Monday, March 5, 2012

Regards my Post of March 3rd

obama says "We have Israel's back". That's his main message out of his meetings with Israel's PM 5-March-2012.

What kind of ghetto rapper talk is that anyway?  It's not presidential.  It's Slang.
  It's like back during the BP Oil Spill Crises he came back from vacation and said "I'm gonna find someone's ass to kick".  All he needed to do was look in the mirror on that one since he was the main obstacle to clean up operations.

Anyway, imagine what JFK would have said 'An attack on Israel will be regarded as an attack on the United States, and the United States will respond to any such attack with over-whelming force".

Ronald Reagan would likely have said. "If Iran wants a very serious conflict with the United States, that the United States will be fully committed to winning, then it should continue on it's current path, up to the point where it is about to use a nuclear weapon on another country in an unprovoked attack".  Or something like that.  

Neither JFK or Ronald Reagan would have left any question as to the consequences of Iran's expected future actions.  It's the responsible thing to do!  Imagine you're a Mom and you say to your son, There Might be consequences to your eating all the cookies.  Absurd.

Hell, they wouldn't even be building a bomb with Reagan in the White House.  Remember the Iranian hostages were released the Very Day Ronald Reagan took office.

It's truly unreal what we've devolved into as a country.


  1. He is not fit for the office or any respect for being there.

    Just because a bunch idiots vote for you does not mean it makes you presidential.

    His thug nature is getting out.

    1. Hey Admiral, whas happenin? How da hood? :) Yes, I noticed scanning quickly through the news today that obama and the Israel PM "didn't agree on a lot", but they did play nice with each other. Very non-committal by our muslim gangster boy.

      As an aside, I don't believe they shared any meals, and muslims will not, by their 'religion' sit down and eat with a Jewish person. Little tidbit there.

    2. Everything is good and I just found myself following 0bama and his agenda too closely and needed to step back for a while. I really wish I knew why the House is so passive and not call 0bama out on what he is doing against the Constitution. Now that the break is over I expect to be more active as the election gets closer.

    3. Admiral, his muslim ties are starting to bother me a lot more than all the theft, incompetence, voter fraud, forged BC, etc., etc. etc. I heard Hannity has the Breitbart tapes and will be playing them vetting out the real obama. Should be interesting.

    4. I will gladly supply however many shovels it takes to bury 0bama.

  2. I would hope Reagan would have reused his famous punchline.

    "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Iran forever. We begin bombing in five minutes."