't agree with us. My gosh.
    The schools and the media get taken over and then we have a situation nobody ever thought we'd have in AMERICA. man

    1. Z, We DO seem outnumbered don't we. It is all about the media. Imagine if people were informed instead of brainwashed.