Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do Not Cheat on Taxes, Because the IRS is ALL Over It.

Excerpt from this article

First, thieves obtain Social Security numbers and other personal information from insiders at hospitals, doctor's offices, car dealerships or anywhere the information is stored. Then, they file an online tax return using the real taxpayer's name and a fictitious income. In most cases, the criminals buy a debit card so the IRS can issue the refund on that card, although some thieves have also gotten their returns on actual Treasury checks.
The thieves know that the IRS does not verify the employer W-2s sent with the return until after the refund is issued.
It is a particular problem in the state of Florida, according to law enforcement officials.
"We can't go ... two days in a row without making a traffic stop, and there's going to be tax return fraud in the car," Catlin said. "We could stop an 18-year-old kid who's got five (debit) cards. The average is $5,000 per card. So they'll have $25,000, which is really cash, even though it's on debit cards."
And it's not just small-time criminals, he said.
"We have other cases that range up to $100 million where subjects have opened up corporations and bank accounts and business accounts," Catlin said. "And they're receiving millions of dollars from the IRS that are all fraudulent."

end of excerpt

Stick a fork in the IRS.  Really. Simplify the taxing, eliminate the yearly filing exercise in paper pulp masturbation.

I swear well over 60-70% of the money we send to the government is stolen, laundered, wasted, fraudulently paid out, or otherwise deployed into negative return on investment venues.  And there are people who think taxes should be raised.

Good Lord !


  1. wonder of the IRS is -Constitutional...

    and-you are so right on---a tax revolt would be good forth this republic-
    OH- that's right - we had one- they dumped tea into the sea--

    Sad-I do not believe we have it in us - now- too many are on the govt dole ---

    1. Carol-CS, We Don't have it in us as a country. And these days, if the military command isn't on board - forgeddaboouddit

  2. Carol is probably right. It may be too late for us. So many pathetic losers are content with their meager government gimmes, and are OK with being herded into busses by Democratic operatives each election. This is a no brainer with them, gubmit groceries in exchange for their pulling the D handle at the ballot box (probably more than once). If we could just require photo ID, things would come to a screeching halt regarding voter fraud. But the Democrats will fight that tooth and nail, and will choose that hill to die on, if need be. Once voter ID becomes law, Democrat skullduggery is finished. And they know it.

    And the US just doesn't have the resources to enforce anti-fraud measures. Too much of it going on out there, and it's easy: even a retard knows how to steal debit cards, file phony tax returns and get a nice payout each March.

    1. Fredd, Excellent summary. I can't think of anything to add.

  3. This system is TOTALLY broken and if this system isn't fixed, we're really done for.