Monday, March 5, 2012

Andrew Breitbart

The video speaks for itself.

It IS the media. There will Always be barry sotero's and nana pelosi's and all the rest.  It is the media that keeps them in power. Without media support, the communist education system would also be defanged. It's the media.


  1. I was never much of an Andrew Breitbart fan, not because he was annoying or any such thing, it's just that it took too much effort on my part to keep up with his stuff.

    Still, it's too bad that he's gone. We need all the conservative voices we can get to carry on the message.

    And I don't need to repeat that message, I do believe you already got it down, Kid....

  2. Fredd, I understand what you're saying. I don't spend a lot of time keeping up with anyone personally, and that's how I think it should be. We don't need to read all of Coulter's books. We don't need to listen 3 hours a day which includes probably 2 hours of commercial time.
    But supporting the ones who are accomplishing something is enough.

    I wonder if he ever suggested sending him a donation. I don't think he did, but don't know for sure. I would have and I have never sent a dime to any politician. Just him taking on these media people, working the Acorn thing. I'd have supported that with my wallet. Especially for the point of view of getting more people in his army taking on these pathetic democrats and media people. Watergate? Good God ! Imagine what's going down in these big media strategy sessions ! Beyond description!

  3. "The enemy is the media" That is why I LOVED and ADORED Andrew.
    Thanks for this..I've linked it on my ANDREW COLLECTION and his wife will see it.She might see it anyway because Whittle was such a good friend (and another stellar fellow, by the way) but it'll be nice for Susie to see others think so much of Andrew by posting this. xx

    1. Hi Z, His was/is a life to be celebrated. I wish it was so much longer.